Flat Abs and Free Stuff!

As you know by now I don’t have a line of products I sell and give away a lot of stuff. Next up is a blender but it’s no ordinary blender. Watch above to learn a little about my weight loss I kept off and win some amazing posture devices that retail at 50 dollars each (I’m giving away 3!) by world renowned expert Esther Gokhale  I’ve had the honor to work with her PERSONALLY and she is literally called the guru to the stars…

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Me before/after (and I'm still same as the after pic!)Erin  is an animal lover, rescuer, writer  and long time green eco health nut. She’s survived  Lyme, being aborted (legally)  a severe vaccine injury, 22 hurricanes, a tornado that took their house and pets and a six hour surgery that might have saved her life. She’s worked in the natural health world and done volunteer work in the same arena for nearly 25 years. You can follow her here on Facebook  

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