Despite how the people feel, despite the HHS admitting no safety studies have been done for any vaccine in over 30 years, a measure to remove the philosophical exemption for the combined MMR vaccine cleared the Washington state Senate yesterday, a move that Republican Sen. Steve O’Ban called an “inappropriate exertion of government power.”1


However, it was only passed by a small margin, 25-22.


And what of the great and terrifying measles outbreak in Washington? There were 74 people sickened and the last case identified was on March 18.

Washington and 16 other states currently allow some type of non-medical vaccine exemption for personal or philosophical beliefs but they also have medical and religious exemptions available (still, thankfully) for attendance at the state’s public, private, and licensed day-care centers.

“Unless an exemption is claimed, children are required to be vaccinated against or show proof of acquired immunity for nearly a dozen diseases — including polio, whooping cough and mumps — before they can attend school or child care centers. While the Senate had first sought a bill that would have removed the philosophical exemption for all required childhood vaccines, they ultimately chose to move forward with the House’s more limited measure to focus on the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, also known as MMR.”1

(Proof that the fear-mongering has worked.)


In total, just 555 measles cases (NOT ALL ACTIVE) have been confirmed to the CDC so far this year. Just 4% of Washington K-12 students have non-medical vaccine exemptions and of those, 3.7% are personal. The rest are religious.



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