Marcus, a sweet 5-month-old baby from Wisconsin needs a partial liver transplant to survive a life-threatening genetic condition and his parents, Tony Albers and Whitney McLean are not a match.

Marcus has a rare liver disease called immunodeficiency 47, of which there are only 12 known cases in the world. The disease attacks the liver, giving patients a week to live.

The disease is passed down through the mother, and only baby boys are at risk of showing symptoms. “My grandmother had all girls, my mother had all girls,” McLean said.

The parents had a glimmer of hope when a stranger was willing to donate part of their liver, but on the morning of the surgery, the parents learned the livers were not a complete match.”1

So now, they are calling on anyone who can hear, to help their son.

Albers said they will keep fighting until the last possible moment.

To be a donor, you must have Type O blood, weigh less than 150 pounds, be younger than 40 years old, not smoke, not be a heavy drinking, and not have been recently pregnant. Doctors only need 25 percent of a donor’s liver to help Marcus so if you think you are a match and want to help, please call (414) 805-1437 or (414) 805-1438.


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