Things in life tend to be cyclical. Case in point: in the last decade, the idea of IKEA’s simple, clean lines have really caught on and become mainstream. And in the last couple of years, perhaps driven by millennials that are buying fewer houses and things in general- in favor of life and experiences- minimalism has become more mainstream.


And maybe buying less “stuff” so that you can spend your money on the things and experiences that will really “spark joy,” isn’t such a bad idea. Check out the cool video below.

I’ve seen his movie called minimalism and you definitely don’t need to donate anything to him. Just watch the video, it’s very interesting. My friends, who are filmmakers, showed it to me. They are actually a family of seven (technically eight since one child got married) and they live in my three-bedroom old house with only one bathroom, although they did build two outside bamboo bathrooms.

All that to say, minimalism isn’t going away. Share your thoughts with us below!