Video: Trump Warns Flu Shots Are The Greatest ‘Scam’ In Medical History


Whether you like President Trump or not this might be some good news!

RFK Jr has stated that Trump asked him to be part of a vaccine safety (his camp mentioned autism) council and he said yes. We hope it comes to fruition! (I’m excited to be a featured speaker with Robert F Kennedy Jr next month in Southern California.)

Check out the video below. It’s from 2015 but Trump stops by to discuss his reservations about vaccines.

We will be watching to see how the vaccine council plays out and will update you as we have more information.

Source: Youtube

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Rich

    Wow, Trump really is an idiot about everything.

  • Jorge De Feria

    It is completely irresponsible for this idiot to start campaigning against vaccines. People can die as a result of their stupid words.

  • Donna Chapman Walker

    Ppl are dying bc of vaccines. Or better yet, living with the repercussions of the toxic crap injected in them. Check out we are vaxXed on youtube for true testimonies.

  • Donna Chapman Walker

    Wow! You sound like the idiot.

  • Rich

    Witty comeback. You should be more polite; I’m apparently one of the only two people who read your pathetic article (both of whom disagree with you, because, you know, science).

  • Rich

    Also, the zombie apocalypse is in full swing. Check out “The Walking Dead” on AMC for video evidence.

  • Jeanne Anne Hensley

    Very funny. You’re either a troll or horribly misinformed and brainwashed. It’s been known since the inception of the very first vaccine that they are neither safe nor effective. Period. Doctors and scientists have been speaking out for over a century about this. It’s all about money and control of various degrees and people.

  • Jeanne Anne Hensley

    You know science? Very clearly you do not.

  • Donna Chapman Walker

    I know parents with vaccine injured children.

  • Jedd Winterbottom

    Well, I do know science I have my PhD in Biochemistry and Rich knows what he is talking about. Without vaccines horrible diseases such as polio would still be rampant…the autism link is a complete hack job, paid for by people involved in a lawsuit against the Vaccination company. The paper has been withdrawn, Wakefield has lost his medical license, and has been discredited in every possible way within the scientific community. We used his paper as an example in graduate school of how not to perform research. It truly is an awful bit of research. Then there are the uninformed masses who believe such nonsense, and perpetuate the problems. You are not helping by repudiating sound science and believing utter nonsense. I am disappointed with the lay people in our world today who are willing to believe anything. If there is anything my years of scientific education have taught me it is that there is a sever lack of general education in our country. This is truly a troubling time if even one person is willing to believe that vaccines cause more harm than help.

  • tamarque

    Unfortunately your phd means little as you never did even the most rudimentary research into the history of the medical industry or the history of vaccines. The whole concept was faulty and the alleged first vaccine, smallpox, was a dismal failure.
    If you even read the CDC data you would clearly see that every vaccine designed to ‘save’ us from some scourge came on the market after the disease outbreak was pretty much gone from the society.
    You might also research how your so-called education was so heavily controlled by the drug industry itself. Who do you think it funding all the research that you were taught? Who do you think writes much of the medical school curriculum? Who do you think funds so much of the pro-drug organizations that ask for your money as if it did anything at all. And who do think controls the medical journals and what they publish.
    Perhaps you should pay attention to the whistle blowers who literally risk their life to reveal the fraud of so much of the science that goes to support vaccines.
    Alphabet soup after your name has nothing to do with smarts.
    If it did you would know that public health is what has affected immunity to disease.
    Further you might learn how diseases move in and out of a society.
    You might also learn that child hood diseases are the very mechanism by which people develop real and healthy immunity and maintain it thru life. The current medical industry is hell ent on destroying natural immunity and they do it for profit
    So before you begin to trash others for not agreeing with you, kindly begin some real education.

  • tamarque

    Last CDC number I heard this past month was 1:50 and going up exponentially! Our entire public is being vaccine damaged and DNA compromised with these toxic drugs.

  • Jeanne Anne Hensley

    That’s a sad reflection on science then, Jedd. Either you are a) a troll, a shill or b) a person who has either lost his critical thinking skills and the ability to do real research and reading or never acquired those skills.

    Also sad is the fact that you can even post such misinformation under the guise of science and apparently not feel a shred of guilt. Of course, greed and control is what started all of this in the first place and continues to this day. One only has to read the true events from the last two centuries to see the truth, not to mention the hundreds of other scientists and doctors who knew these truths all the way back to the late 1700’s and spoke out.

  • guy

    I guess this answers my hypothetical about whether woomeisters, pseudoscientists, and con artists will celebrate an actual fascist dictator, as long as he helps them push their idiotic agenda.

    Isn’t funny how alternative medicine and “healthy” foods are always multibillion dollar industries, and are often several times more profitable than the mainstream competition they constantly call greedy and evil?

    Wait, you didn’t know that? You never followed the money?

  • Dina Monsen

    Can you please back up your claims with facts rather than feelings. This is why you are losing your argument. For example, the CDC is involved in every vaccination approval. They wouldn’t approve nor recommend if they weren’t value added.

  • Microbiologist

    Or the science….

  • tamarque

    Dina-the amount of information supporting my statement is staggering from the US, as well as world wide. For a site like this it is impossible for me to begin sending links for this information.
    However, let me provide this for you: The CDC holds patents on several dozen vaccines. They are in business to sell them, no different than the drug corporations. Why would you even think such a multi-million dollar capitalist operation would operate any differently than all the other corporations where the bottom line and control of the public mentality is the primary goal.
    The CDC is involved in vaccine production and sale and they are a huge bully pulpit for them. Being involved is no indication of ethics, honesty, or real concern for the public health.
    You should splurge $4 and watch Vaxx’d online. In this documentary William Thompson is the focus where he boldly tells you that he, a top researcher at the CDC, put his name onto fraudulent study reports regarding MMR. He is a big whistleblower who presented about 10,000 pp of documents to the Congress about 2? yrs ago.
    Another tidbit for you is the man who signed on for a $2 million dollar research project to study measles vaccine and autism. The study was to be done in Denmark. $1 million was given him. He absconded with it. No research at all. However, he wrote a fictional report claiming no evidence of the vaccine and autism. The CDC knew this happened; they no where he is. They have the fictitious report and use it as ‘evidence’ for their safety claim. Is this what you mean by trusting the CDC involvement in vaccines?
    On Green Medicine there is a list of abut 400 studies showing vaccine damage/dangers. That site is run by Sayer Ji who set it up to counter the medical propaganda found on sites like Pub Med.
    Please undo your cognitive dissonance and learn what information is out in the public but only if you are willing to hear it.