Healthy young woman Katherine McQuestion is mandated to get flu shot for her job as a health care worker. Dies soon thereafter. Local county official said “this is a very unusual case and typically doesn’t happen.”

Flu Shot Death

We are sad here in Florida tonight as we read about Katherine, the young woman (who had just married in September) who just died not long after she received the flu shot which is mandatory for her job as a health care worker.  As you’ll see below, the local county health  “expert” Cynthia Johnson says it’s very rare that Katherine died after the flu shot and still encourages others to be vaccinated for the flu. Did she miss the memo that even the CDC says the flu shot this year is basically useless? I guess she’s just essentially just  puppet who is trained to say what she’s told? One has to wonder. I certainly ponder this question.

From the article about Katherine McQuestion dying after getting the flu vaccine:

McQuestion’s mother said her daughter was healthy, beautiful and smart. She married in September, and her funeral was held on Tuesday.

McQuestion’s mother said her daughter was required to and had received a flu shot, but it didn’t keep her from becoming sick.

Kenosha County Health Officer Cynthia Johnson said the vast majority of people who get a flu shot are helped by it.

“For the majority of people, they should get vaccinated because this is a very unusual case, and it typically doesn’t happen,” Johnson said.

Seeing as I grew up with a friend paralyzed with GBS from the flu shot (his doctors told him it was rare too but a direct consequence of the shot but doesn’t “happen often” I’ll stick with eating healthy and encouraging friends and family to forego the flu shot. Most won’t listen though and they get their shots despite the world renowned doctors I’ve brought to their house to tell them the risks. It’s their choice. But it’s your choice too. Think twice before getting the flu shot. Or even three times. Let Katherine’s name McQuestion remember you to question the flu shot before you get a shot that might not be effective or you could end up like Katherine.

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