Multiple calls to 911 from Sandy City, Utah residents in February revealed that there were dangerous levels of fluoride in the drinking water. Information that the city government would wait over a week to share with residents because the state government wouldn’t allow it. And many people continued to drink the contaminated water. 

Speaking to 911, one man said,

“I went to take a drink of it and I had to spew it out. There’s something wrong with the water. It almost tasted like too much chemicals or sewage. I don’t know what it was.”1

He then went on to explain that his wife had also mentioned that the water tasted funny the day before. He went on to say,

“It’s just awful. I drank a bunch of it. I don’t know if it’s bad water. I hope I’m OK.”1

Another caller described the water as “extremely metallic and extremely painful.” 1

Both callers live in the same neighborhood.

On February 5th, a power outage caused a fluoride pump to malfunction which allowed undiluted fluoride to enter the water supply. But documents from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality show that despite the calls about the water, the pump house was not inspected on Feb. 6th because of inclement weather. (There was a snowstorm.)

City crews didn’t discover the fluoride malfunction until Feb. 7th and residents didn’t receive official notification until Feb. 8th. But, “it wasn’t until a week later, on Feb. 15, that lab results showed acute high levels of copper and lead in the water supply, prompting the city to issue a ‘no drink order’ for more than 2,000 homes.”1

As of Feb. 17th, the city announced the water was safe to drink.



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