Tyson Foods (one of the largest chicken companies) on Tuesday became the latest chicken company to begin phasing out antibiotics amid concerns these overused drugs could be putting humans at risk.

Tyson to phase out antibiotics in chicken

While we’re not chicken eaters, we’re still glad to see this is a step in the right direction that Tyson is phasing out of antibiotics in their chickens.  We hope the next baby (or chick) step will be to have chickens grow up on pastured land with little to no grains and what little there is would be non GMO (by law)

Here’s a quote from CNN’s article which basically explains that companies who use these antibiotics to make the chickens bigger quick then get passed on to humans and make us more antibiotic resistance. Sadly people die from antibiotic resistant infections all the time – all for the sake of growing chickens faster for the greedy industry – from the article on selfish chicken companies:

“We don’t have all the answers,” said Christine Daugherty, head of sustainable food production at Tyson, in a statement. “But we want to make sure that antibiotics continue to work.”

The concern is that the use of antibiotics to treat sick chickens is making the medicine less effective in humans and contributing to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. The food industry has been under pressure from consumers and public safety advocates to come up with an alternative ways to keep chickens healthy.

David Plunkett, a food safety expert at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, welcomed the move but called for an outright ban on antibiotic use in agriculture.

“These are antibiotics that we want to have effective for human health and not creating resistance,” he said. “It’s simply unsustainable for us to waste critically important antibiotics on things like growth promotion.”

Experts have said how dangerous this is time and time again. Then again scientists and experts including the World Health Organization and the United Nations have also said how dangerous GMOs are, but Americans still eat them up (yet we’re one of the fattest unhealthiest developed nations) Actually I think we’re still in the top 2 fattest nations in the world. I am proud to say that a young woman I helped mentor has lost 80 lbs and she decided to give up chicken altogether and add more veggies into her diet. She’s modeling in competitions now, whereas before, she was being called fat every day at her local high school.  Food for thought.




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