We are becoming the most vaccinated people on the planet- with no end in sight. And honestly, I cannot understand it.

“A new vaccine is in the works that might let you eat all the pasta and bread you want. The company ImmusanT announced its experimental vaccine Nexvax2 is moving into phase two trials.

Those early trials showed the drug was safe to use and now the company is looking to learn more about its effectiveness. The drug is designed to build up a patient’s gluten tolerance over time through multiple injections.

Doctors say it’s unclear how many injections a patient would need.” 1


Hennepin Healthcare Gastroenterologist Dr. Jake Matlock says it is unclear whether the drug will be able to rid a patient of their gluten intolerance or just lessen their symptoms…something they will learn during the next set of trials.


In the next couple of months, the company plans to enroll 150 patients in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Keep in mind, if you don’t ever plan on going the vaccine route, you can still have a full and delicious food life. There are TONS and TONS of recipes for GF food and restaurants opening up all the time.

Here are just a couple of recipes to try:

Bon Appetit! XO- Erin


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