David Wolfe is a personal friend whom I have enjoyed speaking with numerous times (in fact, check out the video below) and when I saw his pearl powder beauty elixir recipe I knew I needed to share it with you all.


We are what we eat. And if that saying is true for our body’s overall health, then it would certainly be true for our skin as well!

And so, with that in mind, check out David’s amazing “beautifying lemonade” below. It’s chocked full of skin-supporting ingredients and the skin superherb, schizandra, which has “the power to cleanse your liver and purify your blood, two critical actions that keep your skin glowing and radiant. It also moisturizes your skin from the inside out by keeping your cells hydrated. Plump, juicy cells on the inside create firm, smooth skin on the outside.” 1


“The berries in this recipe bring the power of antioxidants to battle fine lines and wrinkles, coconut water hydrates from within, lemon detoxifies and alkalizes you to express your full beauty potential.”2 And then there’s the pearl powder which is full of bioavailable calcium and trace minerals that many people find helps to “turn back the clock” on the skin’s appearance.

And what woman doesn’t want that?

If you make this healthy, good for you smoothie, make sure to let us know what you think!


8 oz spring water
4 oz coconut water
1 whole lemon, peeled
1/2 cup or more of your favorite fresh or frozen berries
1 Tbsp goji berries
1 tsp schizandra powder or 2 squirts schizandra extract
1 tsp pearl powder
stevia or raw organic honey, to taste
pinch of sea salt

(You can also add a small piece of fresh aloe vera- just make sure to remove the skin- or 4 oz of aloe vera juice, for extra skin youthening properties!)

Blend everything together until everything is well combined and enjoy!

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