US NEWS: 29 Holistic Doctors/ND’s Poisoned, Some Suffering “life threatening conditions” at Conference (Criminal investigation Underway)


29 Holistic Doctors/ND’s Poisoned

Our main source is US News and World Report, hence the title. Several have asked me if this is a satire piece. Like all pieces I write, it is factual and very real. I am honored Health Nut News has been quoted by some mainstream news sources now on this piece.
29 holistic doctors/naturopaths “found lying in the garden”, “staggering, doubled over in pain”, and some in a “life threatening” state of poisoning from “psychedelic drug 2C-E or Aquarust”. They were all in attendance at an “alt med” homeopathic health conference. Doctors and practitioners (those who could speak) allegedly said they didn’t knowingly take anything that would cause this. Some were hallucinating and some who are still too sick to be questioned are being hospitalized.

UPDATE:  We appreciate Independent UK and major top news sites now listing us as a source and reference. But some things are being lost in translation. The woman who allegedly let the naturopaths rent out her space also does dance instruction, so some are posting comments that this was a dance party – false. (FYI: translating articles from German to English on Google, you lose things, hence the reason why I had now THREE actual German translators do it for me.) To clarify, this was not a dance party. Further, a woman allegedly said she saw them using a tincture or cream and/or applying something to their skin, but we have NO idea if: A) if there really was anything harmful in these tinctures or B) if there was, and that was the method of how they became ill, who put it there.

15 ambulances along with a helicopter were sent in to help the holistic doctors and naturopaths at the homeopathic conference. Again, mainstream news reporting that some were found with “life threatening conditions”.

Depending on the news source these practitioners are called alt med holistic doctors or naturopaths, but one thing is clear: the articles state that experts at the scene said it didn’t appear they knowingly ingested what made them ill.  Some were extremely ill when the 15 ambulances and helicopter flew in to the rescue.

From the Independent UK (who initially used the headline, we have screen shots, “Homeopaths get high on drugs”):

Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. That does not support the view that the people concerned took the hallucinogen knowingly.

“One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it.”

Police are reportedly looking into possibilities including the drug being taken as a joint experiment, or it being furtively given to conference participants as a prank.

No arrests have yet been made as the investigation continues into a possible violation of Germany’s Narcotics Act.

I’m studying up on the drug in question, and here is a brief description,  “2C-E is a psychedelic phenethylamine of the 2C family. It was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin. It is commonly active in the 10–20 mg range, taken orally or nasally and highly dose-sensitive”.

From another article:

“The questioning begins as soon as the persons are coherent and their statements are useable,” said a police officialquoted by the news agency DPA. The psychedelic drug 2C-E or Aquarust was banned in Germany last year. It has a euphoric effect and, like Ecstasy and Speed, belongs to the group of synthetically-produced amphetamines.

Delusions, cramps, and life threatening conditions

Some 160 rescue personnel in 15 ambulances and a helicopter, converged on Handeloh on Friday afternoon and rushed the 29 to various clinics in the Hamburg area.

The patients, aged between 24 and 56, were found suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR.

Naturopaths, doctors?

The news magazine “Der Spiegel” described those affected as alternative and homeopathic practitioners. NDR said doctors were also among the seminar group and suggested that participants might have taken part in a drug experiment. (Health Nut News note: There are mixed reports as the fire service spokesperson says the practitioners didn’t knowingly take the drugs, yet there seems to be an investigation (some reports say) because some suspect they did (educated doctors taking drugs that put some in a life threatening state?)).

Fire service spokesman Mathias Köhlbrandt told NDR that he had never experienced such a situation. “Men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building,” he said, adding they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug.

Some were suffering delusions and even psychoses, NDR reported. Some patients were administered sedatives en route to hospital, said the emergency response physician who headed the rescue operation, Dr. Kai Rathjen.

From the second more tame article:

Authorities say emergency workers called to a conference center in northern Germany found some 30 practitioners staggering and suffering from cramps, apparently as a result of amphetamine poisoning.

Fire service spokesman Matthias Koehlbrandt told broadcaster NDR the group was aged between 25 and 55. NDR reported they were alternative and homeopathic practitioners, and that they were taken to the hospital.

Authorities said their preliminary finding was that the group was poisoned with amphetamines, but Koehlbrandt said they didn’t knowingly take the substance.

In the wake of my unintentional series on holistic doctors dying, I had several people send this to me the last few days.  I admit I scanned it,  but only today saw the severity of the story. Again, the ones who could talk allegedy say the didn’t knowingly ingest anything that would cause them to become deathly ill (poisoned). A criminal investigation is underway according to at least one news source.

We hope all the practitioners will have a full recovery and will update you on the situation as soon as we have more informati

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Jennifer Cram

    This is just absolutely crazy!

  • Tom Mack

    Is there an independent news organization willing to investigate all these deaths? I know the governments of the world never will, as they are bought and paid for by the drug companies.

  • @disqus_ZGEL5Qj8F0:disqus I did go on Coast to Coast AM (2.7 M listeners) and just flew back into town from doing a show on the Holistic Doctors on GAIAM TV (they make the Yoga mats but have a big channel) so will let you know when that airs. I know GAIAM TV isn’t bought out at least. I’ve had a few other shows contact me but checking out their integrity.

  • ok switched to moderator account as now the crazy comments are coming in : )

  • @Jennifer Cram I know… 🙁

  • Derrick Shearer

    Keep us posted on updates please!

  • Erin Elizabeth Bartley

    Love the name hun. Please keep the news coming it really helps in our fight.

  • Bernadette Harrison

    Very suss. I wonder if there is treachery at play here, like the other Doctors that have “harmed”?.

  • Terri

    RT News isn’t bought and won’t hesitate to report on this if they know about it. I hope someone contacts them. This needs to stop & I hope whomever investigates, that they are caught and held accountable.

  • JoLynn

    Who said anything about “deaths”? How does this assumption get started and why do we change the story? I don’t get it. I do care to learn the TRUTH!

  • kat

    Maybe some of them drank the cool aid. This is crazy.

  • What was the conference about – the topic?

    The M.O.

    The other murdered practitioners were involved in studying the connections between GcMAF and Nagalase.

  • thanks @derrickshearer:disqus I will. Also I never shared this in my comments on my holistic doctor series i sadly broke. but my newsletter (which isn’t frequent enough- i’m aiming for 5x this year!) has updates (one coming soon) and the only other thing you get is my e-book for free

  • @iris it was a Homeopathic natural conference (holistic medicine) Yes, sadly I broke the 10 stories on the 10 doctors who died (Just flew back home from doing a national tv show as the expert on the subject) We knew many of the doctors who died and i do think and know some were using GcMAF, but do not believe all of them were. I did an exclusive interview with the Bradstreet family which is on my site that covers this topic. xo e . just doing my best to keep my own better half (holistic doctor) safe xo E

  • @terr@disqus_TRBzacLWzk:disqus i didn’t think of RT. we know someone there and surprised they didn’t cover my holistic doctor (unintentional) series or if they did i missed it.

  • aw thanks @Erin@erinelizabethbartley:disqus! i definitely will ..

  • @Jolynn – Tom might be talking about the 10 doctors i wrote about (1 at a time) who died (most were holistic doctors) I think most are talking about that story, and yes, it’s true NONE of these 29 holistic doctors or naturopaths (as one article called them) died. though some had “life threatening conditions” it was reported

  • Nick H

    maybe it was some kind of EMF ray fired at the from the street?

  • Tom Mack

    Coast to Coast AM is a good start… I hope you will get on Art Bell’s, Clyde Lewis’, and John B. Wells’ programs. They are all good programs. Also, if you do not mind the Christian market, L.A. Marzulli and Steve Quayle are good places to start. Both of them have also been on Coast to Coast A.M. Steve even has a section on his website about the high number of scientists who have died before their time. You might want to check it out.

  • Neo

    Pharma mob had nothing to do with this I’m sure!!!

  • crosswind

    Why are you the only one sharing this info and about the other 10 missing & murdered Doctors?

  • axeecutioner .

    Hmm…I’m just curious of why this isn’t all over the news and news
    websites. You would think an attempt to mass murder almost 30 people
    would be big news. I mean, yahoo is featuring a story about the Rock
    saving his own dog from his own backyard pool but not this…WTF?

  • Erin, my concern over the previous dying or missing holistic, alternative doctors in Florida grows even more so. While people are afraid to say it, I believe there is a factor police are overlooking which is the pharmaceutical companies. I heard they had arrested a duo which I highly doubt are responsible. .. or if they are they certainly are not alone in this spree… and now other countries? As part of the cannabis industry that believes cannabis is significantly symbiotic with human beings and is in fact medicine, I am concerned for the human race especially when forced into medicinal vaccines and other pharma medicines… and where we are governed by pharma laws. The other part that bothers me is that the oil industry owns the pharmaceutical industry as in almost every pharma medicine has petroleum products within them. What do you think and has there been any update on this?

  • Think about it… why would the oil industry or the pharma industry want us peons to worry about the perfect lives and laws they have made for us. They don’t want us to realize there is no money in the cure only in the treatment.

  • Vanessa

    This is crazy. I’d like to know the outcome of this.

  • Laura S.

    The petroleum product in pharmaceuticals is benzene. Benzene destroys bone and bone marrow. This is what’s destroying immune systems.

  • Anna

    Why didn’t they just heal themselves with some cinnamon enemas?

  • @Crosswind@disqus_gHQ2BkbyTn:disqus My stories (on the 10 doctors) were picked up by other news sites and a few network affiliates (Fox ABC CBS NBC etc) This story just happened this weekend, but my source is US News and world report, so imagine it will be shared now (as 20,000 people or so have shared it in a few hours)

  • @van@disqus_mei1rAsplv:disqus my newsletter at will keep you updated

  • yes it is on US NEws and world report, but very interesting (even if they did want to play the angle these doctors did it to themselves) that it’s not all OVER international news.

  • @mekicox:disqusI just returned from Colorado interviewing some of the larger medicial cannabis dispensaries in the state who of course own the grow houses as well and I went to the cooks who prepare the tinctures for them (from beginning to end) It was absolutely amazing . Very tired and jet lagged (i was doing a show for GAIAM TV as well about the holistic doctors) but I’m still not sure and did think it odd that the man’s name on Facebook who allegedly murdered Dr. Sievers was “Hammer” His actual nick name list on Facebook. All just very strange. and yes scary about BO owning BP. (big pharma not British Petroleum but .. well you know) Make sure you’re on my newsletter (see top of page) to keep updated. i’ll have some videos coming out on some of the research i’ve done and what i’ve discovered

  • Claire Bleakley

    is a deliberate and misleading slur on Homeopaths. Naturopathy is a
    totally different modality to Homeopathy. The ignorance of the
    difference is concerning for everyone, both professional homeopaths and
    patients. There is no link between Homeopathy and Naturopathy they are
    different modalities. Like saying that psychology is the same as surgery

  • @clairebleakley:disqus – I am simply quoting the articles. I’ve worked in the industry for 25 years and am not trying to slur any of the hundreds of thousands of naturopaths or homeopaths (or DO’s MD’d DC’s etc) who read my page or my significant other- a doctor of 33 years. I am simply quoting the many articles that called them naturopaths at a homeopathic conference. I put the titles in quotes, because the news has gone back and forth between calling them different names. I simply use the names they give and am not here to give a history lesson on the definitions. Also these are naturopaths in Germany. If it obviously means different things (a naturopath – say whether they are licensed in one state or the other) I can only imagine all the different titles there. I’ve even taken the time to translate a few German articles and won’t go into the various names they call the doctors there. I thought you’d be more surprised that the authorities are that the naturopaths- that’s what they say in the article (at a homeopathic conference they state) allegedly did this to themselves. yes, they allegedly risked their own lives on overdosing on amphetamines. I find that hard to believe and far more important than the semantics of homeopath v naturopath right now. we had 29 very sick ones- whatever they are and sure that will come out what their titles officially are. (or were)

  • Excellent and if you need info about real medicine in the cannabis industry, real info about the endocannabinoid system and understanding the role of mitochondria with the inevitable mitochondrial dna mutation rate, (which I have fear for the human race), please feel free to contact me. I am easily reachable via linkedin or Facebook or via my email which you may be able to see in moderator administration mode. My partner and I are educators in this field. If we can assist you and your understanding we are here to help. If there is any sleuthing about this imdustry you might need done… where money is not the only answer, w

  • And also Erin be careful as some people in this industry want to create the next pharma corporation with the same ethics. Me… I’d like to see a new kind of corporate world. One that is not controlled by shareholders but instead by those whom it affects… profit is great but once you get to a certain point it’s simply nothing more than glutinous greed.

  • Vanessa Gale

    This world we live in has become a dangerous place for anyone who dare question the official story on anything that happens in big business “monopolies”. I’m sick of the deception and lies. I’m tired of being sick and at deaths door because the medical established poisoned me with vaccines as a condition of my nursing career…. only to almost kill me and toss me aside like trash when my illness destroyed my career. I’m sick to death of teetering on the brink of death because the real cure for my body toxicity is being actively suppressed and causing Canadian Dr’s to be ill-informed and useless. I cannot access the care I need from the naturopathic side of healing because this poison took my career and financial freedom so I cannot afford it. My gov will pay for me to see the very doctors that made me sick, and will pay for toxic treatments that only make me worse…. but will not pay for me to see a naturopath, for heavy metal Dx tests, IV therapy, supplements… you know the things that really work. I do my best with my own research and diet but I need the very help that our gov is doing it’s best to suppress. Knowing the intensity of the witch hunt against natural healing philosophies, it certainly makes it a lot harder to keep having faith that I will one day recover and get my life back.

    Thank you for continuing to report on these stories. People need to wake up. I’ve almost lost my life 4 times in the last 5 years. I understand how many people are suffering, have died, will die…. until we get to the bottom of this and wake up the masses to the true healing power of a body treated right. We need to focus on clean food, air, water, environment, stress, quality of life, sleep… basically all the things that make it inconvenient for us to be human to our big business slave masters (employers).

  • taree

    Wondering if the doctors at this conference were all German or where exactly they all hailed from… any idea?

  • MissEcoGlam

    omg this is truly shocking. I almost couldn’t believe the headline. But because of recent events with Doctors dying suspiciously, this sadly, does make sense. ‘They’ are sending out warning signals aren’t they to the holistic network – ‘this is what we will do to you if you don’t keep your mouth shut’.

    Absolutely chilling.

    As someone who used to do drugs myself, when you take too much of amphetamines its VERY VERY frightening (let alone being given them without your own knowledge and consent!) and can damage you for a long time causing extreme anxiety and fear. Even taking too much Tryptopahn is scary!

    I feel VERY sorry for these Doctors and ND’s. What an incredibly frightening experience. Some people may not ever get over it! I hope they find out whoever did it, but I bet they won’t!

    We need to share this story as much as possible so please everyone share this with your network.

    As always Erin, thank you for reporting these stories!

  • P. Wedemeyer

    This is a lie! Your last piece about the FL Dr. Was a lie! Stop lying to the gullible public!

  • Elle

    Good point!

  • sabelmouse

    i share your concerns.

  • elle

    If so, then why don’t you back it up. The news was in other channels , not just this one. What is your rationale for this accusation?

  • Cat

    Right… because all of us scientists in the pharma industry are ok to sit idly by and watch our own family members suffer and die from cancer and other ills, all the while keeping quiet about the ‘cures’ that big pharma doesn’t want you to know about. If you think people are that morally corrupt, I feel sorry for you, it must be terrible to live in your world. I, for one, will keep doing ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC research to further our knowledge of all the different forms of cancer in the hopes of one day finding cures. You go ahead and keep putting coconut oil on your whooping cough.

  • sabelmouse

    more like blinded, mired in dogma and the religion of scientism. nor is every scientist privy to everything that goes on i bet.

  • mo up in the northeast

    is infowars covering this? Can find the story only on a handful of sites.

  • Blob

    WTF is this shit – “The psychedelic drug 2C-E or Aquarust was banned in Germany last year. It has an euphoric effect and, like Ecstasy and Speed, belongs to the group of synthetically-produced amphetamines”

    It’s phenetylamine and a psychedelic substance, most definitely not amphetamine

  • mo up in the northeast

    Helicopters involved? if this story is true, it should be on more than just a couple sites.

  • mo up in the northeast

    not a single name for a single doctor involved?

  • Peeps, calm down. I am from Germany and can assure you that this incident was covered well by all major news outlets. Not once was suggested that it was anything else than a drug experiment gone wrong. The first articles mentioned “amphetamine” as the culprit, but by now it’s quite clear that the partcipants ingested “CE-2” aka “Aquarust”, a so called designer drug from the vast amphetamine family of substances, known for its strong hallucinogenic properties and made illegal in Germany not earlier than December 2014.
    Obviously the mind-explorers were not prepared at the least for the strong effects of the substance they tried. Since the doctors-turned-patients have to face legal punishment, consquences for their medical practices, and a big bill for the ambulances (if it was self-harming behaviour that led to the emergency call), it’s easy to understand that some will claim they didn’t know about taking any drug.

  • Doc

    FDA, FEMA, CDC and Big Pharma are behind this with the governments support.

  • 1 helicopter. They get used quite often here in Germany, just to be on the safe side. Turned out it was half as serious as the emergency call suggested.

  • It was all over German news. As far as is known by now, it was a drug experiment gone foul. No biggie, and no headline for international news. We don’t hear of any mass-poisoning by pot-brownies in the US either. This story was only covered nationwide because of the “irony” – that naturopaths should experiment with illegal chemicals.

  • Ludmilla

    Hello Erin. Nice reporting. What a disturbing situation. Could you please let me know what application are you using to record your screen and yourself on the screen? I see you are on a Mac. The application on the very right of your task bar. Much appreciated.

  • Jay Dandgrace

    I’m sure you’ve read and studied the work of Royal Rife? How about Dr. Stanislaus Burzynski? To answer your question, by now, yes most of us are rather suspicious but you do raise an intelligent question. And no, for whooping cough: Jiaogulon, Oregano, Boswellia, and maybe a rosemary rub. But folks like us prevent that kind of thing anyway.

  • Jay Dandgrace

    If you know who owns the networks and who they are connected to you’d understand. The only way this will open up is under major public pressure.

  • Kim Manford

    Why don’t the scientists ACTUALLY study some of what others are finding beneficial. More specifically marijuana…there are cases of cancer that have been cured, epileptic patients are finding relief from seizures that would have otherwise killed them…skin diseases and depression…anxiety and migraines….all helped or healed by the so called drug” I am a medicinal user and know FOR FACT the benefits of NATURAL healing and treatment.
    Why as a scientist wouldn’t you want to prove or dismiss the bantering about certain plants/herbs others are using and having “luck” if you will with it. Would it be because you as a scientist are given an agenda by the pharmaindustry (if in fact you do work for the industry)
    You are just one of many that has their hand in the money pot of the pharmaceutical industry. Too bad there wasn’t a small few to study what the Good Lord has already put here. Most will do as you do…believe I what so many of us are brain washed I to thinking as a child. Have you EVER STUDIED any of the naturopathy out there. Have you ever looked beyond the paycheck and done anything outside of the box. I would be so happy to finally find a scientist that did. 🙂
    Pharmaindustry workers do what they are told …head down and get to work lining their industry pockets. Sorry but you little guys may prove that the synthetics work but until you are ready to prove it doesn’t you really are just another grunt spewing the script they have laid out.

  • Shannon Weygandt

    Unfortunately you scientists are being lied to, just as we the general public are. Meki, I believe, is correct in her statement. .”no money in the cure, only in the treatment”. Eastern medicine ,or as we westerners call it, “homeopathic ” medicine has withstood the sands of time. It has been proven beneficial and effective time and time again. Natural, unadulterated, organic herbs and plants HAVE MEDICINAL VALUE,….yet no monetary gain for big pharm. Yes, modern medicine and science are modern marvels and necessary, yet why not incorporate the best of both to truly find CURES….because when you cure people there is no longer a need for modern medicine hence meaning there would no longer be a need for big pharm. we are all lied to, there are many things hidden in the shadows and depths of big money. not conspiracy theory, but sadly ,reality. Btw…how exactly do you apply coconut oil to whooping cough anyway! Lol .

  • John Dossett

    Kind of makes you doubt it when they don’t give a location things that make you go MMMMM

  • Kim Manford

    Could I ask you”Cat” would you research for us lol…look up Run FROM the cure. It’s only one video clip of hundreds and hundreds I’ve been watching or search baby with inoperable tumor treated with marijuana. It’s not the only plant being used with undeniable results ….there are so many that have the same benefits as the man made crap…weren’t these plants what the drugs were derived from..mb I am confused on that note?

  • They were Germans, most of them from Hamburg, and had frequent get-togethers before at the “conference center” (which is actually a repurposed antique farm house) in the village of Handeloh.
    Don’t imagine a big conference with international attendants – it was more like a group of regulars meeting for the weekend.

  • Svirtue2013

    We are in a Feudal system

  • terri gibbs

    Cat, it is great that you can choose chemo and radiation if that is the best option for yourself..There are some folks (as you know) who believe that science is bought and paid for and that just maybe…..”the power that made the body is capable of healing the body” before the cut, burn and/or poison..It appears as if “science” wants to take our choices away bu, as of today…They haven’t killed all holistic Drs and we still can choose how we approach healing….This article makes it look suspicious, as it is.

  • Imani Burrell

    Have they found the source of the poison? They must have taken blood samples, by now…

  • April Reeves

    I worked in the media for years. That story would never have been allowed to go to print or broadcast. Always remember who owns the media.

  • Brenda

    Yes the world is that morally corrupt. We know there is a cure for cancer and all other diseases but the powers that be suppress this information. There is no money to be made in a cure just as Meki Cox suggests. Either you’re a troll, or you are blind.

  • April Reeves

    My cousin worked at VGH for over 30 years in cancer research. In that time they found 3 cures for different cancers, all halted before going to market. Before she dies we are going to write her story. I will mail you a copy.

  • MJ

    Cannabis is a known cure. It doesn’t need be altered or synthesized. Only extracted.

  • Ludger Weß

    Most likely they shook and diluted the stuff too much.

  • PJ London

    I have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale, please send bank details.
    The idea that a bunch of Holistic and naturopathic healers would “experiment” with a drug is so ridiculous that it does not even warrant “BS”
    I have been involved with these people and they would not even take stuff from someone else’s garden they are so conscious of contaminants.
    Another disinformation ploy, to demean alternative medicine.

  • Ludger Weß

    Right. The scientists find a cure and report the results and then are lied to so that they think their results are crap and go back to their benches to find another working cure for cancer while their loved ones at home die from cancer. Do you really believe that nonsense?
    And do you know how much money is made with homeopathy? It was a $6.4 billion $ market in 2012. The real tricksters are the “all natural healing” companies and practitioners selling their customers overpriced cures that don’t do anything good. These crooks are the ones who let their customers die from cancer and all sorts of treatable diseases.

  • Sadly Cat, I have to say that you’re probably a troll. I do not believe for a moment that you are a scientist in the pharma industry.

    I do not believe for a moment that you are doing actual scientific research. I do not believe for a moment that you believe the words you just wrote.

    Sorry. I am a researcher who has been involved in the science industry, heavily for the last 5 years.

    You are the first that I have heard of that has no concept about “cures” not wanting to be spoken of.

    Perhaps you have no concept of current lawsuits with Merck, or, maybe you know nothing about Yasmin, or the lies about HPV, or the MMR vaccine, or the contaminated HIV vials PURPOSEFULLY sent over to other countries instead of being destroyed…. have you not read lawsuits that say explicitly the same thing.

    Or even the Canadian Health Department head who advised that his inexpensive powder formulation was pennies a serving but was turned down, although proven in rigorous testing – because… ehhhhhhh… it didn’t meet the needs of the shareholders for capital return.

    Are you daft Cat? Are you serious? Because if you are… then keep swallowing the wrong pills.

    Yes… there are valuable things in Pharma. I, for one, would not want to go under surgery without pharmaceutical company drugs. HOWEVER… there are cures for cancer. There are things that can stop cancer.

    The first is to understand that each individual reacts differently to medication or any chemistry – and that each person should be treated individually. Second – know about your endocannabinoid system – and about mitochondria… understand what mitochondrial dna mutation is — and understand that right now humans are a race that are about to mutate their central nervous systems.

    Hmmmmmm what? Oh wait… You don’t know anything about that do you… Well I suggest you study it.. then come back in a week and apologize for that coconut oil sarcasm.

    But wait… Since you’re really not a scientist… with credentials — then you won’t be back. Thanks for weighing in troll.

    Prove yourself… Discuss the endocannabinoid system, discuss mitochondrial dna mutation with me — and explain how they are not related in any way… oh and how the human system will continue to function properly without a CNS… Oh and why so many cases of epilepsy, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s… Dravets, Sodium channel missfires, etc. Oh wait… not because of mitochondrial DNA mutation already occurring right? uh huh… Until you can speak of reality, real chemistry – and you understand that the majority of pharmaceutical companies only care about the things that make money – whether they hurt human beings in the long run or not – as long as the stockholders get millions — they don’t care — then your opinion is worthless, because you have your eyes tightly shut and you’re not seeing reality… like everyone else who works a nine to five, watches television all night, spends money on the latest to keep up with the joneses… and doesn’t even know how government works… wouldn’t know how to get into government in the first place… You… are supposedly a scientist. If you are – you should be ashamed of yourself. because you’re not finding a cure to cancer… and if you do… and you try to bring it to the world… You will be destroyed… . Open your eyes. Be an actual scientist… Go underground or get out of pharma.

  • nabelo

    With the current refugee crisis, this occurrance appears to take a back seat. I found some information on the NDR website (Nord Deutscher Rundfunk), a pretty good tv channel in the northern part of Germany. Their article merely starts with a question, not a statement, if this was intentional or intentional act of an individual as a prank. The police only suspect a substance that can cause similar behavior and that the investigation depends on the urineanalysis results. If there are positive results for the suspected substance 2C-E, which is banned in Germany since 2014, the investigation goes to the Staatsanwaltschaft, State prosecuter (and possibly the Kripo-Kriminalpolizei if suspected poisoning–but that is just my guess). What is missing in the article is important information: how many of those attending the event had the symptoms?! Seems an obvious question for a reporter of NDR to ask or find out through the organizers or the place hosting the event. Where they staying for several days, share food or other activities? If the 29 affected are all the practitioners that attended the event, in my opinion, it would be very strange and unusual for all participants to agree to a “experiment”. Statistically speaking and through life experience, there will be people that will strongly opose taking somethig, descent from the group behavior. That many affected people would worry me about an intentional poisoning through drink or food, but there is no mention in the article about that part of the investigation. On the other hand, the description of the incident reminds of of “mass hysteria” which occurred in Europe frequently in the middle ages and was atributed to a bacteria on bread (spoiled bread)–hallucinations and odd behaviors were common reactions.
    Maybe more information will be covered through Stern or Der Spiegel even, two magazines. I sure hope they look into all aspects and possibilities since an intentional drugging by an individual would be alarming. I don’t think the victims deserve all the spekulations and personal attacks that takes place on social media. I don’t use homeopathic doctors, but regardless what their background, they might just be victims of a serious act that obviously has some tragic consequences.

  • A Concerned Mom

    Why would “naturopathic” doctors take a synthetic drug (when, in fact, most will tell patients never to take even Tylenol)? I’ve never heard of a naturopathic doctor doing this. They’re all about natural remedies that work with the body to heal… naturally.

  • Michelle Meeooww

    You’re funny, of course herbs are beneficial, they help me all the time. Ever heard of bee venom ? It’s a form of homeopathy and it kills Lyme and coinfections, HIV and they’re researching it for possible cancer treatment.

  • Michelle Meeooww

    There are plenty of double blind reliable studies on herbs and homeopathy, people just say there aren’t because they didn’t take the time to look them up.

  • Maybe there was no story? I am from Germany, and you can rest assured that the “story” was covered by every news outlet. There’s just no evidence at all that this was anything but a drug experiment gone wrong. You don’t get big international headlines when participants of a sorority party get “poisoned” by pot-brownies, either, do you?

  • Maybe German “holistic” doctors are different from your usual bunch in the US. This was not an official conference acknowledged by the German Association of Naturopathic Healers.. it was a get-together of like-minded practitioners, mainly from Hamburg, who met on a regular basis at this particular retreat in the countryside. German news covered the incident with far more details, which are not quoted in the few English language articles.

  • Fay Butler


  • It was a fungus, “Mutterkorn” from which LSD was derived, which caused the mass hysteria incidents in the Middle Ages – not a bacterium. Anyways, we can do little but wait for further investigation results.
    Personally, I support the idea of a “practical joke” played on the participants by one of them. But certainly not an attempted mass murder, staged by Big Pharma Agents – as the article above and many comments sugggests!

  • The location was Handeloh, a village in the vicinity of Hamburg. Feel better now?

  • In Germany, “alternative” and “naturopathic” amalgamate…. sure a psychogene drug can be called “alternative”, even if it is not “natural”.
    The president of the Association of Naturopathic Healers distances himself strongly from these get-togethers that took place on a regular basis, and threatens to expel any members o the official association who participated in these meetings.

  • One of them had a “possibly life threatening condition”, tachykardia. By today, they are all released from hospital and being interrogated by police. (I am from Germany and follow the national news)

  • You should consider that this was an informal get-together of a circle of naturopaths/homeopaths from Hamburg and vicinity, who met at that retreat in the village of Handeloh on a regular basis – not an “official” conference getting any coverage by the media, or being acknowledged by the German Association of Naturopaths, whose president strongly distanced himself from these actions and threatened to expel any members of the association participating in these weekend meetings.

  • Do you really believe that all cancers are the same, and there is but ONE cure for them?

  • No topic released to the public. It was one of several informal get-togethers of a circle of naturopaths/Homeopaths from the region, who met on a regular basis at this retreat in the countryside. The president of the official German Association of Naturopaths distances himself from these meetings and threatens to expel any member of the association who participated in these weekend retreats of regulars. (source: German/regional news outlets, hot from the source)

  • They know the name of the poison – 2C-E, from the vast family of amphetamines, but far more psychedelic than your ordinary “speed”. But they don’t now the culprit (if there was any!) who administered the drug to the “victims”. They probably were victims of a practical joke, or of a drug experiment gone foul. Of course they will swear any oath that they didn’t consume any drug voluntarily.. as the drug in question is illegal by German law and they haev to fear legal prosecution and the loss of their practicing licenses. Honi soit qui mal en pense – google it!

  • Paul Stewart

    Who, what, when, where and how? Journalism 101.

    Not that I am sympathetic to the pharma industrial complex, I’m not. but this is very sloppy journalism.

  • Will

    One word…..lame stream media.

  • Dave Garry

    No one here knows about bentonite clay or activated charcoal? That’s what they should be taking…

  • Will

    Right. I agree you scientists are being lied to. There are natural cures but you think there are not cuz your boss told you so. And your bosses bosses boss won’t pay for any research of natural cures cuz they can’t get rich on them. So people die. And confused scientists are indignant when confronted with possible therapies they are unfamiliar with. Smh.

  • trini4jesus .

    Medical industry = another big mafia system to keep society sick and dependent on their “cures” which are just drugs that give humans other secondary ailments.

  • Jaysen McDermith

    Ever read the 600 or so studies that provide undeniable proof that currcumin the active compound in tumeric triggers programmed cell death in cancer cells or the undeniable research Tha shows that cancer cells starve to death when you change the pH of the body to alkaline. Or that thc cbd and cbn trigger programmed cell death of cancer cells and spurr the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer. I’m not against science and I’m not saying chemo and radiation don’t work, I have a niece that has ALL leukemia and is undergoing chemo. I have done a lot of research since she was diagnosed to find things that may help the chemo kill the cancer. I’m not just talking about reading some blog somewhere I have read the findings of studies that have been done.

  • Mark_W

    wasn’t guns

  • Maya Cherni

    Wow , u r blind by believing docs and big pharma

  • No need to threaten German holistic doctors – they are not challenged the same way as their colleagues in the USA are supposed to be. Homeopathy, acupuncture, even traditional Chinese medicine are broadly acknowledged and even covered by NHS health insurances. The Big Pharm Mafia scenario or similar conspiracy theories don’t make any sense under German conditions.

  • Mark_W

    As you say, your own family members die… why? because the drug industry you are trained to be a dispensary for, does not have the answers. In your breath-taking arrogance, why has ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC research, into which billions upon billions of dollars has been poured, produced NOTHING to improve outcomes of diseases such as cancer?
    You aren’t told about non-pharma cures that work, you are taught an attitude of contempt. You are trained to ridicule anything offered outside the pharma framework (as you slur against coconut oil amply illustrates) You are trained to support the Industry when it expels and blacklists disillusioned practitioners who dare to search outside pharma for real answers to sickness.

  • Chris N Shawn Watson

    Where did this happen?

  • Chris N Shawn Watson

    Ok it is in Hamburg , Germany.

  • DrLyndaHP

    Probably because big Pharma is behind it and they OWN the medical profession. The natural health field is blossoming because people are beginning to realize that nutritional and mineral deficiencies cause a lot of the health problems we have and just eating right and taking supplements can actually reverse many problems and big Parma doesn’t want that. They want us to keep taking those pills!!!!! It all boils down to greed.
    I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and many of our best practitioners have mysteriously died in the last few years. Some have been falsely prosecuted and their offices burned. The natural health field is very dangerous because we believe in safe, natural treatment for disease, not dangerous chemicals and the natural revolution is hitting big Pharma in the pocketbook.

  • DrLyndaHP

    Yeah and if you will read the statistics on side effects and deaths from drugs vs. the minimal effects and deaths of natural holistic health, you would find that the treatment is worse than the disease in many cases with drugs. The “bugs” are getting stronger and stronger because of the over use of antibiotics; all, not some but ALL, the mass shooting offenders had been or were on psychotropic drugs at the time they killed all those people; statins are UNNECESSARY because cholesterol is NOT the problem, inflammation IS yet doctors prescribe statins it for almost everyone over 35 and they are DEADLY. Yeah, play high and mighty but the TRUTH is there are FAR too many drugs given, especially to the elderly, than are necessary. God gave us the tools in nature to maintain these bodies when he put us here if we will just utilize them. The human body was created from the earth and it can thrive with products from the earth. One of the best treatments for a LOT of things is plain, clear, clean water. How many doctors prescribe a tepid bath to lower a temperature? How many doctors prescribe warm water for constipation? How many doctors tell people to drink plenty of water because many problems with the body are simply caused by dehydration? Drugs are NOT the end all and be all and if there is a natural way and the patient would not be mortally harmed by trying it first, then it should be, not throwing a pill at every little thing.

  • DrLyndaHP

    Boy have you been drinking the Kool-Aid!! Yes, there are quacks in our industry, however, most are not. We would rather work in concert with MDs if we can find some that will work with us. One of the finest cancer hospitals in this country is Cancer Treatment Centers of America which treat Mind, Body and Spirit using holistic, allopathic and religious methods of treatment. They have cured the incurable using an integrated therapy designed to fit each patients needs. That is they way it SHOULD be. Too bad allopathic medicine will not embrace that mind set.

  • lovetoquilt2468


  • Denise Jones

    Why isn’t the F.B.I. involved in this investigation

  • deano

    no money in it for the Satanist who rule over us

  • Linda Aguilar

    There have been many “cures” for cancer found- just not in the world of the medical/big pharma cartel. Allopathic cancer treatments may work (keep a patient alive, I’ll bet with no quality of life for five years) in 3% of those using them. That’s 97% they don’t help. Alternative therapies can heal 3% to 90% of cancer sufferers. Yes, you read that right- “heal” not just prolong one’s suffering from the treatment but actual cure the disease. It doesn’t take being a brain surgeon to figure out where the best odds for survival with quality of life are. You keep up your delusion and just hope you never get sick!

  • Katie

    1) It’s great that you are putting this info out 2) I understand that it is hard to be jet lagged. But seriously, I only got 2:56 sec in this video and ALL I heard about was you crying for attention. Well, you got it. Please, just write. Don’t speak. It totally takes away from the information you are presenting.

  • Kimberly Shaposka

    AMEN. Namaste. I see you, sister.

  • Philip Gheorghe

    I saw it in the news, but that article tried to make it sound like these guys all must have taken something without knowing what it is.

  • @mek@mekicox:disqus thanks, going to send you an email now while i’m on this page and remember! sounds good. would love to talk.

  • ozlanthos

    They think about saying something about it…. But then they reflect on the fact those scams also provided them with a really nice house, a nice car, a hot wife, a solid 401k, and a post-retirement (at 48) tour-circuit gig pulling down a solid 5-figure speaking fee per event, and they forget all about it.


  • G Clay

    “mass-poisoning by pot-brownies”. LOL

  • Elizabeth Mpelegeng Gueuma


  • — Agree, It appears the mainstream media in the USA is out of touch with existential values and humanity issues that form life views and quality. Hard to say if it is ignorance or intentional. Or both.

  • Because the thing happened in Germany, and we have our own police? SMH

  • Annie Finley Miller

    As an RN, I worked in hospitals and Healthcare for over 30 years. I also have the crappiest health imaginable. I was trained in traditional medicine. But I have to admit I have used homeopathic s a great deal in my personal life. I forget the exact statistics, but something like 90% of modern drugs come from a dozen plants and herbs. Case in point, Aspirin comes from white willow bark. Digitalis from Deadly Nightshade. In my own personal experience, when I ruptured 2 discs in my back, large doses of hydrocodone did nothing, however, the application of tincture of hypericum completely relieved my pain for hours. More recently, because of severe diabetes with insulin resistance , I was taking nearly a bottle of insulin plus pills a day and running a blood sugar of 600+ consistantly for 20 years.recently I began drinking pomegranate juice. My blood sugars are in the 120 range, and i take 32 units of insulin twice a day. That was the ONLY change. Now before I get pounced on, I don’t advocate anyone dump their doctor and suck on tree roots. This was just MY experience. But I believe there is a place for both homeopathic AND traditional western medicine. In China, when you go in the hospital, you get both a traditional western trained doctor as well as a homeopathic doctor. They work together to take care of the patient. I believe each has its benefits as well as drawbacks. On another note, I have read 2 different news stories recently about homeopaths dying in very suspicious ways.

  • diannep

    It is nice to know you are watching out for us… we are waiting, still waiting, oh now the idea is to combine pharma drugs to healthy eating and I mean very healthy eating.

  • Bret Munk


  • Bret Munk


  • Bret Munk

    Um..This is a multi-BILLION dollar industry.

  • Bret Munk


  • Bret Munk


  • BoBucks420

    Oh dear… health NUT is right!

    This is a COMPLETELY fabricated news story.

    Someone can just print anything and claim it’s true, which is EXACTLY what is happening here.

    The sad truth is that these internet holistic healers want to exploit you out of your hard earned money – just like everybody else – only they’ve chosen a very SICK way of going about it.

  • Amen ; ) I Just got back from Colorado where I filmed the medicinal dispensary owners, the growers, the kitchens, all the way from seed to the final product- which is medicinal products that help so many people i was in tears. It will be here on the site soon XO E

  • Actually, I’ve now had my friend interpret the German news videos AND articles (as he’s completely fluent in both German and English) and if you read the article above you’ll see they have no idea yet. From the Independent UK article “Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. That does not support the view that the people concerned took the hallucinogen knowingly.

    “One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it.”-
    ^^^ Pretty clear there from the German AND US news.

  • Actually. This is not true.
    I’ve had several articles interpreted and I think most people are smarter than to ASSume as you have. Even Independent UK changed their headline (which originally said that they were experimenting- not anymore. Your own German expert has said the following. I’ll actually wait for an investigation and would appreciate you do the same instead of badmouthing these Homeopathic practitioners – some of whom almost died (You need those in German or English? I have them as well as footage of them in hospital and some strapped down for their own safety and with life threatening conditions. It is hardly comparable to pot brownies and not at all funny. I do not appreciate the ASSumptions or jokes about it on my website either thank you

    “Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. That does not support the view that the people concerned took the hallucinogen knowingly.

    “One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it.”- See more at:

  • thanks. the German police agree with you . Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. That does not support the view that the people concerned took the hallucinogen knowingly.

    “One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it.”-

  • Yes we’ve had them all interpreted from videos to articles. Since you’ve posted all over my page with your Opinion- let me set you straight with some facts.

    Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. That does not support the view that the people concerned took the hallucinogen knowingly.

    “One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it.”

  • Unless you were at the scene I’d appreciate you stop sharing misinformation on my website as this is read by hundreds of thousands (this article) and millions overall. I have the video footage of the practitioners who had to be strapped DOWN so they did not harm themselves (this all in German interpreted for me) and some near death as German news reported. Granted there are conflicting reports but I find it very fishy you’ve covered my entire comment section downplaying the event when German news already said some had life threatening situations and footage shows them in hospital not in a good state. comparing it to pot brownies is insulting and feel free to go start your own news site but we don’t need your countless posts here spreading your own propaganda thanks. I’m quite aware from watching and reading every German report how serious it was. and the German Narcotics division official says it does NOT appear as if they took this knowingly because of the huge overdose.

    It appears you’ve written on most of my pages and many are very curious who are you are. I see you’re actually in Germany but again, start a website with your own opinions and I’ll stick the facts. Thanks

  • We’ll have to wait and see how the investigation plays out. I’ve updated it to show that top Narcotic German official doesn’t think this was done intentionally or even knowingly because of the HUGE OD but we’ll wait and see.

  • I’m not sure why I allow your comment to stay but now the sheer volume of your posts (and misinformation) definitely leads me to be highly suspicious and you’ve been blocked from posting your propaganda any more. Your lies that this was “half as serious as it said in the news” and omitting the fact that your own head of narcotics of Germany says he doesn’t believe they did this knowingly- it proof enough. I’ve had several write me asking who paid you to be here. I have no idea if you are but it’s obvious you have an agenda and spamming this page and others will NOT be tolerated. bye.

  • T H

    Please do continue your reseach with actual science and know that your “science” basically started out as a homeopathic and organic procedure for thousands of years. Duuuh I think that may have been mentioned in one of your textbooks.

  • ^^ This one has been banned for countless posts on here and an obvious agenda (and in Germany which is also curious) HE she fails to mention that one of the heads in the narcotic division said that it didn’t appear the doctors knowingly ingested this (but we shall see) and also to say it wasn’t “half as bad” as they say when I’m watching German TV footage that my friend is interpreting to me word for word of them in hospital and many tied down so they don’t hurt themselves and some ‘near death’ ? whatever happened this was hardly comparable to the pot brownie joke you made and I DO wonder who sent you hear to spam all my pages all over my sites from Germany (as you said you’re from and it appears you really are) That is the real question. Thankfully now you’re blocked and won’t spread your propaganda or whoever is having you spread it for them.

  • I used the headline directly off US NEWS .. .That’s what they called it. there are conflicting reports – some calling it an amphetamine, and others 2C-E (which isn’t LSD but is a chemical compound (I guess that part is obvious) i have no idea why they keep saying meth and amphetamines in titles of many major news outlets. that’s another part of the puzzle.

  • @bobucks420:disqus , wow for having a nice name you sure aren’t nice with libeling me on my own website. I’ve provided major sources such as US NEWS and World Report, Independent UK as well as other German TV SOURCES WITH FOOTAGE of the holistic practitioners in gurneys, IN hospital and many tied down for their own safety some in life threatening conditions. Being one of the top 20 health sites in the world I’ve proven myself with my truthful articles and just did a national TV show as the guest expert on the other series i broke on holistic doctors who died (many of whom we knew) You can bad mouth my colleagues and me all you like, but the story is true. Sad you have such a view on holistic doctors with your name and yin yang sign with the marijuana plant. Talk about irony . goodbye.. Sorry you were wrong and it is true and has hit national news quite heavily today.

  • thanks. yes i’m watching some german TV footage right now with someone who is fluent in German helping me out. feel free to post more as we do want the facts 🙂

  • hi @Ludmilla yes it’s Quick Time player’s screen recorder : ) I just open quick time and viola ; ) There it is 😉

  • I’ll have to send it over to them. they cover many of my stories and always give me credit. good people.

  • Why oh why has been blocked as he she has spammed my pages endlessly and says they are from Germany and appears to be- but you’ll notice in their LATER posts they admit that it could have been planted or a “prank” I am reading the same articles translated to me by a friend in German along with news footage of these poor doctors and practitioners. It was NOT painted as nothing more than an experiment and in the article you’ll see that one of the German heads of the narcotic division says that he can’t see how it could have been something they took purposefully or knowingly AT ALL as the overdose was quite big. I’ll probably never know but this German poster has quite the agenda spamming all my pages with half lies and truths 🙂

  • Pardon me? Which doctor? I wrote about 10 who died – many of whom we knew and were colleagues. Furthermore just did a national TV show on the subject as guest expert. That is not a lie and if you bothered to just read the story and look at the likes from US World Report , Independent UK etc (you just have to take your finger and hit CLICK) you’ll see that its real. I’m sorry you find it necessary to libel me but I’ve only stated facts – same with the 10 doctors who died series. I wish they weren’t dead and wish these people hadn’t been poisoned but they have. I’m sorry for your ignorance or mental challenges and hope you work those out. (but you’re getting banned for the libel bit 🙂 Namaste 🙂

  • Since you’ve written this on my page now 100x I’m not sure who sent you here to spam all my pages or if you’ve just taken it upon yourself but for 20 months of having this site you do win an award for posting the most on one story with the most misinformation 😉 Thanks we are aware (as i have to write under every one of your false and misleading posts that do not end) that your own expert and one of the heads of the Narcotic Dept in Germany doesn’t believe these people did this to themselves. that quote is in the article. I’ve elected to leave your countless harassing and spamming posts as evidence of your never ending posts and obvious agenda. Screen shots taken too. Peace 😉

  • PS and you’re blocked so we wont’ have another 200 lying posts from you tomorrow 🙂

  • Yes I have people watching it for me in German and translating it and I’ve seen the German TV news programs. I’d hardly call it interrogated but I’m guessing with your COUNTLESS posts that you’ve written you have an agenda. hence your being blocked and whoever sent you here or paid you – or if you really just post all day on here for free- best of luck but your lies and agenda in your countless spamming posts stops here. you are blocked.

  • 778878

    well that would explains monsatans war on bees

  • Michelle Boyle

    Yes…Keeping the body Alkaline is going to allow the body to stay free of disease and sickness! You can do this by dissolving a teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glass of water and drinking it after each meal or once a day. It’s brilliant!
    Oh and my friends 86 year old mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer 17 months ago. She was given 4-6 months to live. My friend bought the Tumeric / Currcumin Capsules and she has no sign whatsoever of cancer!…

  • Michelle Boyle

    Try Baking Soda in a glass of water once or twice a day. It’s a very cheap and effective way of keeping your body in an Alkaline state! You will have a huge clean-out and detox as your blood cells begin to un-stick and swim freely around your body at the speed they are meant too, whilst honing in on inflammation and doing their job to heal the body. Inflammation is the start of all Dis-ease whether it is a head cold or arthritis or Diabetes etc. This is why we need to be around 7.3 pH. I hope you feel better soon!

    Homeopathy is amazing!!! ‘Like cures Like’

    Sadly there are many who have found cures for cancer and sadly they have been knocked off! Keep it simple I say… Everything we require to live a happy life is right here on Mother Gaia. This is why Homeopathy works so well…and by the way, the reason Homeopathy may be perceived as nothing but a hoax, is because it is an energy medicine! This means there is nothing left of the substance but the energy of that potentised substance. Scientists can’t even get their heads around energy!!! (Not very bright are they), so they call it the Placebo Effect. If only they studied the philosophy!

    There is not much money to be made in Homeopathy and the reason being in many circumstances, is because Homeopathy does such a great job of curing and treating the cause on all levels, that the patients generally can’t remember why they actually needed the remedy in the first place. They have moved on in life and physical, emotional, mental problems fade away or change. There will always be layers and different circumstances which follows ones life, but they will use Homeopathy once again only if they understand what that remedy did for them before. It is a wonderfully life-changing Ancient system of medicine. That’s for sure!

  • Michelle Boyle

    Sadly there are many who have found cures for cancer and sadly they have been knocked off! Did it involve keeping the body Alkaline by any chance?

  • Vanessa Gale

    Thank you so much for that thoughtful reply. I was using baking soda for a while and I’m not sure when and why I stopped…. but thanks to your reminder I will restart 🙂

    I agree with you that we have all we need to stay healthy…. we just need to stop poisoning ourselves and everything around us. I also believe that natural therapies are the best recourse as well. We have so many wonderful natural options including homeopathy.

  • Robin

    They found a cancer cure here in Alberta, Google cancer cure found University of Alberta. No pharm corporation will do clinical trials on this drug as they won’t make money from it. They are not interested in cures only customers!

  • Michelle Boyle

    Hi. Can I just share my experiences when going to Homeopathic Conferences in NZ (many Homeopathic Practitioners from New Zealand have been all over the world to these Conferences and I have never ever Heard of anything like this!) When we go, we are there to learn about methodologies and certain topics regarding our case taking as well as learning about new remedies etc. We never ever go to test or try out remedies or substances!
    If we are going to test a new substance, it is called a proving, in which the substance taken is a safe mother tincture (not in potencised form). I have been an over-seer of these proving s before. The healthy subjects doing the proving have to be over seen by a mentor for a few weeks to monitor everything that goes on in their daily lives, from urination, appetite, cravings, aversions, sleep, dreams, habits, etc etc etc… it is very thorough and very safe, taking into everything into consideration!! There has never ever been a proving done that I am aware of that has put any harm to anyone! Therefore, my gut and knowledge tells me it was not something that any Homeopath would partake in! I am not sure about Naturopaths taking herbs in raw form, but I am sure they use safe methods also.
    What I find coincidental, is that with the Syrians coming into Germany needing help with health and wellbeing and that there would be many many Homeopaths and Naturopaths there in Germany treating people from the kindness of their hearts and not for money. Food for thought.

  • Starte Christ


  • Alan Brunton

    Was Bill Cosby around?

  • AnotherLover

    Now THAT is interesting. I would love to learn more. Plus I love to write, and this sounds like a project I could help with. At any rate I’d love to learn more and hope to hear more about it.

  • PJ London

    Thanks Health Nut, as both a Healer and a Nut I am crazy about your name. Do you have a mailing list to notify of updates or news, If so please add me me, or point me to the “button”

  • AtomicMetroid

    Strange this isn’t being covered by Zionist news medias. /sarcasm

  • Nick Mavrick

    Hilarious. I appreciate your point of view and I know that you who are conducting the science are not a malevolent, conspiratorial force for evil….but….somewhere between your point of view and Meki’s lies the actual truth. I DO, in fact, put coconut oil all over the place (I am, after all, a CNTP), but I recognize that the spirit of medical research is beneficent. Unfortunately, those who do the lab work and those who administer the drugs to the suffering ill are not the same as those who fund the work and rake in the insane profits. Those people are not in the business of “curing” people. I don’t want you to think that I am being confrontational, but it feels like, in terms of cancer research, we cannot see the trees for the forest. Of course, of course there are MANY different types of cancers and of course they will not all respond to the same treatments, but….cancers all need an acidic environment and some tasty sugars upon which to feed in order to proliferate. Taking those 2 things away has been pretty successful in a LOT of documented cases. This treatment is virtually free…something that giant corporations that employ thousands of people doing cancer research and administration of treatment simply could not survive without a major reorganization at great expenser. So, yes, I think that they are fighting back. Did they do this? Doubt it…..but maybe. Saying, “YES they did you idiot!!” or “NO they did not you idiot!!” is in no way productive to these 29 people or the millions who are suffering out there of degenerative diseases (most of which, I, for one, believe can be mitigated if not outright resolved with nutrition). Speaking in absolutes is rarely productive.

  • The real America

    This is concerning, especially with the recent death of several alternative practioners across the states. Appears that someone is targeting this group of doctors.

  • Luna

    Any updates on this??

  • BT

    Cancer was cured by NOBEL PRIZE WINNER
    Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931. Good luck on your quest there.

  • BT

    Or like one of my relatives who actually IS a research scientists for cancer/leukemia (unlike the catz putz above), who reported his findings in support of Otto Warburg’s 1931 research and they stuck him in a microscopy lab and relegated him to a nobody.

  • BT

    Oh why, it’s more fun and profitable for them to cross-mix disparate DNA’s for our food supply and then get to go do research on why all the bees are dying shortly after GMO’s were introduced into the environment. LOL!

  • Perrito Del Mar

    Here’s the problem… you do the scientific work that THEY tell you to do… it’s their money and you’re their byotch. So no, you probably don’t get much R&D money for cures… just treatments to keep the wheel spinning. Go peddle your BS somewhere else. We believe science just not a stack of bullsh*t. eating healthy is preventative medicine. Anyone that “puts coconut oil on whooping cough” should be Darwined out anyway. There IS a middle of the road here… eat healthy organic foods to make your body strong and healthy… but if you get sick take your damn medicine and see a doctor. Why is EVERYTHING these days a form of extremism?

  • Natalie

    Science is a beautiful reality ad is some said research but there is a gray area that is corrupt…”western medicine” is appropriate for some health ailments but definitely not a “better” treatment for everything. Perhaps opening your mind up and educating yourself on methods Hippocrates and the great ancients paracticed would enlighten and expand your viewpoint. Again it is not black and white, sadly most folks including yourself are conditioned and extreme with a narrow viewpoint.

  • FlumoxedOne

    From the MSDS for Benzene: Eye: Causes eye irritation.
    Skin: Causes skin irritation. Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Prolonged and/or repeated contact may cause defatting of the skin and dermatitis.
    Ingestion: May cause central nervous system depression, characterized by excitement, followed by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. Advanced stages may cause collapse, unconsciousness, coma and possible death due to respiratory failure. May cause effects similar to those for inhalation exposure. Aspiration of material into the lungs may cause chemical pneumonitis, which may be fatal.
    Inhalation: Causes respiratory tract irritation. May cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, and central nervous system depression. Exposure may lead to irreversible bone marrow injury. Exposure may lead to aplastic anemia. Potential symptoms of overexposure by inhalation are dizziness, headache, vomiting, visual disturbances, staggering gait, hilarity, fatigue, and other symptoms of CNS depression.
    Chronic: May cause bone marrow abnormalities with damage to blood forming tissues. May cause anemia and other blood cell abnormalities. Chronic exposure to benzene has been associated with an increased incidence of leukemia and multiple myeloma (tumor composed of cells of the type normally found in the bone marrow). Immunodepressive effects have been reported. This substance has caused adverse reproductive and fetal effects in laboratory animals.

  • QuibONO

    What makes most sense:
    It’s a trade off between $$ and their loved ones. They prefer money.

  • Marlene

    My alternative doctor had a supposed heart attack… 9 alternative doctors died… There are cures that mainstream medicine doesn’t want the public to know about… I am breast cancer free for 22 years… There is a cure for cancer, but it isn’t a money maker!!!

  • Babz Covington

    be nice if they studied why so much cancer eh ? better living through chemistry . but do you think one the science started comi g in they still made more chemicals to poison us all ? would it be that deep ?

  • BoBucks420

    The only footage I see here is of you yourself actually reading this article out loud and describing the pictures that you see.

    You know why?

    Because that’s the only footage that exists of this fabricated story.

  • Koolz

    Yes the War on Holistic Healing just took a Huge Turn! Time for real investigations on the Murders and now the poisoning of these people.
    But the answers to all these events might not be what people want to hear. In other words you might not like hearing who is behind these Big Pharma industries and what they are tied to, you might not want to hear who is paying who.
    Is it the same war as the War on Holistic Healing of Cancer? FDA approved.

  • DQ

    You don’t believe Cat is because it doesn’t fit with your narrative and you are prepared to be unscientific and cherry pick results to flatter your biases.
    That should have been you reply, I’m a biased idiot!

  • DQ

    Cat, you are right. These people believe in a silly dream world where big pharma wants you dead. They are spoiled and lucky to be living in a world of such privilege – and don’t know any better. They are pathetic!

  • Carol

    would love a copy too look me up on facebook and message me.

  • Joy Wall Spradley

    Any list yet of the docs that were there or injured? Prob privacy policy :/

  • Conspiracies upon conspiracies upon conspiracies, until the truth is so far buried that no one would believe it…..

  • James Fenton III

    This is not included in any news agency, even the BBC has much more important stuff to cover, like the chicken that “Lived” for many months after losing it’s head.

    Actually, Paul Stamet’s did cure his mother from terminal cancer, she was riddled with tumors, given 3 months to live and is in complete remission after taking “Turkey tail Mushrooms” for 6 months. She had tumors that were erupting through her skin, and had spread throughout her system, and yet she lives.
    There’s money behind all this, the Medical practitioners are all about money, everything is about money these days.
    Doesn’t surprise me to see it either. Money is the root of all evil, and we as a society worship money.
    The truth is with Fukushima, and the dumping of cooling water into the Pacific Ocean nothing really surprises me anymore.

    Even Monsanto’s gene splicing, they don’t know the root code for DNA, so how could they do anything but screw it up?

    It’s like having your plumber reprogram your PC, he doesn’t know the code, so things won’t ever get fixed.
    The best thing he can do is leave it alone, but he want’s to get paid for “Repairing” your PC, so it’s all about Money……Not what works, and certainly not the truth, that’s for sure.
    Big Pharma has lied to everyone, medical Marijuana has so many applications, and meet’s or exceeds Big Pharmas best effort’s, just because they could not patent it, they had to try and stomp it out of existence. Marijuana is just one material, out of hundreds of natural materials that had medicinal effect. Yet they couldn’t make money, and they were okay with millions of people dying due to their greed.
    So what’s wrong with all this? We live in a world where we had everything we needed, including cures for everything, and “Mankind” or Big Pharma decided they wanted to make money, and retain the right to a monopoly over medicinal cures.
    I think that covers why thirty Homeopathic Practitioners being poisoned is being held as a secret.

  • not yet. we’re waiting and hopefully soon. NONE have been released that i can find in German or US news.

  • It’s on Washington post MSN Business Insider and all over now. a few were even kind enough to credit me (shockingly)

  • It’s on the front of Washington Post, MSN, and Business Insider and tons of footage if you’d click on the links. Please, don’t libel me – because you really just make your self look even stupid (er)

  • Dear authorities: if you’re reading my page and the naturopaths don’t know how this happened? I’d suggest researching this person above ^^^^^^> they have spammed me endlessly (and say they are from Germany- that appears to be true) I think they might hold some of the answers as I don’t personally think they’re just some normal reader. thanks

  • it was just on the front of the Washington Post. I only post the truth and have proven myself many times over. Even some mainstream sources listed me as a source which i appreciate.

  • not yet . we are waiting . hopefully some come forward soon.

  • ^^^ again if authorities are reading? this person has posted so endlessly on my pages that many think they are more than a mere reader and they say they are in Germany. I’d check them out and see what THEY know about this. (because i think it’s a hell of a lot more than they say on their endless frightening amount of posts on my pages)

  • Thank you so much. agreed. we’ll have to wait what they say… Even the head narcotic expert I quoted in the article (IN Germany) agrees with you xo Erin Elizabeth

  • Thor

    Interesting how Snopes has already “debunked” this story, calling HealthNutNews an “unreliable alternative health web site”.

  • Joy Wall Spradley

    Thank you Erin!

  • Douglas Thorburn

    Why? a. Money … no research can be done without financial support.

  • Naming homeopaths as doctors is like naming a fruitfly a cook.

  • BoBucks420

    There’s definitely something sketchy about this story and more to the point – the way you’ve presented it.

    It hasn’t shown up on any major news sites that I frequent which of course your readers would link to some kind of vague overarching illuminati plot.

    I’m just gonna leave it at that cause I don’t have any more time to deal with your conspiracy theorist bullshit.

  • Hi PJ yes it’s you get my book too for free. I must be nuts 🙂

  • Hi Cat. Seriously I know too many researchers, scientists and doctors who have been paid or told to shut up and not present what they have found. To ignore negative, focus on positive appearance and to ignore anything that runs down the rabbit hole. Regardless if it could kill sone one or not. If you are truly a researcher, clinical specialist, scientists or doctor, you’d be lying if you said any different. Unless you happen to have a double chromosome in there.

  • Mars Sirius

    When you mentioned coconut oil…right then I knew you was brainwashed. Your handlers will never allow you to produce a cure to most of those diseases….I guarantee you….if you go rogue, and, say you have a cure for whatever disease…They will murder you within a week if not sooner….

  • Gagné Annika

    You are a psychopath narcissist. Pretending to be an expert on every damn subject most of which you haven’t a clue about. Biggest fraud I have ever come across honestly. You delete any people’s commentary which is not in your favor or makes you look like you are not so in the know on certain topics. You are a nut for sure. Complete self serving all about image and views psycho. You really need to be exposed so that your big horseshit sham is put to an end forever. How dare you degrade people all over who question things you discuss or who wish to offer you helpful information that you refuse because you think you already know EVERYTHING about everything! Wow Erin gain some humility can’t keep serving your ego in the ways you do. It is a sickness and nothing more!

  • John Smith

    Cat Unfortunately you “Scientists” are controlled by money just like all the rest. You “Scientists” haven’t found a single cure for a single major disease in 150 years. No cures, but maybe something to just help you feel a little better for a short while until you buy your next fix. You dance to the tune of money same as all the Colleges, Universities, and Medical research centers. And those “Scientists” that don’t dance get snuffed out just like recently when the 10 “Scientists” who were researching GcMAF all came up missing or their dead bodies were found after mutilation and torture.

  • Gagné Annika

    You are a psychopath narcissist. Pretending to be an expert on every damn subject most of which you haven’t a clue about. Biggest fraud I have ever come across honestly. You delete any people’s commentary which is not in your favor or makes you look like you are not so in the know on certain topics. You are a nut for sure. Complete self serving all about image and views psycho. You really need to be exposed so that your big horseshit sham is put to an end forever. How dare you degrade people all over who question things you discuss or who wish to offer you helpful information that you refuse because you think you already know EVERYTHING about everything! Wow Erin gain some humility can’t keep serving your ego in the ways you do. It is a sickness and nothing more!

  • @Bobucks@bobucks420:disqus More to the point?? A minute ago you were saying I was lying and made it up and you lied and said no other footage exists on it when there are tons of links IN the article that will take you to pictures of the event in national and international mainstream news. Actually you’re lucky I don’t sue your ass for libel. Telling me my story is fake. I guess you don’t read the Guardian, Washington Post, Business Insider, Telegraph, or any other mainstream news as this has been reported wide and far.

  • @gagn@gagnannika:disqus ah which profile are you acting under now? I definitely will report your general information to the authorities as well. I cannot provide them with your IP Address and email (that is just for my eyes to see) but will make a suggestion they check you out as well. I’ve never stated any conclusion until the investigation is complete. I think they need to check you out since foul play was indicated and you too have now harassed me at several of my pages on this story. Are you connected to it? And I broke the stories on the holistic doctors who died (knew many of them) and broke this story too – to the health community. Making a report about you right now. Good luck! PS I see you made this profile JUST to post on this story . wow! even more reason they should check out your harassing suspicious pathetic stalking self as you’ve harassed me over on Facebook too. Good luck Annika!

  • If you bothered to actually to read you’d see that the articles (both German and English) explain there were doctors as well as naturopaths. So sorry to burst your bubble there were doctors there too who were involved say the news sources.

  • Sad that the pathetic liar who wrote this is the same who wrote the last one trying to debunk me, got her FACTS wrong and proved herself to be a big fat liar when she got caught giving wrong information (ha trying to snope ME?) and i snoped her instead. Watch it. learn. I’ve posted nothing but the facts and the mainstream sources said poisoned, that’s where i got my information and never have I posted anything unreliable or false…

  • DQ

    Of course the people you know how have been paid off are telling you over the Internet. There
    not people you have met in person who can validate their stories and
    credentials. There is no conspiracy…unless however you are a shill
    working for “big oganica”!!

  • Prof_M

    Sounds phoney to me. But I’ll withhold judgment until The Onion verifies.

  • Guest

    Hm. Apparently Snopes doesn’t understand the vetting process. This story is corroborated by a major German publication, what more proof is needed?

  • Thor

    Don’t shoot the messenger now (though the post’s meaning may get lost in translation), I love your site. Snopes have proven themselves to be agenda driven liars many times over.
    The “interesting” thing is: why did they rush to “debunk” a news story that’s not even in the world news (much) and that isn’t really going conspiracy – viral (yet).
    Waiting for your (trustworthy) updates.

  • Guest

    Thank you for reporting on this. Very disturbing news concerning Naturopath’s the last few months. I’m sure someone will find a money trail for these crimes, then all that’s left to do is follow it…

  • Actually, I don’t think you have any idea who I am or who I deal with. Again, I believe you to be CAT or just another Troll. Good luck.

  • DQ – world of privilege. Hmmmm. Interesting. I suggest then that you explain why the government ordered vaccines in California? Oh – did you perchance notice that the ahem… signer on that bill had just been paid in stocks? Oh no… really – or how Merck has admitted to sending HIV tainted medicines to other countries, or admitted that their MMR is not what it is cracked up to be.. or the fact that medicines are made illegal only after the generic option is available? Or so many other things. Sure… there might be a real pharma company out there that means well… But they won’t survive. Not for long. I mean… you are watching natural doctors who were advising a specific natural cure – are dying left and right? Hmmmm no… you’re not paying attention. Go on DQ Continue to be a troll… you are Cat and you have no way of proving anything against what I just posted.

  • Ludger Cat and DQ are possibly the same individual. All in all – trolls. Look Ludger – follow the money trail on any clinical trial or research. Learn what is really going on. Doctors are basically a paid MLM program or affiliate program.

  • DQ

    I can promise Im not cat. All I did was defend her/him as I completely
    agree with that view. This silly way you people deal with dissent is
    very telling. So far Ive been called cat, a troll and a shill for big
    pharma!! That way you don’t have to deal with what were saying. Very
    cheap tactic but it saves you taking apart the logic of my statements
    that any critical thinker would have to do. This is the problem with
    conspiracies, I can easily say you are working for a shady branch of a
    big organic conglomerate! Now to use pinko logic you now have to prove
    you’re not a agent!

  • DQ

    Ahh because vaccines work? All independent science agrees.
    How the hell do i know you’re not susandaytoday? She keep replying nonsensically to my posts…you are her aren’t you! What about the thousands of deaths (like how Steve Jobs was assassinated) that occur by quacks peddling natural remedies to gullible people? All companies make errors. You are holding them to such a high standard that every fall is treated as evidence of a conspiracy. With that dynamic in place its no wonder youbelieves this nonsense about conspiracies and agents from “big pharma”. If you disagree take apart what Im saying with logic dont just say “youre cat and big pharma is evil!!!”

  • No – I think you are CAT, because you’re anonymous like Cat, backed up a non-reality statement… and you’re tossing potentially anger evoking statements like “pinko logic”, which determine your troll status. Simply you’re here – on this website – to argue – that which is being proven by science and fact. Yet, you’re holding on to the brainwashed version as if it is your liferaft, as if it is your only argument. You have no argument here. You do not have the facts. If you believe Pharma is kind, generous, makes great drugs, is looking still for the cure and is for the people… Then you are absolutely stuck in a mindset that has been handed to you, provided to you, and you cannot logically clear the reality fog away, because it is uncomfortable to look at the world and realize it is one big dirty, mobster run place, and you’re just a pawn in their game of financial success. That they do not care about curing people because it makes them no money. That Pharma has consistently turned away real cures, because they are too inexpensive, and will not provide investors money… That Pharma only wants treatments instead of cures, because there is only a one time price for the cure… That pharma controls and manipulates laws, medical protocol and much more… If you don’t realize this… Then perhaps you should start researching everything. Follow the money trail, pay attention to the real details, maybe ask questions of your bosses, see how fast you get fired.

    I don’t know… but what I do know is that people are dying… needlessly.

    I suppose one way to look at it – is Here are TWO PILLS… take one.

    You have apparently taken the one that leads you to believe that reality is the conspiracy — and the conspiracy is the reality.

    WAKE UP.

  • DQ

    Thanks for not dealing with my core disagreements. I suspected as much! I got here from a FB link via David Wolfes page – for the last time im not cat and if i were what does it matter anyway? You take down what people say not who they are. You are emotionally immature to think its relevant. As i said I trust pill companies (even though they fail) because their output is quantifiable, falsifiable and testable. Its interdependently verified by the same scientists that tell me we evolved and figured out physics. Their is no room for snake oil to slip through by quacks peddling bison semen to cure scoliosis.

  • DQ

    Are you going to reply “Susan”?

  • DQ

    So the 4 or 5 other people agreeing with cat are all her?! Great way to not have to deal with criticism! Trust me, trolls aren’t as well worded as me. I genuinely disagree but wasting my breath as you are not a logical person. One day you might grow up and have a proper debate rather throwing unfalsifiable platitudes!

  • @Paul Stewart- I think you lost your ability to read AND think. I cite the source (US News & World Report) right in the article. Not only do i quote the article with a big nice quote- I link it! I’ve actually just been quoted on The Guardian and The Independent UK (in top 500 sites in the world) I’m a top health site myself too. Did Health Nut News lose credibility for doing their job right? No. I think the only one who just lost credibility? You. But I’ll accept an apology for your libeling though and call it a day….. You’re welcome. the link you couldn’t see because you obviously didn’t read ..

  • Actually the U.S. News and world report link is posted RIGHT in the article (along with a substantial quote) which shows your ineptitude, failure to read and rudeness. As far as credibility? Health Nut News is very credible. Looks like you are the one who just lost your credibility libeling me.

  • Wow not sure why my comments don’t show up here but A) US News and World report is cited RIGHT in the article with a substantial quote. I just did a national TV show on the subject and am very credible. The only one who lost their credibility here is YOU with your libeling comment. Here’s the link you were too inept to find. You’re welcome.

  • The article is not only LINKED in the article you couldn’t be bothered to read, but there is a substantial quote. Since you’re so incredibly inept not to find it on the site OR right in the article where you posted? Here it is. The only one who lost their credibility is you with your libelous post.

  • Since you could not be bothered to read my article WITH the US News and World report link AND quote and are too inept to see it on their site. here it is. The only one who lost any credibility here is you with your libelous post. I have one of the top 20 health sites on the web and you’re welcome for the link you say doesn’t exist.

  • Since you could not be bothered to read my article WITH the US News and World report link AND quote and are too inept to see it on their site. here it is. The only one who lost any credibility here is you with your libelous post. I have one of the top 20 health sites on the web and you’re welcome for the link you say doesn’t exist. (oh and i was just quoted as the source for this story by sites bigger than US News too) FYI

  • Sinceyou cannot see the US News link RIGHT in the article (you obviously didn’t bother to read) nor can you find it right on US New’s site? let me link it here for you. The only credibility that was lost is by you and your ineptitude. I’ll let your libelous comment slide though and call it a day. A lucky day for you. Oh here’s that article that you say doesn’t exist.

  • Paul Stewart, Since you could not be bothered to read my article with the actual link right in the story to US News and World report link (not to mention a substantial quote and link) And you’re obviously too inept to see it on their site? here it is. The only one who lost any credibility here is you with your libelous post. I have one of the top 20 health sites on the web, just did a tv show on the subject and sites much bigger than US News have quoted me the last few days as the source. Here’s that article you said doesn’t exist lol Have a great day with your insults which must be embarrassing when you’re called out on your ineptitude.

  • Since my comment will NOT show up in response to Paul Stewart I’ve taken the liberty of a screen shot.

  • Yes as I thought? You crawled back under your rock. I was just quoted in the Independent UK today and it’s in every mainstream news source out there. Sigh… ah haters gonna hate (and lie 🙂

  • it’s on the front of every major newsite if you’d bother to read the article

  • Thor I know. The woman even put my link up with some “danger” link to my site. They really are evil biased and lied right on their site. how can they be called a debunking site when they have to be debunked with their sad mistakes? LOL 🙂

  • Thanks! yes i was very sad to break the news of those doctors we knew. I agree some were working with GcMAF, but I don’t think they all were (just my humble opinion 🙂

  • Jeff_Bell

    There are lots of doctors and other practitioners working on and with GcMAF. That does not seem to be enough to draw a great deal of heat at this point from the FDA or those who might be engaged in violently protecting the monopoly of Big Pharma. What does seem to be enough to draw ruthless suppression and ultimate violence is any attempt to prove that at least some of the vaccines currently being all but forced on people contain nagalase.

    If that were proven, conclusively, it has the potential to crash Big Pharma’s monopoly and likely to lead to severe criminal penalties for many of the execs of Big Pharma. With stakes that high, none of the behavior of Big Pharma should be that surprising.

    At this point, I th8ink there is much we do not know. And most of what is known is not public knowledge and much is unproven. That is why I am calling for a fully independent investigation. That is really the next step in getting to the bottom of this.

  • lol no surprise I guess that comment shut you up? I at least expected a reply when you clearly were wrong and it was right on the front of US NEWS all along.

  • See here is the problem. You believe in companies that only make money if there is something wrong with you. How is it in their financial gain in general life for them if you are healthy? All of them are in lawsuits. I won’t trust a pharmaceutical company until they uphold to the laws of if their product kills or maims someone they face legal repercussions loke a murderer would. Can you imagine how many CEOS wpuld quit their jobs if that was enforced?

    But seriously. You have every right to believe whatever you wish to believe in whether I agree with your opinion. I would suggest however that you spend some time looking up fat and information and research how pharmaceutical companies started, the history they have and the legal issues they have.

    If you aren’t aware of it, most are very dirty. Do they do good things… sure. Like I said I would not want to have a surgery without pharmaceutical medicines. I would not want to be I’ll without antibiotocs. But I absuty understand they make profit over care of humans. And if you are unaware of that then you are beyond naive.

  • Your core disagreements are not logical. Human health is conditioned by their dna, food intake and environment period.

    Pharmaceutical companies which are shareholder operated which requires stock dividends, (borrowed money to make more money on the hopes of those who purchase the stocks and expect their investment to pay back which if it does not, the stockholder can sell out which can crumble the company… you don’t think people just donate money to the stocks of companies do you?) Are held to the stockholder desire to make profit.

    There have been many cures found for many disease that are inexpensive, healthy and safe but that cost only pennies to make and that does not meet stockholder requirements. These are not ***quack*** medicines and if you’ve been brainwashed to think pharmaceutical medicines are the only things that can cure, treat or provide health, then you must have forgotten that humans have existed for many centuries without them. Natural is always best. In fact a lot of pharmaceutical medicines are made from natural items. But packaged in oil by products.

    There have been many drugs created that have killed, destroyed, damaged people… and those that cause issues further down the road… who is held accountable for this?

    When they are held accountable, then I will take a second look at my opinions of them.but know this… you’re foolish of you think they want a healthy world.

  • Stefan Mayer

    Sorry to say, but this is a big misunderstanding and mistranslation!

    How many of you speak german and have read the original articles in the german news? Well I have and although investigation is still in process right now it looks like this people have taken the psychedelic phenethylamine 2c-e voluntarily and overdosed. So calm down for now until the final findings of the investigation are published. Just for now it seems to be no poisoning but a bad trip for 29 persons.

    This sentence is simply a wrong translation: ” they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug”. What Torsten Passie was really saying is THAT IT WOULD SEEM that they did not properly understand what they where taking and what the effects and potential dangers would be. Big difference!

    And yes, a criminal investigation is underway, but this investigation is filed against this 29 people for causing a big scale rescue operation!

    So why is there no investigation for a culprit? Why is the police considering charging this 29 people for the cost created by the emergency operation? Why is the owner of the place prosecuting this people for damaging her property and reputation? Why is there not even a word about a possible crime?

  • Yes Stefan, Actually I have a German translator who has translated SEVERAL articles over the weekend which I’ll be posting. The MOST I can get is that they thought they took something relaxing before a Yoga or Meditation class but PLEASE show me where ONE single practitioner has admitted to knowingly taking a drug that nearly killed some of them (remember, I’ve read all the articles I’ve been given in German and English) I cannot find one single one where they say they knowingly took a hallucinogen that ended up sending many to hospital for days- in constraints no less. Hey if you have new articles I don’t? email them to the contact page on this site (That is me) and I’ll be happy to read them. A picture of German newspaper does just fine as we have a 100% fluent German translator right here locally who has been translating for me.

  • Errr. uhm.. no. In fact every single human being is uniquely different and each disease or illness is uniquely different, and thus, the pharmaceutical industry making all one kind of pill for everyone, is in, effect, simply ridiculous. But hey – you just said that yourself… didn’t you?

  • BoBucks420

    So… any updates on this story or should we just assume it was an illuminati plot as most of your readers do anyway?

    I mean, it IS your opinion and implication in that these people were inentionally poisoned?

    That’s definitely the sort of accusation that demands a swift follow up

    As for it being spread far and wide well that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

    I had to Google the heck out of it and even then it only shoes

  • Wow. You sure can’t read and have a propensity for lying. First you said the story was fake. (Lie) now you say that I think they were intentionally poisoned? (another LIE) If you bothered to actually READ the piece you’d see that I say I have NO idea if it was intentional (same in the video) My OPINION is that I have no idea. Come back when you aren’t going to libel me and actually read my articles. I bet you don’t have the GUTS to post again after I write this. Let’s wait and see.

  • BoBucks420

    The way you present your story here heavily implies that it was an intentional poisoning.

    After all, if it weren’t intentional it would be an entirely different kind of story and probably not one you’d want to spread the word about.

    The fact that you imply it was intentional without directly stating or proving it is just another one of those little ‘warning signs’ that had me initially convinced that the story was entirely fabricated.

    Questioning the legitimacy of what I read online is actually a sign of intelligence whereas if I didn’t question it – THAT would be ignorance.

    Fortunately for you, most of your readers seem to willingly go along with your implication and believe in flaky unfounded conspiracy theories.

    So I ask you again – do you have an update on this story?

    Perhaps this time you could refrain from insulting me and leave my family, personal habits and geographical location out of it.

  • DQ

    Yes and DNA and you environment can make you sick and hence the need for vaccines and medicine and doctors. I dont see this as being a strong point.

    There is nothing wrong with the profit motive. Capitalist countries with private pharmaceutical companies produce more cures than
    their state owned equivalents in controlled countries. Also, pointing out the mechanism of company finances doesn’t mean what they make is bad. This is a fallacy. Much is made of vaccines being ineffective and only exist to make money, but vaccines
    make a fraction of a percent of something like Viagra or Lipotor. Plus vaccines are frequently generic, so there is fuck all money really in making them (contrary to popular belief). If there was a conspiracy, they’d be better of not vaccinating people and selling medication to treat diseases.

    This is a list of diseases cured or preventable because of vaccines; cholera, rabies, tetanus, typhoid fever, bubonic plague, diphtheria, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, pertussis (whooping-cough), yellow fever, typhus, influenza, polio, Japanese encephalitis, anthrax, adenovirus-4 and 7, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, pneumonia (Streptococcus pneumoniae), meningitis (Neisseria meningitidis), hepatitis B , Haemophilus influenzae type b (HiB), hepatitis A, Lyme disease, human papillomavirus and rotavirus.This is all thanks to medical companies, independent scientists and universities.

    The companies are usually held accountable in any good system. When people do get sick or die the company stand to loose billions in settlements and legal fees. This is why companies are paranoid about independently testing the fuck out of their treatments. Now who’s accountable with the thousands of deaths a year that happen with natural remedies? No one!! Like
    the snake-oil peddler who assassinated Steve Jobes. No accountability what so ever.

  • You did not question. You stated as a fact that it was a fake article because of your arrogance and ignorance. I’m sharing this thread with so many who are laughing at it. Why don’t you quit while you’re ahead? You can read the article anyway you want. I only state facts and don’t suggest or imply anything.

  • BoBucks420


    Well you’ve gracefully complied with ONE of my requests – to leave my family, personal habits and geographical location out of further posts.

    However, you’ve gone right on insulting me and apparently shared this thread with ‘so many’ who are all laughing at it?

    No doubt another one of your embellished exaggerations.

    As for my third and most important request – an update on the story?


    I should have expected as much from you.

    Do let me know when you ‘get to the bottom of this’.

  • Genius. You’re wrong again. I’ve done an update and translated article from German which are on the site with pics from the German papers. Boy you are truly dense. I feel sorry for you. I don’t have to leave anything out of this post. I’ll say what i please. I haven’t mentioned your family members either and with the trail you leave running your mouth on the internet? Your details speak for themselves.

  • BoBucks420

    Hmm… the only ‘update’ I see is right here on this page and it’s ten days old.

    Anyways, it doesn’t matter.

    I’ve seen your Facebook page and ‘news’ site and it’s obvious that you’re a conspiracy theorist who irresponsibly perpetuates a preposterous plot that holistic healers are being clandestinely murdered by some pharmaceutical Illuminati.

    Absolute rubbish.

    And yes, you did mention my family two posts above, it’s plain to see.

  • Jim Park

    There are many cures which Pharmaceutically finaced Medical practice deliberately ignores. I suggest you read about Harry Hoxsey, Royal Raymond Rife and Rene Caisse. Ask yourself why they had to undergo the persecution they suffered.

  • Ryan

    A lot of foods and herbs are very effective at treating certain conditions. Pharmaceutical drugs kill thousands of people every year. Have you never watchEd a commercial on tv? Pharmaceutical companies suppress information. All you guys want is people to buy your expensive drugs that only treat symptoms and don’t solve anything long term. And that’s if people don’t get horrid and possibly life threatening side effects. And by the way coconut oil is a lot better than all the chemicals you mix in a lab to make a drug that you can patent and make money off of people’s suffering. I hope you sleep well at night knowing the stuff you cook up makes people worse more than it helps them.

  • SabiJ

    axeecutioner. Seriously, think about it. ALL mainstream media is owned by only a half dozen companies, which in turn is owned by people like Rupert Murdoch & others who don’t actually want any facts reported or printed. Also they all support Big Pharma, and Big Pharma certainly doesn’t want this reported. It’s a no-brainer as to why this is not all over the news.

  • SabiJ

    well, 6.4 billion is chump change compared to the money Big Pharma, hospitals, and doctors make (not to mention the CEOs who run these supposed “non-profit” companies, who all make 6 & 7 figure incomes while fleecing the public and cutting corners), I’m sure that number is in the TRILLIONS and makes that 6.4 billion look like pocket change.

  • Psychonaut Scott

    whoever did this wasn’t trying to murder the doctors, there are for more effective poisons. 2c-e isn’t benign but you would have to take quite a lot to die from it. This was clearly a fear tactic. Killing people is messy. This sends a message.

  • IHC

    I would like to volunteer my services needing translation from German to English or vice versa. I am fluent in reading, speaking, writing the german language. I would love to help.

  • BT

    I’ve been an herbalist for well over 25 years and there hasn’t been an imbalance that hasn’t done well on my herbal regimens, with the exception of the genetic disorders. Herbs work in general for maintaining health on a daily basis. Drugs/surgeries can save lives but I think they should stop at that point and let Alternative health care providers take care of the day to day health issues. Let us call the AMA if we need them. This way we wouldn’t have so many needlessly full hospitals and emergency rooms, so many needless surgeries, and so many needless prescription drugs or unnecessary vaccines, (oops I just bothered somebody’s billion $ bottom line!). LOL! Herbalists are cheap so we’ll never be rich and we know it. So we are in it because we can make a difference, not because we can sell a product to a person for 10$ a pill, or $20,000 per surgery as a minimum, or $1000 per emergency room visit base cost. Just a silly idea from a silly old herbalist.

  • BT

    yes – they all do this with the exception of Black Salve. And another note of interest…virus can’t live in alkalinity either, or sunlight/ultraviolet lights and are extremely delicate when not in a host – so easy to keep them at bay with good sanitation. This is why the ebola virus is treated primarily with oxygen and alkalizing solutions followed with the useless antibiotics (WHO/CDC general standard of care stuff).

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Plus, there’s always that old saying: “Do no harm.” Homeopathy docs and herbalists definitely abide by it.

  • bonniebluejeanne

    The Rockefellers had to destroy those early 1900’s doctors’ reputations with the public and run them out of town before they could get their super-moneymaker – drugs – in place to fool the people. Almost every drug is based on petro-chemicals, and the power elites didn’t care whose reputations they ruined, as long as they could make their millions!!

  • bonniebluejeanne

    I don’t blame the MD’s – they want to cure their patients, but Big Pharma says, it MUST be thru drugs, nothing on a natural or nutrition basis. They’ve tied doctors’ hands and made the public not trust them anymore.

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Kim, they already knew how medicinal cannabis was – even that far back. That’s why they had to scare the public of how dangerous it was!! They spent multiple millions on films about the dangers of marijuana and hemp. Literally millions of people wouldn’t have had to suffer awful deaths if only they let people grown their own plants, juice it, put it in salads, and yes smoke it (much better than alcohol)!!! They should all burn in hell for keeping God’s most useful and medicinal plant out of the hands of the public for over a century!!

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Now we have to worry about Monsanto genetically engineering the cannabis and hemp seeds which will end up poisoning us along with all the other seeds they make farmers buy!!!

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Wanna bet that these GMO mosquitos they intend to release in Florida will do the public more harm than good?!

  • bonniebluejeanne

    … put a piece of flannel soaked in heated castor oil on the lung area, and you increase its effectiveness. I’m 72 and made it just fine without any vaccinations until I was a 7th grader when we all got polio vaccine (3 of them). Now we find out they were infected with a retrovirus which made us boomers get cancer in our prime years. Luckily, I started studying alternative cures early after high school, and was one of the lucky ones that was able to stave off cancer. I have 5 close school friends I lost when they turned 48- 52 years old. They all trusted cut, burn and poison and they all died.

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Meki Cox! Very good summary you gave there! We all need to get these messages out to our family and friends and associates.

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Look at the Sloan-Kettering Medical School study on Vit B17 (laetrile). 50 yrs later someone on the team got a guilty conscience and decided to say that they skewed the results by not giving therapeutic doses and by testing on cancer patients who had 1 foot in the grave already. They should have upped the dose and tried it on stage 2 or 3 patients, but no!!! that would have cured many of them. Big Pharma had to make their billions instead of finding a cure for cancer! Now we read Cuban scientists have a cure and it cost $1.00 for each treatment. I did some research a few years ago, and guess what I found out about how university medical schools put their doctors thru???? Drug companies fund them!! Surprise, surprise!!!

  • bonniebluejeanne

    How does it FEEL to finally have a competitor in the marketplace when you had a monopoly for almost a century!!??

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Compose much or type much???

  • bonniebluejeanne

    You have the NERVE to call natural protocols Snakeoil. Here’s a formula I learned: snakeoil = vaccines! Why do MD’s storm out of the office when we mothers ask to see the info attached to the drug company’s bottles? Why are there over 20 toxins in our children’s vaccines, one being the 2nd most toxic substance on earth (mercury — thimerosol)??? It’s disgusting to think that our MD’s don’t know what’s in them, but yet, we mothers have done the research. Why? because too many of us know mothers whose babies died a few days after vaxes. Look up the charts and graphs of when the “new” condition of Crib death was coined!!! Then check out the graphs when vaxes started. Then see how more autism spiraled exponentially as the AMA called for more and more vaccines to be given. Our only grandchild is just 3 months old and yet has had to get 3 vaccinations in that time!!! The younger moms don’t know about all the toxins in those vaccines and they blindly take their kids to get their shots so they can get in daycare and school.

  • DQ

    When who had a monopoly?

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Well at least until Monsanto does their dirty work on GMO-ing the seeds!!!

  • DQ

    Anyone who invokes a conspiracy has the burden of proof. You have not met that burden.

  • DQ

    Can I have that in english?

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Meki Cox – yet they use One-Vaccine-Fits all for our children and grandkids!! Why does my grandson HAVE to have a Hepatitis shot before he leaves the hospital… then a booster in the 2nd month? Big Pharma and the FDA have pushed the envelope once too often this last decade, and finally people are starting to wake up to the fact that they don’t want any cures, b/c they will have no patients that need to keep coming back.

  • bonniebluejeanne

    Meki Cox, we certainly planted some real seeds in the minds of those above! They will never agree we have a good case against Big Pharma, but at least they will think about it in the future and do a little research on their own, IF they are truly not paid shills. And if they are, we made them about $20 each time we replied. It was worth it to me to have participated. Maybe others will read our thread.

  • DQ

    At the end of the day, science and medicine had evidence on its side.
    This is something thats hard to substitute with snake oil. You want to
    believe snake oil works and it does (to your easy to fool satisfaction).
    I require evidence with batch testing and peer revived studies. You
    get none of this with quackery.

  • DQ

    How the hell do I have a competitor in the market? This should be interesting

  • DQ

    Honestly this whole post is the sort of nonsense that has been refuted
    ad nauseum by anyone with some brain cells. Its like how all the
    evidence that the moon landing was a hoax has been dismantled time and
    time again to the point that its now a silly joke known to all but the inner
    core of morons who never got the memo – just like here!

  • BT

    Well, if you look at Democrat’s history, they are all supported by eugenicist organizations and exceedingly wealthy individuals who are self-proclaimed eugenicists. So yes, mandating vaccines by any means necessary, mandating clinical trial participation by everyone, could be this central agenda since before Truman. It’s too interesting that Democrats are continually forcing health care choices on individuals going back to the decision to fluoridate the water, they are ok with late term abortions – murder – and segregating children from parental consent with legislation which allows a non-emancipated child to seek medical and mental health services without parental consent. just look at that history regardless of your political affiliation. I’m not Republican, but upon learning more of the supporters of the Democrats, I am inclined to stick with my independent status and vote anybody but Democratically at this point. They seek to remove Parental Rights/Consent, Informed Medical Consent, and our personal medical freedom to say no to ANY medical option without the fear of losing our children by over-zealous doctors and social workers. I believe parents have the final say, should have the final say, and can say no without having to get permission from some doctor or legislature. Especially where vaccines and under-aged medical care is the focus.

  • Thanks – the truth is doctors are nothing more than multi level marketing agents – for the pharmaceutical companies, who are nothing but stock manipulations, and price points from each new edition of oil production/gas production by product that is called “medicine”. The truth is – pharma cannot make money unless you are ill, when they control or run the FDA which tells you what is good for your body, this makes me wary, when they force vaccines, it makes me scared.

  • Actually = Oxygen is what kills us. Sadly we deteriorate because of it.

  • Interesting, DQ how can you not understand quite clearly that cannabis was used by humans for over 10 thousand documented years as medicine, textiles, money and agriculture, not to mention as barter. From Japan, China, Rome, Africa and much more? That cannabis is even now, as we speak being listed on the CANCER.GOV site (note the GOV ending address) as curing some forms of cancer… so it is absolutely ridiculous that you might say something like this. Obviously you don’t read evidence, batch testing and peer revived (reviewed) studies. Quackery?

    Wow. I’m sorry – you’re simply uneducated and led about by those who have brainwashed your minimal brain cells. If you do not understand apopstis, then you have quite literally become less intelligent that I could believe was possible for a human being, and you make me ashamed of our race. For, if people like you truly exist, and you’re allowed any portion of control, you would destroy our world even more so than you have been permitted to do up until now. We, the people, are starting to see the reality through the smoke screens insane imbeciles like yourself keep letting off. Because I’ve cured people, been there, watched it, Not once, not twice, not three times, but indeed many more. MANY MORE.

    So it’s been tested. If you’re afraid of cannabis getting people high, but vicodins are ok, alcohol is ok, then life is scary.

  • Oh might I add, yes, science and “medicine” have something on their side… Shareholders, all of those 401k investors, people who put their life retirement into pharmaceuticals…. Open your eyes… Pharma CANNOT make money unless you’re sick… They can only make money treating you. They can only provide PAID Positive reports – just long enough to get the medicine out – and just before GENERIC comes out….

    Do you not get the world you live in? Do you not understand that we live in a world where corruption is the process that provides us HEALTH? hmmmm perhaps you don’t. Very well – remain with your blinders firmly in place. Show me a double blind study paid for by an entity that has no overwhelming interest. PLEASE. Show me.

  • DQ

    All the criticisms of your post can be said of natural medicines and their practitioners too! Its big business with the bosses living in multi million dollar mansions. And all of their wealth was achieved without having to justify anything their idiotic quack mouths said – unlike science and medicine!

    Tell all of this nonsense to Steve Jobs.

  • DQ

    When did I bring up cannabis? Plus just because I believe science and medicine over nonsense doesn’t mean I don’t believe in eating healthy food and exercise.

    All myself and science wants is evidence. If you say cat stomach fried with Mongolian salt cures the mumps, and have no evidence, don’t expect sympathy from me. If you have tangle evidence than science (and myself) listen. There is no bias other than a bias of favoring evidence. That’s the sort of bias you need!

    So far, the veracity of most natural medicine has been propped up by a lot of confirmation bias and putting the cart before the horse. If you have evidence people listen, if you don’t, dont act like Im a shill for not taking it seriously.

    There was a study done in the UK that found honey was better than medicine for coughs. Studies like this (peer review ones that support natural remedies) are claimed not to exist by your kind. They do and prove that her is no conspiracy by “big pharma”. Why would they let sales drop on cough medicine by “allowing” a study like that through if there is a conspiracy? Could it be that there is no conspiracy?

  • miranda laurent

    Timely piece , BTW , people are searching for a a form , my business partner saw a template version here

  • Edwin stella

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    Anticonvulsant medications kept my seizures under control for some years but I still experience symptoms of it often until I meet with you and you assured me of permanent solution to my long-standing problem. I was well aware that many were not so fortunate.
    I knew I’m in the company of millions of epilepsy patients, though, who daily contend with the side effects of these medications. I was frequently apologizing to family, friends, and students for forgetting words and trains of thought . This “brain fog,” as I’ve come to call it over the years, is an obvious biological response to chemicals meant to slow neural activity.
    One particular aspect of my life that the brain fog has affected has been my creativity. Along with many people with epilepsy who are drawn to the arts, I’ve always wanted to be a creative writer. Some neurologists have said that those with temporal lobe epilepsy in particular have a “disorder” called a hypergraphia, a nearly uncontrollable compulsion to write. Whether I have a disorder or not, I know only that I feel a need, a calling, to write and that the side effects of my medications have inhibited my ability to find the right words.
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