What cancer patient pays off people’s rent for an entire year in the midst of their own health crisis?

Brice Royers aka Brown Rice. That’s who.

You see, I had read all about the beautiful soul Brice Royer.  Many news outlets said that he made the net fall in love with him and it’s true. How can you not love such a giving, pure soul?  As Huffington Post put it “He made the Internet smile when he posted a Craigslist ad offering unconditional love for $0.00 . Now the Internet is returning the love — with carrots.”

Carrots you ask?

That is because Brice has had cancer for three years. The cancer is  GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor)  and carrots are about the only thing he can tolerate to eat. People started posting themselves with carrots from around the world in support of Brice.  It spread like wildfire. I saw it on the internet too during the craze, but didn’t realize at the time, I was talking with Brice for the  last YEAR online through private messages and posts  on Facebook. Only he went by the nickname- Brown Rice.  (continued below)

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I know it sounds crazy but yes, I was indeed talking to the internet sweetheart who warmed all our hearts.  Brice goes by “Brown Rice” and I, silly (health) nut,  had NO idea this was the same person. If I had –  I’d have started a campaign by now or done something drastic (whatever I could) to help this brave young man who stands up to bullies and to cancer (see the video for the bullies bit and we’ll elaborate on that in another segment)  But as  I soon realized as I said to myself assuredly  “I’m going to help Brice” I see that he is actually is helping me and so many more around him. I’ll explain in a minute but first… watch:

Here is the must see news video of Brice aka Brown Rice  (with story about us continued below)

Facebook has the tiniest little windows…

Actually Brice *did* tell me who he was  in one of the many  messages we wrote back and forth (for the last YEAR!) but with that tiny window on Facebook I never scrolled up far enough to see his older messages where he explained that he was indeed the Brice Royer.  I was reading about in the news. In fact, we talked about a number of things under the sun,  but I thought Brice was a woman. I never took the time to just slow down and ask. I remember looking at Brice’s profile picture (of a kitten) and never delved further to see who I was talking with.

Brice even offered me some beautiful cabin in Carmel California that someone had gifted him for a stay that he couldn’t use.  Because in the midst of his own health challenge- he is always thinking of others.  I wondered why someone offered him a whole beautiful house by the sea, but again, was too hurried to bother to ask and just explained I was too far from California now and didn’t need the cute cabin in Carmel but thank you!

We’re all in such a hurry on the internet as much as real life 

I admit I get quite a bit of email on Facebook. I’ve got over 40k followers and friends and sometimes it’s tough to keep up.  I don’t want to kick myself as I did always answer Brice, but wish now I’d realized this was the internet phenomenon I saw trending with #EatsCarrotsForBrice  and #eatcarrotsforBrice (which is still trending on twitter right this minute)  Not because he was in the news,  but because I’d have wanted to help.

I see though that I’m not the only one. Even though Brice never asked for my help and in fact just offered cabins in Carmel that I or someone I know might need, I felt compelled to help. Once I finally took the Time to look through his newer pictures tonight I see people from all over have come to his home in Vancouver to say hello and help him.  What I didn’t get (but I bet most of them do) is that he is actually helping them.

How is he helping them you ask? Let me first state that I’m really more of a skeptic than people realize. Sure I’m skeptical about vaccines, designer drugs and GMOs but I’m also a bit skeptical of meditation, energy medicine, heck even relaxing at Yoga class. I look at it more as (I’m getting a workout and will just say Namaste’ and play along) Oh and I’ve been doing Yoga 25 years ; ) But when I said goodbye to Brice this evening I was overcome with the most healing, peaceful… energy (you won’t hear me use that word often!) and there was no denying it. Even from a distance the giving healing loving attitude of Brice had touched me as it has so many others.

I take few breaks from my computer to even relax in the evening (even weekends) but I had to turn off the computer, put on some Coldplay on the headphones (I never listen to Coldplay- “what’supwiththat”) and just let this feeling of bliss, healing and love fill me as tears ran down my face. I see why people travel far and wide to visit Brice.  From doctors to Deans and people who do body work who help him.  Because Brice is giving away unconditional love and it doesn’t cost a cent.

When we talked tonight I could tell how concerned he was to give back to all these people, but I don’t think he even realizes the strength or power of his own gift. I said to him that sometimes it was ok just to receive, and people weren’t expecting anything in return.  I also made note that I needed to remember that message for myself too.

Brice still has cancer today and is in Vancouver.  The doctors never did operate, as they wanted to rule out a few things before surgery since his case is so unique, but Brice is still hanging in there. Since this cancer only affects 1% of the people who GET cancer – it’s also not as clear cut as other cancers that aren’t so rare.

It’s midnight here straight up on the East Coast in Florida (we’re pretty far from each other) but I will do everything in my power to help with a kickstarter campaign or whatever I can with doctors I know the in the area (the closest would be a great specialist in Seattle, but Brice says that’s pretty far to travel right now)

If you have any ideas below how to help Brice let me know. He’s never asked me for anything except someone with whom to share a conversation or offer a cabin or talk about animals (and of course, naturally helping them too) I only wish I’d taken more time to slow down (as we all could do) and see every message he wrote and realized sooner it was him. But better late than never. I’m so honored to know him and will do anything I can to keep my internet friend around a lot longer for years to come.  I think he’s doing so much for others (I’ll ask permission to share some of the pictures of him with others where you can see it right on their face) that he’s got to stick around for a long while. We need him here on Planet Earth a long while  <3 XOE



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