(Note from Erin: I’m so fortunate and humbled to have been a speaker at several events with Dr B. and so happy that even after the mainstream media had vilified this heroic MD again and again- he’s prevailed once again! He’s been fighting for so many years in various courts (they’ve made documentaries about it) and we are so happy for him!)

From Change.com:

“In the words of his lawyer, “we kicked their ass!” Today, Dr Burzynski won the right to continue saving lives. The Texas Medical Board has been forced to stand down at last and give up their witch hunt. A tremendous victory for the great doctor, the patients under his care and the American public! Thanks be to everyone who signed this petition and worked to save this cancer cure for us all.”

From the Statesman:

“The board’s staff had originally recommended that Burzynski pay a $360,000 fine and $20,000 in restitution to a patient. They also wanted Burzynski put on probation, with the power to automatically revoke his medical license if he violated the terms.

Instead on Friday, the board opted for a lesser penalty that included a five-year probation with more lenient terms, a public reprimand, more training and oversight, along with $60,000 in fines and restitution.”

This decision is a win because it means that Dr B gets to continue to save lives.

On Friday, Burzynski’s lawyer and his co-counsel on the case told the board that the majority of the 1,400-plus complaints lodged against Burzynski were dismissed by the State Office of Administrative Hearings. The judge ruled that Burzynski didn’t financially or physically harm any patients named in the complaint.

Countless supporters called this a victory and many medical doctors we know who were there (IN the video above) called this nothing more than a witch hunt. The Texas medical board is corrupt and as Dr B said himself, they just don’t like that he has the cure to cancer so they’re trying to shut him up and shut him down. Let’s hope they don’t kill him.

Source: My Statesman