USA: Highest Vaccination Rate in the World Has the Worst Health


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It’s utterly unbelievable that in the United States, a developed nation, that more doctors and legislators aren’t questioning why we have the worst health in the world even though we are vaccinating children to death. And sometimes literally. The US ranks 34th in infant mortality.

Our current schedule sees 26 vaccines administered in the first YEAR of life. Compare that to the past:

  • 1950, there were 3 childhood vaccines typically given when a child entered school.
  • 1983, 10 recommended vaccines by the age of 6 years old (24 doses, 7 injections, 4 oral doses for polio).
  • 2010, the CDC vax schedule totaled 68 doses with more than half given by the time a child was only a year and a half old.
  • 2016, the schedule has increased to 74 doses by age 17 with 53 injections and 3 oral doses of rotavirus.

In spite of all this, the health of American children has plummeted:

“autoimmune diseases, learning disabilities, food allergies, chronic ailments, and childhood obesity have all risen. The overall health of this nation ranks very low compared to all other industrialized nations, dead last in most areas.”

Why are we doing this to our children?

In short, money.

In 1986, pharmaceutical companies lobbied for legislation which would guarantee they couldn’t be sued for vaccine adverse effects, damages, and deaths. That legislation created the vaccine court where people could go and seek compensation for vaccine injured children IF they could prove the injuries were vaccine caused. If you’ve been to this site for any length of time, you’ve seen stories about families who have been trying to get compensation for YEARS AND YEARS. They do not make it easy.

Basically, big pharma makes loads of cash “from worthless protections against minor diseases, which often create collateral damage that’s considered worth the greater good of herd immunity.” And then they laugh all the way to the bank.


Make sure to do loads of research before you allow your kids to get vaccinated. And if you decide to move forward, know your rights. You are the only person who cares about your child- the vaccines makers don’t and they won’t be there if anything goes wrong.

Source: Real Farmacy

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  • Marc Gault

    You should use the top photo of yourself for all of your web-related business. It is honest, as opposed to the ‘about the author’ photo.

    Healthy for those of us beyond thirty does not equate to youth or beauty, those are ‘chasing after the wind’. Health is about quality of life.

    Youth and beauty are sales pitches, not the reality we all live in.

  • Mark, I am flattered that you think I look like Toni Bark MD, but we are two different people, both coincidentally from Chicago. That is a quote from her Uptop in her picture. She has beautiful silver hair and is an amazing doctor. I’m a natural blonde and the picture of me isn’t even professional. It was shot by my friend on my iPhone. No air brushing all natural as I imagine awesome Toni’s is too.

  • Scott Tactical

    I see a quote by the doctor at the top, but no reference to that and no way to look up more information regarding it. Have you spoken to her personally?

    It is too hard to read that there are risks, but not have more quantifiable ways to research this. Are there networks or orderly groups that can help self-educate? It swings so wide that it makes it hard to pick a side. Or for me, somewhere a little closer to the center. Education + choices.

  • Alleged Comment

    Rise of autism scary. Plus (they say} these vaccines cause the disease, plus (they say) most of these viruses are from unsanitary conditions and don’t need vaccine, plus (they say) vaccines still have mercury and monkey tissue organs in them plus the disease, YIKES!

    Plus, if the fools want the vaccines why should they give it to you since they can’t catch it anymore (according to them).

  • James Stamulis

    Between Vaccines, Chen Trails, Chemicals on our foods as well as genetically altering them our government has done a bang up job of setting the stage for depopulating us. I would like to ask congress how many of them know someone who has their own garden and then ask how many of those are grown intentionally GMO? Probably none for everyone i know who grows a garden does so to get at least some food organic and they are healthier for it so why is it congress does everything they can for Monsanto and alike instead of passing legislation banning GMO’s and promoting healthy organic foods, Probiotics and natural supplements to boost our children’s immune system? Since i started implementing these common sense things we have been healthier than anytime in our lives. After a while you start to think they are not playing on the same team.

  • andreajesus10

    and the rates of autism are SKYROCKETING! Parents are STILL listening to the doctors and the media rather than to common sense – they KNOW the truth – but they are SO talked out of it – and the kids (and adults) get screwed! and get real sick!