It’s been reported that a 51-year-old woman from the Hunan province in the south of China named Zeng thought she’d reap all the benefits of a morning smoothie by injecting them. That’s correct, rather than wait for her body to digest the contents and get the nutrients that way, she thought she’d blend a smoothie of 20 different kinds of fruit and use it as an intravenous drip!

Apparently, Zeng is into “unconventional” health treatments. But who on earth would do something like this?

“While she didn’t immediately suffer any adverse reactions, it didn’t take long for her arm to get itchy and she also developed a fever. Feng tried to keep it a secret but her husband could see that she was in distress and eventually convinced her to go to hospital.

Once she was admitted, doctors were shocked at her condition.

Doctor Liu Jianxiu told the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald that she had developed an infection in her liver, kidney and heart and was at risk of multiple organ failure.”1

Thankfully, her team at the hospital were able to nurse her back to health and all it took was antibiotics, an anti-clotting medicine, and dialysis! Please people, DO NOT EVER inject a fruit smoothie into your body! Or Gatorade, either!

“Over on Reddit, someone asked whether it was a good idea if they pushed Gatorade into their veins and was promptly told not to do it. Duh.

One person replied with: ‘Considering you’re probably not sterilising it, nor the puncture site, you’d likely end up with a real nasty infection. Everything that isn’t sterilised is crawling with bacteria, and you’ve just given them a free pass into your blood stream, past your first and best line of defence, your skin.'”1


Sometimes you just gotta wonder what on earth people are thinking! We might share all kinds of amazing, holistic recipes and health hacks but even we would NEVER suggest you do this…

Happy Saturday, everyone!

XO ~ Erin


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