The mainstream media isn’t covering this story, at least not the truth of it. In fact, they have lied- and mainstream has bought the lie and passed it around- that the only time they have used water cannons was to put out fires set by protesters. However, that is UNTRUE. The truth is going to come out, especially now after what’s happened.

One water protector, who was exercising her First Amendment right to peacefully assemble, may now pay for that right with her arm. After suffering an injury from a small explosive device thrown at her by law enforcement on Sunday night, the protester may need her arm amputated. sophia-2

From the article:
“The woman was one of 26 people that activists said Monday had been taken to the hospital for their injuries after a clash between protesters and police Sunday night. Police had doused protesters with a low-pressure water cannon as temperatures dipped below freezing.


One of the pipeline protest leaders, Dallas Goldtooth, said on Facebook on Monday that a young woman named Sophia Wilansky “was struck directly by a concussion grenade last night on the front lines” of a protest on a bridge near Cannon Ball, N.D.”

As you can imagine, a Morton County, N.D., Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman lied and said that police had not used any concussion grenades. However, the truth remains on the side of the activists who were there, saw it, and maybe even filmed it.  during a clash with pipeline protesters on Sunday, contradicting several reports from activists.

In fact, to add insult to injury, sheriff’s spokeswoman Maxine Herr suggested that she was responsible herself because protesters were “rigging up their own explosives”. However, “the only explosion the officers heard was on the protesters’ side,” and no one was arrested for making or throwing explosives. Exactly.

Reportedly, more than 200 protectors have had to be treated for hypothermia after the Sheriff’s Department doused them with a low-pressure water cannon while air temps hovered in the 20s. And that dousing was covered lived on Facebook, too.

More from the article:

“Aside from a couple water protectors throwing water bottles and live tear gas canisters back at the police, almost everything I saw was peaceful,” Rafe Scobey-Thal, an independent filmmaker and photographer who has been documenting the protests, said in an email. “It was freezing and the escalation from the police was completely out of proportion.”

We will keep updating you as this fight wages on.

Source: LA Times