No doubt Monsanto is feeling the heat after the World Health Organization declared glyphosate to be “probably carcinogenic.” Since then, not only have Bermuda and Sri Lanka banned the import and use of glyphosate within their borders, but a huge German superstore stopped stocking glyphosate-containing products on their shelves.

And now, in effect of the powerful declaration, two Swiss supermarkets have also stopped carrying glyphosate-containing products.

As reported by Sustainable Pulse, Coop and Migros recently each announced they will no longer sell products that contain glyphosate and will be exploring non-toxic weed killing alternatives.

This is a huge victory for activists against Monsanto, and a clear sign that consumer efforts are working their magic. No doubt countless more countries and businesses will follow suit in the near future.

In a press release, Coop stated:

“Even if the (Swiss) Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW) judges glyphosate can continue to be sold without a health hazard for the population, we decided on Monday, May 18th to no longer sell any glyphosate-based products in Coop supermarkets and Coop Building & Hobby hardware stores.” 

But the store is being pro-active:

“…we don’t sell the concentrate, but only a very diluted form, the ready-made products. These concentrations are up to 48 times lower than the range used in agricultural products.”

A spokesperson for Migros also spoke out about the store’s new switch, saying that they would begin immediately removing the products from their shelves.

All in all, it seems momentum is rising for the plight of activists to live in a world where sustainably grown, nourishing food is offered free of cancer-causing chemicals.


*Article originally appeared at Earth. We are one.