Child Getting An Injection

Well this is surprising and good news if it’s true.  USA Today is reporting that a study done shows that autism signs can be erased in babies.

From the article:

The research, run by the University of California Davis’ MIND Institute, provided directed therapy to babies ages 6-9 months old who were identified as having early signs of autism, such as an inability to make eye contact, lack of babbling and fixations.

By the time the seven babies reached their third birthday – a time when autism can reliably be diagnosed – five didn’t show any autism symptoms and a sixth had only mild symptoms.

The treatment now needs to tried in many more children to make sure that it can be consistently helpful, said study co-author Sally Rogers, a professor and developmental psychologist at UC Davis.

We hope it’s true and are curious what therapies they are doing on these babies. That’s pretty crucial and hope they release more info on these therapies.

~ USA Today: Study says Autism signs in babies can be erased ~

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