We’ve been following this story from the beginning and even had numerous American Airlines flight attendants reach out to us to share the absolute hell they’d been going through. They also thanked us for trying to help them get their story out because they had tried but their cries had fallen on deaf ears. That is, until now.


After thousands of complaints that the new employee uniforms caused allergic reactions (that’s the least of what they do), yesterday American Airlines announced they WILL NOT RENEW their contract with the manufacturer Twin Hill, after the contract expires in 2020. (Alaskan Airlines sued the manufacturer in class action suit and lost in 2016. This company has got to go.)

“Twin Hill, a subsidiary of Fremont, Calif.-based Tailored Brands, issued a statement saying that tests discovered nothing toxic or harmful in the airline uniforms, made of a wool blend, but has agreed to breaking off the partnership with the airline to prevent further harm to the company.

‘Twin Hill has determined that the reputational risk, management distraction, and legal and other costs associated with serving American in the future would be unacceptable to our business, given the likelihood of continued unfounded allegations about the safety of our garments,’ the company statement said.” 1

This decision comes less than a year after American began distributing their long-anticipated new uniforms to more than 70,000 flight attendants, pilots, and airport agents (the first update for many in nearly three decades).2, 3

However, almost immediately, many of the employees began to complain that something in the new uniforms was making them ill, the bulk of which came from flight attendants. 4, 5

Management promised to work with attendants to find a solution, but refused to issue a recall. However, for attendants and other employees concerned about health issues, the company agreed to let them wear old uniforms or uniforms made by an alternate supplier. 6

So far, at least 3,500 flight attendants have reported negative reactions to the material in the uniforms. Symptoms included hives, rashes, and headaches (we’ve got the pictures to prove it).

American Airlines employees will continue to wear whatever they’ve been wearing until a new manufacturer is hired after 2020. 7

It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

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