If you’ve never heard of the “magical, more natural, more relaxed, spiritual” 432Hz tuning reference point, don’t worry. I doubt many have. And yes I know, this isn’t a normal topic for HNN but since I love music, I wanted to share this story with you!


According to some people, if you tune your instrument to A=432Hz, rather than the current standard of A=440, you create “musical enlightenment.” and there are examples all over YouTube (They say.) Some people have even claimed during “blind” A/B comparisons, 432Hz is chosen about half the time.


Check the theory out below:

The author says,

“In my experience, tuning reference as far as how it “feels” has everything to do with the particular instrument at hand. Without an instrument, 432Hz or any “standard” for that matter has no context and is completely irrelevant.

I do believe that every instrument has a “sweet spot” and although manufacturers attempt to make 440Hz be that spot, there are just too many variables to be able to really control the best natural “voicing” for an instrument in a manufacturing environment where inlays and shiny finish ultimately sell more product. High-end drums tend to get this sort of attention to detail, but there are far less variables, as there is only 1 note per drum to deal with.”1

Check out what the frequency does to drops of water in the video below:

At the end of the day, as a musician, you’ve got to decide where you “feel” the music best, taking the instrument into account as well.


Make sure to let me know which you prefer in the comments and Happy Friday!

XO- Erin

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