Fluoride in Water

No surprise that in the wake of the two published studies at Universities that show the dangers of fluoride that after 50 long years the  federal government recommends we lower this poison in our water supply. How sweet it would be great if they banned putting a waste byproduct in our water- but they’ve got to stay the bureaucrats they’ve always been… and this is a start. From the Newsweek article: (remember this isn’t Tin Foil hat.com folks… This sh*t is getting real!

Water utilities add fluoride to the taps of two-thirds of Americans for the purpose of reducing cavities. Higher levels of fluoride have been shown to increase the risk of dental fluorosis, a staining of the teeth. Mild cases lead to white spots, while more severe ones can cause brown stains and mottling. The most recent data shows that 41 percent of American adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 have some form of fluorosis, a number that continues to rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lower Level of Fluoride in Water

As I see kids every day with severe fluorosis (a close family member has to have veneers put on her teeth- veneers- at age 14! and almost lost her teeth altogether!) you have to wonder why the government didn’t do this sooner.  You can get some (but not all) fluoride out of the water with a reverse osmosis system or water filtration system which you can buy online or locally.  It gets 90% of it out and I definitely wouldn’t drink tap water without a fluoride removing filter.

The problem is parents have no clue how much they are screwing up their kids teeth giving them tap water. I have parents whose dentists tell them not only is higher fluoride just fine but they need regular fluoride treatments, fluoride toothpaste and the more fluoride in the water the better. Sadly, people are part of the flock and many believe what they are told. Hopefully you’re not one to learn the actual facts and science and give a damn about your child and do the right thing.  I wouldn’t let a child drink tap water (with fluoride or the disinfection byproducts) if you paid me.  I believe in doing the right thing for the children and (in the words of our friend Ed Begley Jr.. –  getting the F out of the water!





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