For the last 32 years, Connecticut veterinarian John Robb, who received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California in 1985, has been fighting to protect pets. In his words “I took the Hippocratic oath,” to protect his patients no matter what – even if that means breaking the law.

His main platform has been pet over-vaccinations, which he sees as dangerous. For his educated opinion he has been ridiculed, arrested, put on probation, and even once lost his clinic- but nothing will stop him until animals are no longer suffering, becoming injured, and dying.


From the article:

“The vaccine in question is the rabies shot. Dr. Robb says that the shot works for a pet’s entire lifetime (and a blood test can determine if it is still in effect). However, largely because of the immense influence and power of the vaccine manufacturers, the rabies shot is being recommended annually. He says this shot has made pets instantly vomit and fall ill, develop immune disorders, cancers, and can even cause death.

Not only is the number of vaccines not regulated, the dose is also not adjusted for the body weight, making the shot potentially dangerous and even lethal for smaller-sized animals.”

This means that a five-pound cat would receive the same shot as a 100-pound dog. To anyone with a brain this should seem ridiculous (in fact, Dr. Robb has been administering half shots of the vaccines to his smaller patients and it’s gotten him into trouble, but he persists) but on February 22 when he spoke to the board of state officials in Connecticut and urged them to look at the research and change the laws- he was laughed at and ignored.

For his testimony, Dr. Robb brought 45 documents showing that vaccines are indeed dose-dependent and too large of a dose can kill an animal. Many of the documents also showed that very often booster vaccines are unnecessary and give zero protection to the animal.


But this isn’t the first time Dr. Robb has been in trouble. He was previously “under fire for giving pets half-doses of the rabies vaccines and advocating limited vaccinations at Banfield Pet Hospital, where he was a franchise owner.”

Once Banfield Pet Hospital found out that Dr. Robb was giving half doses, when medically necessary, they sent letters to over 5,000 of his clients attempting to scare them; they claimed the pets were not vaccinated properly and asked people to bring them back for boosters. Then, the hospital took ownership of Dr. Robb’s practice.

When the doctor showed up at the clinic to personally urge patients to first run a titer (a blood test that determines if antibodies are still present and or if the pet needs a booster) he was arrested for trespassing and banned from the clinic and the Petsmart that owns some Banfield Pet Hospitals.

Dr. Robb also says he was handcuffed and taken to the psychiatric ward of Stamford hospital, while the police went to his house to harass his wife. All for HALF vaccinations. HALF.

And later, he would go through even more hard times when the State Veterinary Board of Connecticut found out he was giving small dogs half shots of the rabies vaccine. The article reports:

“Every veterinary doctor that we have contacted told [us] that the rabies vaccine can either save an animal’s life or kill it depending on how much you administer. But they say Connecticut law has simply not caught up with this simple concept.”

So, though many veterinarians agree on the issue, Dr. Robb was put on probation, and can no longer administer vaccines. Thankfully, he still practices and can be reached at his website for appointments or consultations.

The truth is most pet owners are unaware of the great risks associated with vaccinations or they blindly take the advice of their vets, vaccinating their pets every year, even though the recommendations have changed to a (still unnecessary) 3-year schedule. But do your research. You cannot assume anyone else besides you wants what’s best for your fur baby.

Source: AltHealthWorks