While the title might suggest nothing more than “click-bait” (and I’ll admit that’s why I clicked on it in the first place) this video is important and worth your time to watch:

If we really want to solve the world’s environmental issues, it isn’t going to be a simple or quick fix AND we are all going to need to work together AND we are going to have to start with what’s staring us straight in the face: plastic.

Eariler this year we wrote a story and shared Erin Brockovich’s comment that “No one is coming to save our water.” And that sentiment applies to this as well; we have to realize that governments and businesses care more about profits than us and the environment. Rather than take care of it, they will “engineer” ways to care for it…after all that will produce more industry and more money. The rich will continue to get richer and the poor will continue to pay the greatest price.

If we really want to see our earth cared for, we cannot wait for scientists to do it. We’ve got to use our wallets because THAT is the language the powers that be listen to.


At this point we are truely beyond just recycling. We’ve simply got to get away from our dependence on plastic. It’s literally killing our planet; it has a dangerous effect on our water, animals… and on us.


What would happen if you chose not to use plastic for 30 days? What if we were all to pledge not to use plastic for the month of January? Something like, #noplasticJanuary…

Let me know what you think!

XO- Erin