VIDEO: “Does this Reverse Autism?” with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet (Hint: it’s not GcMAF)

Rest in Peace Jeffrey Bradstreet
Rest in Peace Jeffrey Bradstreet

I’m so honored to be talking with the Bradstreet family and even more honored they said they would be talking to me exclusively about his untimely death. We’ll be covering that in a 3 part series.

Right now though, I’d like to clear up a few things.

Ever since my unintended series I wrote about the beloved holistic doctors being found dead (some were our friends)  I know people have talked quite about GcMAF as the smoking gun.

I’ve posted an article on it and you can take away what you want from it. Do I think it explains away all the deaths and murders of recent holistic doctors- most of whom were from here in Florida?

Not necessarily.

I was fortunate enough to go on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory last week to discuss the deaths with their millions of listeners. It’s been a favorite show of mine for years, but wasn’t easy to talk about as I’ve felt nervous for my friends, colleagues, and significant other who is one of the better known holistic outspoken doctors in the world.

Do I think there is a connection amongst these  deaths, all of which were sudden and untimely and some established murders?

I don’t know.

Can I say definitively there is not?

No.   Especially with new evidence I’m doing my best to shed light on recently (and yes, again, part of the equation might be GcMAF, but it isn’t the whole answer.

Here we have the beloved Dr. Jeff Bradstreet speaking with our good friend here in Florida – radio show host extraordinaire- Robert Scott Bell.

RSB interviewed Dr. Bradstreet and was fortunate to know the man we all miss who was found dead in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. (The official cause of death is STILL under investigation)

I want to share this for all of you to read (especially parents of autistic children) and make what you will of it.

My significant other and I almost went to Autism One this year in  Chicago (where we’re from) and are sad we didn’t attend. Besides seeing our friends speak there, I would have really loved to have seen Jeff speak at one of his last lectures ever. He talks about Autism One in the video below too, but they are referring to the year before.

We do wish we could have been there. If nothing else, I’d have loved to see Dr. Bradstreet speak in one of his final public appearances before his tragic death.

“Does this Reverse Autism?”

Check out the video and see what you learn.

Does this reverse autism? Is this part of the puzzle? Because many of us are puzzled at this whole puzzling story. Maybe this is one of the pieces.

See for yourself.  If nothing else it’s a great video to watch and learn.

Erin Elizabeth August 4th, Tuesday 2015



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