WeatherWar101 posts new analysis video of Hurricane Harvey, appearing to show artificial augmentation of the storm’s intensity and movements


A big huge shout out to Natural News for this gem- read on.

Earlier this week, we posted one of the most intriguing articles the internet has seen all week. Entitled “Weather wars” theorists claim Hurricane Harvey was engineered, “steered” toward Houston as a “weather terrorism” weapon, the article has already garnered over 400,000 views (and rising).

The article covered the rising interest in a concept called “weather wars,” which asserts that Hurricane Harvey and other storms are in essence “weaponized” through artificial augmentation, direction control and other factors. The article documented two key U.S. patents which describe advanced weather control technologies. It also shared several videos, including one from WeatherWar101, a website that’s gaining popularity among weather war analysts who say that Harvey was weaponized and directed as a kind of weapon of mass destruction.

WeatherWar101 took issue with some of the statements in our story — pointing out, for example, that they are not “Sofia Smallstorm” — and the founder of WeatherWar101 has contacted Natural News in an effort to get some statements corrected. We are now in the process of inviting WeatherWar101 for a full interview to cover everything they want to cover. This interview can be a written interview, an audio interview or a video interview (their choice), and if they agree to this interview, we hope to ask them lots of questions that readers have also been asking us.

As I said in the previous story, I’m no expert in weather modification, so my entire approach to this is with an open (but skeptical) mind. If I made any factual errors in the previous story, those errors were entirely accidental. I’d love to get the record corrected and let WeatherWar101 explain their theories about what’s happening. At the same time, as an active laboratory scientist, I will of course ask lots of skeptical questions.

There does seem to be compelling visual evidence that something very strange is happening with these storms. For example, look at the artificial cloud creation happening at the 5:40 mark in this new video that was just posted by WeatherWar101:

As this video clearly depicts, something is obviously adding a tremendous volume of vapor / clouds to the Harvey storm as it’s strengthening:


The video says that without this augmentation, Hurricane Harvey would have fallen apart on its own. It was the augmentation, we’re told, that added strength to the hurricane and turned it into a weapon.

“These in-place circular sudden bursts of water vapor are ‘rapid evaporation’,” explains the video:

More than that, it irrefutably illustrates that not only is it manmade, the inflicted misery is far beyond intentional. Even after the first night of Harvey’s landfall, the complete destruction of Rockport, and two feet of flooding is Houston, the perpetrators were far from satisfied with the devastation they caused. If the perpetrators had any semblance of mercy or human decency, they simply would have allowed Harvey to dissipate as it was already doing (illustrated in the first satellite series in this video), and allowed the victims of this disaster to begin trying to recover their lives. Instead, they deliberately refueled this storm system with massive On-Land Water Vapor Generation (illustrated and proven by the tell-tale Raid Evaporation Bursts which are uncontestably manmade), causing the worst night of flooding in Houston for the entire event.

The video does appear to show many examples of “rapid evaporation” that seem to be adding significant water vapor to the storm system. According to WeatherWar101, the 50 inches of rain that devastated the region were at least partially augmented in a deliberate effort to worsen and “weaponize” the storm.

What do you think about all of this?

Personally, I’m intrigued by all this, just like most of you. We already know that in the 1940s, scientists harnessed the power of the atom to turn high-density elements into weapons of mass destruction. It’s called the “atomic bomb.” We also know that weather control and modification technology does exist at some scale; that’s been widely documented and even covered in media reports (such as the rain generating technology near Dubai).

We also know that Hurricane Harvey exhibited some highly unusual tracking behavior, such as heading inland at high speed, stalling, reversing course, then hanging out at precisely the worse location to allow a catastrophic downpour to hover over Houston for days on end.

Still, observation of a catastrophe is not proof that it was engineered. The idea that such storms could be augmented, controlled or weaponized is, of course, an extraordinary claim. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence as a general rule. Yet, people like WeatherWar101 and Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch seem to be offering increasingly compelling pieces of evidence that support their claims.

So we’re inviting WeatherWar101 for an interview to tell his story and share what he knows. We’ll share the interview with you so that you can decide whether you think his theories have merit or not. In the mean time, here’s another new video from Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch called “Engineered Climate Cataclysm.” We’re also open to interviewing Wigington if he wants to join us for a chat. This issue of weather weaponization needs to be thoroughly discussed in a more open forum, I believe. After all, Al Gore says we control the weather all the time. He calls it “climate change.” So why can’t we openly discuss deliberate weather control technologies, too?

*Article originally appeared at Natural News.

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  • Jenifer Parker


  • Stephanie Hayes

    Been watching chemtrails and the HAARP machines since the 90’s… They used to have the HAARP maps/waves up but took them down. By locking out the oil production in Houston, the prices go up… Follow the money… Who would benefit from that!!

  • Mary

    Did you see how we had all those warnings days before the hurricane came close?? On 911, a beautiful blue sky sunny day, there appeared off the coast of New York City… guess what? A HURRICANE. Yup, right on the radar recorded. On a sunny beautifully blue sky day. No winds. No rains. No clouds. NO WARNINGS. There are patents for weather manipulation. (There already exists directed energy to your nervous system that causes behavior via vibration.) See mechanical engineer Judy Woods and what possible explanation.

  • Ron

    They do it by microwaving a large chunk of space heating it up and causing a boiling evaporation rate that sends the clouds higher and cooling them to be rain.

  • Kathryn Patterson

    did you see you tube where they showed chemical plan releasing stuff for 500 seconds on Aug. 24.. known to make rain. then documentation tht followed below the vid. I am now a believer. and I am a researcher, college professor, needed enough evidence to believe it was gen. eng.

  • Lisa Greene

    Oooo… pass out the tinfoil hats, folks. It strengthened b/c it was circulating over warm water – the massive amount of flood water that it rained down – a well-known weather phenomenon.

  • Alex Macintyre Gore

    Well the US Air Force in the 80’s got a $100millon grant from the senate sub committee for developing weather weapons, like the “microwave burst air weapon”….

  • Nancy McCormick

    So now we have all these therories that may or may not turn out to be true. Hurray. Besides causing panic in an already bad situation in Huston now the south eastern part of America. What good will this due for displaced people already? Nothing and neither will it help the people in danger now. I was always taught you have a problem bring a way to solve it to the table. It is sad that you sort of read a soft laughter in the article making fun of the people who are trapped in an area where the government could literally be taken out and infrastructure torn apart. Here is my question.
    IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY WHY BOTHER TO TELL ANY ONE? WHY LET THE INFO ON CHEM TRAILS out?. IF YOU WANT TO DEPOPULATE AMERICA JUST SPRAY US ALL AT NIGHT SO FAMILIES CAN STAY TOGETHER TO DIE ALONG WITH THEIR ANIMALS? It would at least be human. Unfortunatlly for people to maintain their accolades and be some one they must beyond all reason hand out news to millions of people their government is trying to kill them off by cloak and dagger facade.

  • Susies11

    I read an interesting article by Yoichi Shimatsu 9-4-17 that talked about Nuclear being the reason for this type of storm not carbon emissions or geoengineering. Look forward to reading more information. Thanks

  • dee

    I read the article and then came to this at the end: “After all, Al Gore says we control the weather all the time. He calls it “climate change.”

    What an incredibly stupid (and unnecessary) remark. That pot shot caused me to ask myself, why in the world would anyone take YOUR information as truth?

    I’m with Al, and you are……….who?