When we are really sick, we like to believe that we can trust our physicians to give us the best advice and care. We especially hope for that during surgery but according to Ethel Easter, she was recently shocked at the behavior of her doctors during a hernia surgery.

Easter found that she needed the surgery but was initially told she would have to wait for two months to have the procedure done. When she found that out, she broke down crying.

Madame Noire reports that she said, “I was like, ‘I can’t wait for two months. I’m terribly ill. And he said, ‘Listen’—he got very abrupt. He said, ‘Who do you think you are? You have to wait just like everybody else.”

It was her doctor’s attitude that made her nervous, so she decided to record her doctors during surgery. Because Easter had braids in her hair at the time of the operation and before she was given anesthesia, she hid a recording device in her hair (which she had fashioned into an updo). As soon as she started snoring, the doctor started talking: “She’s a handful. She had some choice words for us in the clinic when we didn’t book her case in two weeks…I’m going to call a lawyer and file a complaint.” Then someone else can be head saying, “That doesn’t seem like the thing to say to the person who’s going to do your surgery.” And still another staff member made fun of Easter’s belly button, while another one referred to her as “Precious meet Precious.” To add insult to injury, her surgeon said he felt sorry for Easter’s husband for, “having to put up with her”.

At the time this post was written, Miss Easter hadn’t yet decided to sue the hospital or the staff. However, the Harris Health System wrote her a letter saying that they used the incident as an opportunity to remind their employees to be mindful of their remarks at all times. What might be even better is not to hire people who think and speak so little of others. No, no one is perfect and people make mistakes, but if you can’t receive grace and compassion from a physician, then the industry is in peril from yet another direction.

Miss Ethel retells her story in the video below:


Source: Madame Noire