Wife of MD found in river believes husband was murdered

Dr Marshall

Editor’s note: Nothing to be proud of, but we were the first website (as far as we know) to question the death of Dr. Marshall, way back in January, when he was found dead in a river.

Suzan Marshall, MD believes somebody killed her husband five months ago, despite a police investigation and autopsy that determined Spokane Veterans Affairs surgery chief Dr. John Marshall allegedly “fell” into the Spokane River during a morning run and drowned.

“Anyone with common sense would say, ‘How does a runner drown?’ ” Said Dr. Marshall’s wife (who is also an MD)

We are relieved that Marshall has hired Ted Pulver, a well known private investigator, to review the evidence of his tragic death.

From the article:

“What he has uncovered has led Marshall to believe a killer abducted her husband as he took his downtown morning run, tortured him and staged his death as an “accidental” river drowning in January.”

In fact, in the link at the top of this page, the investigator goes so far as to say he has 100% confirmation that the death was a staged murder. It’s hard not to agree with him after reviewing the extensive evidence.

More from the article:

“Police dispute the homicide theory, according to Spokane Police Department spokeswoman Officer Teresa Fuller. Investigators don’t know whether Marshall’s death was a suicide or an accident. But, barring new and compelling evidence, the department won’t reopen the investigation, Fuller said.”

We usually remain pretty neutral in these articles (who am I kidding, it’s not we, it’s me Erin – one person), but how dare Teresa Fuller at the police department suggest that it would be a suicide? What well respected doctor and chief surgeon works out and then goes on his early morning usual jog and kills himself in a river? And how would he do that exactly? Hold himself under?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and let Teresa Fuller know that there are a growing number of people who think she and the Spokane police department are an utter disgrace- at least in this botched, messed up “investigation” (or lack thereof). I don’t want to pin the blame just on her though; we don’t know if she’s a puppet who has no choice but to have her little strings pulled, but we can hope the Spokane police do a real investigation as every day more and more people are growing angrier at their shoddy job.

Throwing the suicide word in there just made the Spokane police department “Public Enemy #1” as one commenter wrote on Facebook. They have now ranked up there as the worst that I’ve seen and I’ve been reviewing police departments nationwide in most big cities this past year.

As many of you already know, Dr. John Marshall left the downtown YMCA at roughly 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 25 to go on his usual run. As has been previously stated, he took his iPod Nano and a light coat.

At 9 a.m. the next day a man with the North Coast Life Insurance Company building reported that he’d seen a body in the river. Rescue crews found Marshall floating next to the bushes along the north bank, just downriver from the Monroe Street Bridge. Please note that there is a clear path right down to the area that Dr Marshall’s body was found. Many think it looked as if his body was placed there.

After police completed their “investigation”, they gave Pulver (the hired investigator) the iPod Nano. Pulver sent it to Josiah Roloff, president and investigator for Global CompuSearch.

From the article:

“Roloff’s examination determined the iPod was never submerged in the water.

“There was no indication of water damage. Period,” Roloff said.

Pulver believes at least two people with military or police training grabbed Marshall, waterboarded him, killed him and staged his body on the banks of the river in the early morning of Jan. 26. In police crime scene photos there is part of a garden hose and a rubber tire near Marshall’s body, which Pulver said could have been used to waterboard Marshall.”

They explain that the posture of Marshall’s body, and the way his head was thrown sharply backward, and blood coming from his mouth, also indicate to Pulver that somebody “waterboarded” Marshall. We’ve questioned since the start if this might be the case.

“This wasn’t a transient and this wasn’t a mentally deranged person,” Pulver said. “The point I’m trying to make is whoever did this was trying to fool a cop.”

An autopsy report given to his family said Marshall had several injuries including “a broken sternum, a broken rib and many bruises on the back of his thighs, buttocks and calves”. The autopsy did not find any defensive wounds. “The broken sternum and rib could be consistent with a fall from a bridge”, the report said. The doctor who conducted the autopsy told police that he was “confident this was not a homicide”. We wonder how he could come to such a conclusion.

Pulver and Dr. Suzan Marshall disagree with this analysis and believe the police conducted a shoddy, rushed investigation. Pulver thinks it’s possible a disgruntled former patient or patients killed Marshall. The private investigator thinks the FBI should take over the case.

“I’m just trying to get enough information to gift wrap it for another agency,” Pulver said.

We should let Investigator Pulver know that we’ve had well respected veteran doctors write certified letters to the FBI about other doctor deaths (mostly holistic) in recent months, and not only do they appear to have been received by the FBI, but so far (last we checked) they have received zero response from the feds.

We know others who have contacted them and even have friends in the bureau, and they all tell me they refuse to do anything, and say they cannot even talk about it. What does this mean?

Reliving and questioning her husband’s death has been painful for Dr. Marshall and her children.

“I feel like I’ve been skinned alive and someone is pouring acid on me,” she said.

However, the article says that Dr. Marshall believes there are too many unanswered questions. “She said her training and background as an Army trauma surgeon have given her the tools and temperament to push the issue.”

You might remember that Dr. Marshall was a 4th generation marine with survival training and served in Afghanastan. It’s hard for many experts to think that this man could possibly fall into the Spokane river (even if he did slip) and not adequately bring himself to shore.

“I think that’s who we are as surgeons. Our training is to always look at complications and figure out how it happened,” she said. “If I didn’t have my training, I don’t know that I would have any way to question.” His wife said.

Again, our heart goes out to his family and friends. We would like nothing more than for them to get to the bottom of this and have been in their court since day one.

Dr. Marshall’s wife has posted here on our page in the past, so out of respect, please keep your comments civil and kind. Our heart goes out to all of his relatives and loved ones. We also commend Dr. Marshall on her bravery to seek out the truth.

Source: Spokesman (who we commend)

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  • Roslyn Halperin

    i wonder if a psychic might help at all.. so many good ones.. STill i know no one dies.. believing in reincarnation .and that is comforting to me.. since i didnt know him personally . Blessings to the family..They will meet again.

  • esther4

    I hope Mr. Pulver utilizes the services of Dr. Henry Lee, noted forensic specialist for an independent autopsy. Also, I dont know if you would consider contacting Paula Zahn, Tamaron Hall, Aphrodite Jones, all who I think would be most interested in following these questionable deaths
    May their memories be a blessing.

  • Maureen

    It’s not the Seattle Police Dept. that is investigating it’s the Spokane Police Dept.
    Spokane is near the boarder of Idaho, 5 hour drive from Seattle.

  • Mary Smithson

    Its not the Seattle Police Dept, its Spokane. Please get your facts straight when you write an article like this. I would like your suspicions to be taken seriously and your articles to be regarded as genuine but its hard to do that when they are obviously not edited. Check and double check your articles before publishing. Otherwise, you just give the critics ammunition and come across as a hysterical nut on the fringes. Maintain a high level of standards in your writing and you will be taken more seriously. This is a somber and dangerous topic and it deserves attention to detail and accuracy. Also, if it is just you doing the writing and reporting, Erin, stop writing the words ‘we’ in your articles as in ‘we want nothing more’. Otherwise, make it clear who ‘we’ are. Want them to sit up and listen? Be accurate, be clear, and maintain high standards in your reporting.

  • C. D.

    Sounds like somebody wanted to keep this man quiet. My question is was he working with law enforcement on a medical malpractice case?

  • Mary, I’ve written countless articles about our own doctor friends being found dead – gunshot wounds etc – some of them my age- so, at that very late hour, I put Seattle instead of Spokane because (shocker) I’m doing another story on a family speaking out about their loved one (cancer researcher) who they don’t think committed suicide in Seattle. Forgive me writing Seattle instead of Spokane at that very late hour and I did fix it. My editor doesn’t work at 430 in the morning (as it is now – not much more than 24 hours after I wrote it)

    So please forgive me for the mixing up 2 S states in Washington. It was fixed in under a day (I fixed it several hours ago)

    PS When I say our friends above I meant friends mine and of my better half – Dr Mercola.

    PSS when I say we it’s because I was told when I said I am so sorry about the deaths or I want them to stand up and listen then I was told I sounded selfish so I should change it to we. (I guess with millions of unique monthly readers on a site barely 2 years old – I cannot please everyone, but I promise you *I* sure do try : ) (without 1 day off since June 19th, 2016. I work til nearly 5am each “day” and working to change that as the site grows quickly. E

  • Thanks. I’m doing another story on Cancer researcher Cheryl DeBoar in Seattle and momentarily at that late hour (just over 24 hours ago – it’s 430 am here) I mixed it up with Seattle. Mea culpa. Fixed several hours ago.

  • Jim Park

    I quite agree with your suggestion. It seems that once it is taken to the authorities the investigation hits a brick wall. Obviously a few compromised people in the official authorities. But the trick would be to get enough information to force the authorities to admit to what is really going on.

  • Carla Brown Gierke

    I did not see Seattle Police Department mentioned anywhere in this article you might want to reread it.

  • Kristen Hoffmann

    My prayers are with all of the family and friends of each murdered doctor. This is all just so immensely disturbing and heartbreaking. Thank you for writing this article. I pray for justice and for the truth to be revealed.