Woman eats only meat and cheese for 7 years and loses 130 pounds doing it


This story is hard for me to type, not because I’m angry (I’m not! ) but I’m utterly shocked. Kelly Hogan claims she eats only meat (and very little cheese) and has done so for the last 7 years. She claims that she’s not only lost weight (by staying away from carbs like vegetables and sugary fruits) but feels better than ever on her Zero-Carb diet.

Guys, the women doesn’t eat vegetables! Or fruit! 


After struggling with her weight starting in middle school, and trying “every diet imaginable,” Hogan was desperate. At the insistence of her doctor, she cut out all the junk carbs she had previously loved (donuts, bread, and pasta) and after losing 80 pounds in a year, she was hooked on the lifestyle. While doing more research she stumbled upon ethnologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson who had studied the all meat diet of Eskimo people and Inuit Indians, about 100 years ago.

“They lived in Canada before produce was able to be shipped from place to place, so fruits and vegetables weren’t an option, yet these groups had the lowest incidences of cancer and high fertility rates. I also came across zero-carb groups like Zero In On Health, which validated my feelings that I really was feeling better without carbs, and I wasn’t the only one.” 1

Before starting the plan she had struggled with getting pregnant. However, after losing all the weight her ovulation cycle self-corrected and she now has three children — a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a 7-month-old. (That makes sense though, a great influencer of our hormones is our weight.)

“Every day, I eat about 2 pounds of meat — I usually do a mix of steak or chicken wings, thighs, breasts, bacon, eggs and omelets.

Lately, as a working mom with three little ones, I’ve been in a rut: eight quarter-pound burger patties per day, which has earned me the nickname ‘Quarter’ at our local McDonald’s. I’ll have a few in the morning, a few for lunch, a few for dinner. At $4 per pound, it’s inexpensive and easy. I do have coffee, and I don’t really drink alcohol. Now, I’m not saying everybody should survive off of McDonald’s burgers, but I feel pretty great doing it. 

When I’m cooking for my family, I’ll put a roast in the crockpot and maybe add some vegetables. My kids eat the meat and vegetables, I’ll only eat the meat and my husband gets everything plus a side of mac and cheese. (He can eat whatever he wants and stay at a reasonable weight.) On weekends, my family and I will have an omelet with cheese and a pile of bacon.” 1

Upon finding this story I looked all over the internet to see if it was a hoax. I don’t doubt that by cutting out empty and useless carbs that she lost weight. I don’t doubt that losing that much weight corrected her hormone issues. What I am shocked about is that she’s eating that much McDonald’s every day. I’m shocked that she claims to buy the cheapest meat possible- has she not seen the news? Has she not heard about what eating meat does to the body? What happens when you don’t consume vegetables? If I didn’t have to write this story for you guys I’d still be sitting here with my mouth open!

You can find Kelly Hogan’s site here: Www.myzerocarblife.com


Hogan says she doesn’t need to work out anymore and thinks of herself as a “lioness.”

“If you picture lions out in a field, it’s not like they force themselves to get up and go running. And they don’t think, I just ate a few hours ago, I should skip that antelope. If they’re hungry, they go eat. They go get an antelope, fuel up, and then they lay down in the field and relax until they’re hungry again. They just follow their body’s lead when they’re hungry or thirsty. If I’m hungry at 10 p.m. before bed, I just eat. There are no time or calorie restrictions. You’re living like a lion.”1

Hogan isn’t trying to convince anyone about her lifestyle and recommends if people are curious and struggling with weight or health issues to try the diet for 30 days. “If you don’t feel better, all you’ve had is some extra bacon. This may not be the answer for everybody, but it’s made me feel incredible.”1


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.