Gilbert, AZ mom Tarley Reed, was diagnosed in February 2018 with stage two breast cancer. However, instead of going the chemo and radiation route, she decided to cure her body the natural way.


She said, “Immediately they were like, ‘double mastectomy’ and I was like, ‘absolutely not.'”1

In fact, Reed has said no to all traditional treatments and has instead opted for “Shots of wheatgrass, doing colonics, it’s all vegan detox so it’s no oils, no fats, no sugars. And boy, when you put your body in a state like that, boy does it clear out stuff.”1 She’s also taking high doses of vitamin C and has included a lot of organic juicing in her diet.


To do anything else would be to abandon who she is:

“I’m sure there are people who think I’m taking it too lightly and here’s what I say: everybody has their own path that’s their truth, right? To some people this is ridiculous that I’m doing this. To some they’re inspired like, ‘I wish I could be that strong and trust something and have faith in that.'”1

And this past December she went to Costa Rica for a plant-based, emotionally cleansing treatment. However, as she believes that several life traumas have contributed to her health, she’s not sure how long it will take in Costa Rica to heal.


Good for her. We are so thankful that (some) people are able to make the medical choices that are best for them. We are sending her all our prayers and good vibes. You’ve got this Tarley! (If you want to help her pay for this journey since we know that insurance won’t pay for many if not most of these therapies, you can click here to visit her GoFundMe.)


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