Doctor’s Death Was a Set-up

By Erin Elizabeth, Founder, Health Nut News

UPDATE: I first reported this on January 27th and did indeed question the idea where authorities said Dr Marshall was death by accidental drowning. Now even NBC News channel 6 is covering the story that this top investigator has 100% confirmation that this death was a sophisticated murder setup… NBC Link is at the bottom. I made a quick video for my Youtube followers below and usually would use more footage from interviews, but had a national radio show to do. I’ll update with another video with latest tomorrow.  See below for all 4 videos so far.

See the videos, but the latest is that the doctor’s wife (also an MD and surgeon) has hired a top private investigator who says Dr Marshall’s untimely death was most likely a professionally staged murder. Watch the videos below—watch them all if you’d like to see that I’ve questioned this “drowning” since the start.

Watch this one first, but you must watch the second one too, and the third as they’re basically saying officially he could not have died in the spot the body was found and it *might* be connected with other deaths (shocker), and now the investigator hired by Dr. Marshall is saying it was most likely  “murder” by someone with military or police background. Must watch:

Update: I recorded a video when Dr Marshall’s wife first hired a PI. She is an MD as well as her husband, and some time after my initial story doubting the cause of death—she must have been doubting it as well.  I did two videos on that and the latest (posted yesterday) is below.

Now watch this update too:

Story I wrote back in January when his sad death happened:


It is with heavy heart that I gently break the news of the death of another well known MD. Doctor John Marshall’s body was pulled from the Spokane river earlier today (Tuesday). He was 49 years old.

Authorities say they are investigating the death as “suspicious.”

This is not the first death I’ve reported on (since I started reporting last June (2015) on mysterious doctor deaths- most were holistic); the very first was the news of the famous Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, who was also found dead in a river on June 19th, 2015.

From the mainstream media article on his death:

Dr. John Marshall, who was the acting chief of surgery at Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center in Spokane, was reported missing after going on an early morning run in the same area that the body was found.

His wife, Suzan, said her husband typically went for a run in the area at 5:30 am, but this time he didn’t come back. Before the body was found, she was optimistic that he’d be found safe.

Surveillance images from the nearby YMCA showed him checking in and out. His car was still in the parking lot, and his phone, wallet, keys, and gym bag were in a cubby in the YMCA.

Dr. Marshall, 49, was a 4th-generation marine who served in Afghanistan and had undergone survival training. 

There are many other statements being made by websites that I cannot yet confirm, so I’ll keep this short until we are certain. One reader (initials JM) posted publicly on our FB page:

“He (Dr. Marshall) was a doctor I was following and hoping to talk to when in Spokane on Feb. 6th. Hopefully, a colleague is just as open. Will see what news and paper says in the am. Really sad, he was a Dr. that was open to alternate treatment and helping not only our vets but any patients suffering. He was one on a list to possibly fix my bile ducts in liver”

We cannot substantiate this (though we do know they made this post), and know this frequent reader has always been upfront with us and their stories/comments.

We will report more on this developing story as details emerge. I have trouble keeping up with the emails asking for updates. So please, sign up for my newsletter (not frequent, no spam) here if you like. Sources are saying that, as of now, there were no injuries consistent with falling or jumping from the bridge near where his body was recovered, but we’ll wait for autopsy reports to verify that is factual. The doctor had a wife (mentioned above) and two small children and our heart goes out to them. The VA hospital released the following statement:

We are deeply saddened to learn that local authorities confirmed Dr. John Marshall’s body was found this morning. Dr. Marshall  was a fantastic surgeon who will be deeply missed. He began his career at the VA Medical Center over five years ago. Recently, he was serving as the Acting Chief of Surgery, a role in which he excelled. Patients and staff alike talked regularly about his conscientious, empathetic and respectful nature. A Marine, Army doctor, and combat Veteran, Dr. Marshall was an outstanding surgeon and consummate professional who cared about his patients and dedicated team of VA co-workers. We express our deepest sympathies to his family and all those who were close to him.

Again, we are thinking of the family and friends of this doctor, only 49, with a passion for helping people (and fitness). He will be missed by many.

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PS—Here is the recap so many requested of all doctors (except the last 2 I haven’t had time to add yet!) and a timeline. Worth the read.

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