While we totally understand that the news cycle is 24 hours now and competition between networks exists, even this was a stretch. I mean, over-exaggerate and you just might get caught:

“Mike Seidel is a Weather Channel reporter who was out and about in North Carolina covering Hurricane Florence. Whilst shooting in Wilmington he was kitted out with the typical cagoule and waterproof trousers that are presumably standard issue when being sent to cover a major weather event.

He looked as if he was struggling, too. He was standing in a massively wide stance, seemingly bracing himself against the hurricane, fighting against it so as not to be whisked away on the winds over the horizon…

At that moment, two blokes wandered out from behind him, casually having a conversation and wearing shorts and rain jackets.If there was some sort of cataclysmic hurricane billowing around them, they seemed to be unflustered by it. Well, they were at least dealing with it better than Mike Seidel.” 1

Yikes. Check out the video below. Poor Mike.

Someone is always watching. And thanks to technology, most people aren’t just watching anymore but also filming. You’ve been warned!

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