Vegan Florida mom arrested

Vegan Florida Mom Arrested

So all the strange news seems to happen here in Florida lately (Ok, not lately, just in general)

The latest is just down the road where a mom, Anne Markham, was arrested for refusing to take her child to the hospital because they would give her son animal products (in a baby formula)

Markham had taken the baby to a Pediatrician who said he was dehydrated and got a spot reserved for him at a the hospital. It’s unclear whether he gave her formula or medicine but either way she didn’t want to give it to her child because it contained animal products. Markham said she does not consume animal products because of religious reasons.

She instead went to Whole Foods and bought a Soy baby formula which is available there for purchase.  Officers showed up at her home, gained entry and had her arrested.  Her child is now in the custody of Florida Dept of Child and Family. The problem is that this agency has had no less than five children die under their care and one judge recently said they need to get out of the business of taking care of children because they fail miserably. 

We know little about Markham, but are certain she took her baby to the doctor concerned about dehydration, then went to Whole Foods to try the soy formula instead. The problem is that many doctors now think Soy formula (especially boys) can spell disaster when it comes to their health (and hormones)

If Markham was having trouble producing milk as a first time mother (at 23 years old) she could have gone to one of many agencies in Florida that provides Mother’s milk (from humans) which is available for moms who cannot produce. These banks have clean, fresh readily available milk available in emergencies like this. We hope the boy will recover and eventually be able to reunite with his mom who will get help in this situation.

I’m sure the hospital was not going to have anything so good (probably some sugar filled formula which might have contained soy) but we’re not sure how dehydrated the baby was. Obviously if he was severely dehydrated then I’d recommend in an emergency like that there is no other choice at least temporarily.

Markham is out on bail now and though she now has lost custody of her child hopefully she can be educated on breast feeding or if that is not a viable option than using donor’s milk which should be a happy solution for her, the lovely negligent Florida Dept of Child and Safety and the hospital.

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