You can microwave your armpit hair and sweat away forever

Move over shaving blade and laser treatment. This new hair removal system technology will banish hair and sweat under your arms in an instant.

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Yes, that’s right, a FDA cleared treatment called miraDry now removes your armpit hair and stops your pits being smelly. This treatment has been available in select markets since the beginning of August 2015 and has already made our hairs stand on end.

According to PR Newswire, the innovate global company, Miramar Company uses precisely controlled microwave energy and works with all types of hair and skin tone.

The miraDry website says, once the sweat and odour glands get destroyed, the glands will not grow back, which will leave your pits hopefully smooth and dry.

It looks pretty straightforward, as there are no surgical cuts and it only takes an hour, however there has been no long-term based research on the microwave removal treatment.

Dr Jeremy Brauer, from the Laser & Skin Surgery Center in New York, stated in a press release that there has been a hair reduction of over 70%, with ongoing measures to improve the protocol.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the treatment costs $3000 (R38 239) for two sessions and considering that Botox costs $1000 (R12 746), miraDry is cost-effective in the long run.

Looking at some of the images, the surgery seems painful, although Molly from More Than Heels, during the procedure you feel a little discomfort, but it’s something you could handle. (Editor’s note- Wonder what this will do to the breast cancer rates that are already skyrocketing?!)

I think this treatment is a great technological breakthrough. I mean, look how far we have come where we can actually remove all our hair under our arms permanently.  (Editor’s note- I think it’s frightening beyond belief- from a health standpoint) However, the fact that there hasn’t been any long-term based research makes me scared. Will this mean removing all my under arm hair now to find out later in life that I might get cancer?

The upside is that it is an investment, since it’s a once-off procedure, it will save a lot of money, but getting that kind of money right now, in this economy and my financial situation in life is… not even question, it’s just no.

Molly says of the treatment, they inject tumescent anesthetics  injected into your armpits and during the procedure you feel a tiny hot ‘zap’ and it stings for a while, but it will immediately cool down. Molly says it looked worse than it felt.

It takes two weeks for the bruises and swelling to go away and according to Molly, she noticed the difference as her sweating became significantly less.

Check out this animation clip on how miraDry actually works:

Reading and taking into consideration all of this, would you microwave your armpits?



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