Editor’s note: A few additional pieces to read at the bottom are Dr Oz’s great piece, “Your Sunscreen may be poisoning you” and a few others.

Our ideas about the sun and skin health, here in the US, are that the sun should be feared; it causes cancer and the only way to protect ourselves is by slathering our bodies with sunscreen. However, for those who have families and have researched the chemicals present in sunscreens, that “only solution” might not sit too well.

So, if you are like me or are starting down a whole body health path, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t use sunscreen:

1) Sunscreen contains toxic chemicals, even the “natural” brands- 

Our skin is a living, organ and the largest one we have. Therefore, what we put on our skin is just as important as what we ingest. Because, when some of these chemicals interact with the sun it’s been shown to speed up malignant cell development and actually cause cancer- the very thing we think we are preventing by wearing sunscreen. And one of the most harmful ingredients in sunscreen is Oxybenzone.

While there are natural sunscreens out there, most use zinc oxide. You’ll want to do your own research on this substance and decide for yourself if it’s safe for your family.

2) The sun DOES NOT cause cancer-

People get cancer. People get skin cancer. BUT, your cancer isn’t caused by the sun ALONE. It is not the CAUSE. Having said that, please don’t sit in the sun and bake. Please use the sun wisely. Listen to your body. Look at your body.

If the sun caused cancer, no one is the tropics would survive. If the sun caused cancer our ancestors would have died out- especially since they didn’t have an SPF 30 to layer onto their skin.

The truth is that to date there have been no sun exposure studies done in a group of people who eat a healthy diet (like an alkaline one, which includes foods that promote skin health from the inside) and are generally very healthy.

3) It’s toxic for the environment- 

How much of the spray on sunscreen at the beach sticks to the person alone vs. floating off into the air, or falling to the ground? And the earth absorbs those chemicals just like we do. Now that we know what these chemicals are and how dangerous they are, we should keep them from polluting the environment.

4) Sunlight is crucial for good health- 

Not only does sunlight not cause cancer, but it actually prevents it, we need sunlight. Research suggests that the use of sunscreen blocks absorption of essential nutrients from the sun, the biggest nutrient being Vitamin D. And sadly, given our fear of the sun, it’s estimated that 85 percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. And yet, Vitamin D is known to help and or cure many diseases.

So, how do you stop using sunscreen and avoid getting burned? Here are some tips from Earth Based Mom:

  • Be aware of how much time you are in the sun. Use the shade and hang out there when you aren’t swimming.
  • Eat, eat, eat foods that promote healthy cells and skin protection. Some of your choices for antioxidant rich foods include tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, watermelon and citrus fruits. Also, berries. In the summer, I eat as many berries as I can.
  • Keep an overall healthy lifestyle. As I’ve stated, the sun doesn’t cause cancer but a weakened immune system and body filled with toxins is a perfect breeding ground. Eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, be active, learn how to reduce stress, avoid putting toxic chemicals on your body, and maintain healthy, loving relationships. Oh, and getting plenty of sunlight would be good, too!
  • Bring a hat and a light cover up when you know you’ll be in the sun for a long period of time.

Sunshine doesn’t have to be feared; it is life-giving- necessary for every living thing on planet earth, including us. What we do need to have is a healthy respect toward the sun as well as a healthy lifestyle.

I know this isn’t popular information for some people, but that doesn’t negate its truth. Thank goodness we live in a country where you can slather on all the carcinogenic sun screen you like while I can refrain. Happy sunning, however that looks for you.

(And if you still can’t bring yourself to totally go without, try making your own using non-nano Zinc Oxide, essential oils, a nut oil of your choice and coconut oil- which has an SPF of 5.)


Source: Earth Based Mom– check out her site.

Dr Oz’s article entitled “Your sunscreen may be poisoning you”