German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle is reporting that two elderly men fled their nursing home last weekend to attend the world’s largest heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air!


The residence home contacted police once it discovered they were gone and responders found them around 3 a.m in attendance at the festival. They were reportedly “reluctant to leave, but were eventually escorted from the festival in taxi and patrol vehicles.” 1


(Check out the video below, it’s a taste of what these men experienced. But be careful, there is foul language used:)

Wacken Open Air 2018 – Friday Recap

On Friday the sun was still burning and Tom, Whitney and James were again all over the place to cover an exciting third day of Wacken 2018! WackenTV is the place to find hundreds of clips shot on site throughout the history of the world’s most famous metal festival – getting more and more on every Monday and Thursday.


This year’s festival is Wacken’s 29th year and took place in Schleswig Holstein to a sold-out crowd of over 75,000 people. The lineup included Judas Priest, Danzig, Ghost, Hatebreed, In Flames and many others.2 In total, 190 groups performed over the course of four days.

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