This woman went from overweight and abused, to a fit gorgeous grandma at 62

Fit Grandma
Fit Grandma

Fit Grandma

I posted a photo today on my Facebook page.

It was just one of those photos I shared from one of those many radio station’s FB pages and it was a gorgeous fit woman where the caption said she was 60 and in better shape than most women my age (and better shape than me)!

The comments the photo garnered on my page were interesting, ranging from “beautiful” to “it looks like she’s had some work done” to “who cares if she had some work done.” Well said.


And some didn’t believe her age.

In the wake of the whole Renee Zellweger craze, where some writers went so far to ask why she “had her face rearranged,”  I figured it was time to weigh in with this little story here.

I’ve only gone under the knife once (well make that twice- but same place) I am nudging 5’10 and started modeling in my teens, I got implants later on as my agents would encourage me to be thinner but along with the weight loss I lost weight up top.  I became very sick and have even made a full confessional about my surgery on the one part of my body I’ve ever had – my boobs. Thankfully I had an amazing surgeon who took out the implants that had leaked, then I got a positive blood test for Lyme (no wonder I was so sensitive to implants) but it helped me get my life on track.

Now it’s funny because I admit when I saw Renee Zellweger in the pictures (which to me she is completely and utterly unrecognizable) my first thought was what many asked allowed: Why did she do that to herself?  It’s her face, her body and I think it’s tough for her fans because they no longer see the familiar face or some say no similarities to the “old Renee” whatsoever.  Yes, it’s her business, but she’s in the public spotlight (by choice) so people are going to talk. With that being said, ultimately it’s her face to do whatever she likes with it (and it’s even her business not to admit what she had done)

As far as this amazing 62-year-old grandmother? Her name is Wendy Vida. Did she have some work done? Perhaps, but she still looks recognizable to me and she’s freaking 62 years old!!!   So call me a hypocrite but I cannot judge that.  I haven’t had my face touched but cannot say when I’m in my 60’s if there is some natural organic (no knives please) filler or something I wouldn’t use it (not tested on animals) I like to think I wouldn’t. I like to think I’d be happy with “aging” and “getting old” gracefully or stick to some nice red light therapy or something that helps the skin, but I don’t know because I’m not 60. I’ve got a way before I get there too.

While it’s difficult for me to be inspired or empowered by the changes Renee made, I admit it’s different with Wendy Vida.  She didn’t even start getting into fitness until about my age. She transformed herself (and it appears most of it through exercise and diet) and yes, it made me think; Man I want to be like that. I want to look freakin’ hot at 60.  I’d do it as naturally if I could but if they had some amazing facial peel (I’ve never done one but know women who have) and had a few days downtime? Ya, I might consider it.

Wendy makes me feel empowered because, while she was beautiful before, she truly does defy age (and gravity) with that body and face of hers. I say kudos to her and wish her the best. I even thought of reaching out for an interview with her but I’m too damn impulsive and want to get this article out pronto. So maybe next time.

In the meantime check out her video.  It is truly amazing what changing your diet and fitness can do for a woman (or man!)  I’ve seen people do it and have as dramatic changes as Wendy does. Though I must admit I certainly don’t see 60-year-olds who look that good every day of the week.  She motivates me to remember (like she says) that life isn’t over at 40 and you can be hot and sexy at 60 and beyond. Go, Wendy. You are gorgeous. So are all you readers out there. I hope that Wendy (or none of you!) ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Shine on.

XO- Erin


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