Vegan And Plant Based Elite Athletes Are Changing The Sports World!

(Just the title makes me happy! It’s so nice to see Vegan’s letting everyone know that this lifestyle isn’t boring and doesn’t have to produce wimpy folks.)

Most people believe that in order to become an elite athlete, that you must eat animal protein. In fact, tell most physicians or dietitians that you are a vegan and they look at you like you’ve grown a third eye. “But what about protein, I’m concerned you aren’t getting enough.” Thankfully, it seems that all of a sudden tons of amazing athletes are letting the world in on their dirty little secret- they can push their bodies to the max and recover better and quicker thanks to eliminating animal products from their diets.

Here are just a couple of them and you might not have even known!

John Joseph- Vegan triathlete and Iron Man, in his 50’s!

Ben Gordon, NBA veteran who played for the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Bobcats, Orlando Magic, and Golden State Warriors. He believes his Vegan diet increased his stamina on the court.

Next is MMA fighter, Nate Diaz, who recently shocked the world by beating Connor McGregor. He credits his raw, vegan lifestyle for his endurance and weight control. And he’s not the only one: Jake Shields, brother Nick Diaz, Jon Fitch and Mac Danzig are also vegans.

Frank Medrano is a beast on the bars and he’s a vegan.

And last but not least is Iranian born vegan, Patrik Baboumian, a strongman competitor. Insane and inspirational!

As always, I won’t shame anyone into a certain belief or way of life, but I will recommend things. You don’t need to take a life to sustain yours. You can be healthy and even as we’ve seen, an elite athlete- by using plants to power you.


Source: Movie Pilot