Besides talking about the health of our bodies, here at HNN we talk a lot about the health of our planet. And over the last couple of years we have loved learning about root cellars, vertical gardens, natural swimming pools, and earth ships!


But, have you ever wondered what it might be like to live in one for 24 hours? Well, check out the video below and enjoy! And don’t forget to click around the article and learn about all the ways you can improve your footprint on this planet…ooohhh- can you imagine: an earth ship with a natural swimming pool? Sign me up!

Now, I know not everyone can or even wants to live like this. And I’m sure there are still others who would love to but couldn’t afford the land and supplies needed to build an earth ship. But no fear. Regardless of where you find yourself, we can all do small things which will have a big impact. We can stop using single-use plastic as much as possible or all together. We can recycle. We can start our own garden! We can help clean the air in our homes with plants.


Even the smallest changes can have huge effects.

XO~ Erin