Prescription Pain Pills Found on Prince’s Body

Update: CNN has Breaking News story that Prince’s body was found with pain killers on him in the elevator. See here

I’ve announced many deaths this past year, between the holistic doctors and musical legends, it’s really heart breaking. I wasn’t even going to write this until I saw mainstream saying Prince died of the flu and said “go get your flu shots now!” citing Prince as the reasons. They’ll stop at nothing.

Prince was a one of a kind musical legend and I’m so honored to have seen him live in concert in Las Vegas before his untimely death.

There are some health sites speculating whether or not Prince died of the flu/shot , but we have no idea if he even had the flu vaccine (let alone the flu!), so I cannot comment on that. Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness, open about his healthy diet and lifestyle, and seemed pretty hip to the info on flu shots.

Speaking of hips; Prince also had horrible chronic hip pain. He had initially refused hip replacement therapy in 2009 because of his faith (yes, Prince really did convert to a Jehovah’s witness in the earlier 2000s) but we are told he did have the surgery in 2010.

One that that seems clear is he truly did have chronic pain. I made a video the day BEFORE he died on 4/20 about my accident where I broke my collarbone, am healing from a broken foot, tore my labrum, separated my AC joint, injured my hand and wrist so I have stated that taking pain meds did cross my mind and even my doctors suggested it. But I instead turned to CBD oil. I had no idea when I made that video published on 4/20, he would die less than 24 hours later.

There are mainstream reports explaining that Prince didn’t have the flu at all and when they made that emergency landing, days before he died, with his plane just 48 short minutes from his home “Paisley Park” that he was unresponsive and had had an overdose of Percocet which he was allegedly taking for his chronic hip pain. If he were? I would think no less as him as this is an epidemic in this country that needs to change. Mainstream is reporting he was given a “save shot” of Narcan used when patients overdose on opiates (which are many times prescribed by their own doctors)

A police source told The Mirror: ‘We understand Prince suffered chronic pain after developing a hip problem. Naturally he took painkillers to ease his troubles but police are looking into if he was prescribed too many.

The last known picture of Prince taken at Walgreens where he was allegedly picking up a script for pain meds

The last known picture of Prince taken at Walgreens where he was allegedly picking up a script for pain meds

Sites like Alex Jones are asking if Prince (and Waylon Jennings, another musician who spoke out about chemtrails) died of chemtrail poisoning, but again, just like the holistic doctor deaths in my unintended series, I don’t know how he died yet at this time.

He remains one of my top 10 favorite artists of all time. Prince talks about Dick Gregory (who is a colleague and we’ve had the honor to see him do some amazing speeches) I wish we could have had Prince for decades to come, but I suppose that is a selfish though as I, like so many of you, was a die hard fan of his amazing talent since childhood in the 80s when I bought Purple Rain.

So sad to have lost this great legend. Our heart goes out to his family, friends, loved ones, and countless fans. <3

XO Erin Elizabeth