Lawsuit Against Merck

Wow, what a week it’s been in the news. We see a top Scientist at the CDC blow the whistle on the disgraced agency and their coverup on the the MMR vaccine autism connection. (Hello!?)  Now we see this lawsuit which is still ongoing against Merck for a coverup as well (it  was initially started by 2 former Merck virologists about falsified testing of the efficacy of the drug) See below!

From the article “Class Action Cases Against Merck Proceed”
U.S. District Judge C. Darnell Jones II of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania issued one opinion Friday in two related suits—United States v. Merck & Co. and Chatom Primary Care v. Merck & Co.

Two former virologists at Merck brought claims as relators under the False Claims Act, alleging Merck, the sole company approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to sell a mumps vaccine, falsified testing of the efficacy of the drug and misstated the drug’s efficacy to the government as having a 95 percent efficacy rate, according to the opinion. The United States declined to intervene in that suit.

The putative class action is based on the claims made in the qui tam action and argues Merck’s alleged “manipulation and misrepresentation” of the vaccine’s efficacy allowed for Merck’s monopoly of the mumps vaccine market, Jones said. The class action raises various Sherman Act violations and violations of state laws, according to the opinion.

No surprise Merck is seeking to get the lawsuit dismissed. I’m sure they’d also love to have it swept under the rug so the truth isn’t revealed about the big alleged scandals going on behind closed doors at their big pharma clinic where (according to these claims) ethics and lives don’t seem to matter much but money and deep pockets rule (oh and where’s the FDA in all this?) Ah I forgot. They’re the lap dog for drug companies. Not our watch dog. Remember that about the Food and Thug administration.

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