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It’s utterly unbelievable that in the United States, a developed nation, that more doctors and legislators aren’t questioning why we have the worst health in the world even though we are vaccinating children to death. And sometimes literally. The US ranks 34th in infant mortality.

Our current schedule sees 26 vaccines administered in the first YEAR of life. Compare that to the past:

  • 1950, there were 3 childhood vaccines typically given when a child entered school.
  • 1983, 10 recommended vaccines by the age of 6 years old (24 doses, 7 injections, 4 oral doses for polio).
  • 2010, the CDC vax schedule totaled 68 doses with more than half given by the time a child was only a year and a half old.
  • 2016, the schedule has increased to 74 doses by age 17 with 53 injections and 3 oral doses of rotavirus.

In spite of all this, the health of American children has plummeted:

“autoimmune diseases, learning disabilities, food allergies, chronic ailments, and childhood obesity have all risen. The overall health of this nation ranks very low compared to all other industrialized nations, dead last in most areas.”

Why are we doing this to our children?

In short, money.

In 1986, pharmaceutical companies lobbied for legislation which would guarantee they couldn’t be sued for vaccine adverse effects, damages, and deaths. That legislation created the vaccine court where people could go and seek compensation for vaccine injured children IF they could prove the injuries were vaccine caused. If you’ve been to this site for any length of time, you’ve seen stories about families who have been trying to get compensation for YEARS AND YEARS. They do not make it easy.

Basically, big pharma makes loads of cash “from worthless protections against minor diseases, which often create collateral damage that’s considered worth the greater good of herd immunity.” And then they laugh all the way to the bank.


Make sure to do loads of research before you allow your kids to get vaccinated. And if you decide to move forward, know your rights. You are the only person who cares about your child- the vaccines makers don’t and they won’t be there if anything goes wrong.

Source: Real Farmacy