This past Friday, the World Health Organization QUIETLY announced that Zika was no longer a global health emergency, instead acknowledging that Zika is here to stay (as it has been for decades). Since spring, the infection has been linked to severe birth defects (including microcephaly) in almost 30 countries. However, they still feel that complications from the virus are a significant public health challenge and therefore require intense action.

(And all this after million of acres and homes, people were sprayed with a known neurotoxin Naled- the name brand being Dibrom- which is morbid spelled backward.)

From the article:

“By downgrading the emergency status for Zika, the organization will now shift to a longer-term approach for fighting the virus that has spread across Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond.”

For Florida’s part, it had 234 locally-acquired Zika cases and 939 cases related to travel (plus 15 cases of undetermined cause).

Thankfully scientists explained it’s the spray that is definitely linked to microcephaly, NOT Zika, a mild virus which has been around for decades.

In April, the WHO made the disproven claim that the virus definitely causes microcephaly in babies and even went as far to say it caused Guillain-Barré Syndrome in adults, even though scientists around the world discredited the World Health Organization (who have been dead wrong so many times before).
Sadly we, the taxpayers, will pay well over a billion in funds for Zika vaccines, poisonous spray, and even government officials going door to door getting urine samples of innocent citizens.
The organophosphates they used might have helped to “fight Zika” but they also threatened 95% of endangered wildlife… let alone what they do to fetuses, people, animals, and the planet. The virus is not going away and will continue to spread to areas where Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are established. But, there are simple ways to protect yourself from mosquitos: click here and here to see how.
Source: CBS Miami