Lafe Best and Benjamin Worster

(Note from Erin: I don’t know what made me click on this because just reading the headline made me so sick. But I did and I saw that it’s not only in my county but in the literal small town where I live. Thank goodness their plot was foiled in the nick of time. We are thinking of this child and her mother and glad these men are locked away where they should be.)

WARNING: This story includes graphic content released from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday, Sheriff’s detectives arrested Lafe Best, 37, of Ormond Beach on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual battery on a child after authorities found text messages “containing a plot to groom and rape a 3-year-old child.”1 He is currently in jail without bond.

Police were able to arrest him because of his friend and sexual partner’s arrest in January; 39-year-old Benjamin Worster was arrested on charges of “lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious conduct”1 and 21 counts of possession of child pornography after the 3-year-old victim told her mother that Worster had touched her.

Apparently, the abuse started shortly after the victim and her mother moved into Worster’s apartment in December.

“On Dec. 17, Worster was taken to the hospital after an apparent overdose, and the victim’s mother found his phone lying on his bed. That’s when she discovered a text message thread with someone named “Lafe,” and a description of a plan to groom and rape the 3-year-old girl, whether she was conscious or not.”

The sheriff’s office released a portion (this is not the complete record) of the text messages and they are included below. WARNING: These messages are graphic and demonstrate how predators work to groom young children for sexual abuse.

Worster: “Single mom&Has a 3 year old daughter&Shes not a very good mom and she ignored her daughter constantly&2nd day of meeting her daughter she ran up to give me a hug and buried her head right in my crotch&So im gonna get to work on that”

Worster: “And at 3 im working with memories that wont stick”

Worster: “Think I migbt casually accidently let her see it a few times see how she reacts maybe bring her by to watch a movie at your place when your roomates aren’t home get her used to you too”

Worster: “Im looking up things under an anonymous browser on things that will safely make kids pass out for a couple hours:”

Best: “Cant wait lol”

Worster: “Me either&Gotta take this opportunity while I can at my age who knows when something like this will land in my lap again”

Best: “I know right. I’ve got all kinds of Visions dancing in my head right now lol”

Best: “Would love to bury my tongue in some little (************) Among other things lol”

Best: “You never know if her junkie mom can’t come up with rent one month she might just give her to you lol wishful thinking”

Best: “I’d prefer awake if we can manage it without repercussions”

Worster: “Yeah but beggers cant be choosers&Gotta feel this one out and see what shes like and how she can keep secrets and how easily she can be trained before I worry about the drastic things”

Worster: “But im over 100% sure I can at least get her knocked out alone and naked to at least fondle a d defile to my hearts content”

I am shocked and sickened. I can hardly believe what I just read.

On Tuesday, sheriff’s detectives executed a search warrant at Best’s home and also discovered what “appeared to be child pornography on his cell phone.” As the investigation continues and the evidence is forensically examined, additional charges are expected.

Best had been living in a home with two people who have a child who’s about 20 months old. Thankfully, it’s not believed that child was part of any abuse. However, as the investigation continues, authorities will continue to follow up.



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