UPDATE: After a day and half (on a weekend no less) Facebook has put our page back up!

Mass posting of this kind of horrible libelous info by obviously organized trolls won’t fly. These trolls are copy pasting the same lies (Never done any of these things obviously) on every health and science page they can find (including my own) This is harmful beyond words. You’ll notice another agrees below (same person different profile) then below that another copy pasting the same exact words. I will not be destroyed by trolls. Despite the fact this troll has a “We Love GMOS and Vaccines” logo – the founders do not condone anything like this and have been kind and understanding about it.

trolls-libelThen notice the same one (another account by same person? who commented below that I did this to her friend (right) posts this on my page to my hundreds of thousands of followers:

jessicaLet me state right now.

Anyone who says I’m trying to kill people, injure children of any nature, post any addresses or contact employers (never have) will be called out and should be publicly but I did blur their names here.

I won’t stand for this of a (paid?) organized troll movement where they’ve spent hours posting this on every page they can find to turn people against me. My friends and followers know it’s fake but this is the kind of stuff that really does get people killed (in this case that would be me)

Ok back to the story: Erin here, exhausted at this late hour, but alive. I’m hoping that very soon we’ll be able to get back to zero troll drama so I  can keep working away at our site like I did for so long , where we somehow ignored/flew under the radar of this stuff for 2 and a half years

In case you aren’t aware of what’s been going on the last couple of weeks, let me briefly explain: a hate page made up an elaborate story about me that was false that was taken down before I know it, but not before a PRO GMO page picked it up thinking it was real. They posted it to my page letting me know I couldn’t stop them. But they did change it once they realized, but damage already done.

And just recently, most likely as retribution, I was reported for being a guns and drug dealer, even some of the skeptics are shaking their heads (see pics below) on this one. It would make me laugh, if it weren’t for the fact we had 404,000 people left in the dark for 2 days.

However, we don’t want to give up and that’s where you come in. So first, please like my new backup page. I stated a few weeks ago when all this went down that we could lose our page (and we did) so now I have a back up: It’s super easy, just click here. << and like it!

Some (admittedly) reported the page inaccurately you’ll see in a few tamer comments below from a Pro GMO page (We Love GMOs and Vaccines)

And still others stated we should just be taken down forever. They said speaking out against GMOs, toxic ingredients in sunscreens (from an MD’s article to boot), and talking about the scientifically proven benefits of cannabis was not right and therefore I should be banned. That’s leaving out some swear words for you in the description.

But I want you to know that Health Nut News never violated any community standards and we aren’t drug and gun dealers. In fact, I sell nothing on the site. I’m an affiliate on Amazon, but have never generated an 1099, as I would have to make over 600 dollars in a year  and never have in my 2 years of having the site (or ever!). I work for free to minimum wage and am ok with that right now as I love what I do.

THIS is one of the nicer posts below. I was contacted by one friendly science guy who was very nice even though he did admit to reporting me multiple times. He asked I blur his photo so I did. I try to accommodate folks – even ones who report me more than once!

Sadly, I think some of the comments I’ve received you can see in comments below calling me the B word, C word and F word, probably won’t read or retain this, but at least people like him (despite multiple reports) was nice when he wrote to my email.

PS I’ve never promoted “buying pot”.  Please talk to your doctor what’s best for you and s/he can write you a prescription for cannabis for many illnesses and disorders if they so choose.

Sadly, I have to explain the rest of the drama. So that page ” We Love GMOS and Vaccines” was recently removed off Facebook. Forever.  (Update they’re back up, which the founder didn’t know was possible!)

They admittedly mock people and make memes about them, some are funny, some suggest I should be in a car crash and burn– not funny (imho)! But, I’m a public figure and they do have the right, even though it might seem mean to many (including their own readers who will call them out), to make fun of me. So, after they shared that hate page’s elaborate fake story I’d contacted an employer on my page who allegedly “trolled me” (never have called any boss in my life), and as the false rumor spread, thousands of angry Pro GMO people came to my page and attacked. I tried to bite my tongue and ignore it but they simply haven’t stopped their organized, coordinated attacks and as a result, multiple Facebook pages have been taken down (including ours).

I’ll also put up some screen shots once i redact the names to show you multiple trolls posting the same copy pasted word for word post that I not only contact employers of trolls (never have) but post their addresses (never!) their kid’s school info (outright insane) as this is part of the libel tactic to outrage fellow trolls (or even non trolls) to go nuts. I was shocked to see several profiles posting this copy paste on multiple natural health , science and pro gmo sites. I’ll do a video on that tomorrow.

Again the GMO page did correct it, but damage already done.

I respect their right for them or their readers to “mock and stalk” our page as one journalist put it, and ignored it for years until the false story posted to my own page went viral on the PRO GMO sites.  I learned long ago it’s best to not even look at posts  like that for the 2 and a half years that our site has been up- just like my better half does as a doctor (he’s has his site for 19 years and is the top natural health site world wide). You just have to have a thick skin.

I know many have trouble ignoring things like this. Despite all my flaws I’ve been pretty good at not looking- even when my readers alert me of some badddd ones  (the lies that I have botox fillers, fake lips- all false) but this? This wasn’t like that. This false story made skeptics angry, out for blood with pitchforks in hand.

The mob was growing.

Then in the midst of it, We Love GMOs and Vaccines did post a meme of one of the dead doctors, which involved a suicide joke (if there is such a thing). As you can imagine, the family contacted me very distraught.

We did ask publicly (on Erin at Health Nut News) one SINGLE time to report that individual photo be taken down under those grounds for the sake of the grieving family.

That was it.

I’d never mentioned them on Erin at Health Nut News and had ignored their legions of followers who posted on the page, and gotten in fights with the readers. But I wrote the holistic doctor series and this family (my friends) of a well loved renowned MD was upset as was I.

I wish I’d have let it stay up, as awful as it was, as (it pains me to even write about this drama) the founder openly wrote (some would say bragged) how he got me banned for 30 days on my personal page (which I still am). But I let that go and he’s since apologized. We made nice and put out some kind videos to each other (neither can be seen as both pages are down) and I do think that some good can come of this as we see, despite our difference in opinions on subjects of Gmos and a few others, we might actually have things in common, too.

I’m even posting a guest article by his talented wife who is a writer too. I know, some said it’s like a bad 80’s movie where the jocks and geeks make friends. But we’re all geeks (C’mon I run Linux) so maybe it’s more like the Freaks and Geeks TV show (Man I miss that program)

Most of our followers were content but there were a few (on both sides) out for blood and now both of our pages are gone. (update both back up- this has more up and downs than a roller coaster at Six Flags!)

Facebook has the right to delete a page if there is continued harassment- even if it’s not in direct violation. Though I’m not sure that was why their page was truly deleted. I don’t know the algorithms well enough and don’t think I ever will.

We Love Gmos was Super nice though and told their followers A) It was NOT me who got them taken down (I NEVER suggested mass reporting of the page to have it taken down- just a photo of an MD making fun of suicide (when evidence shows now it was homicide)  and B) It was some person by another name who got it taken down (they said in a video no need to call her out here)  who I do not know and had never heard of before this lovely drama of which I wish to be no part.

The photo of people reporting is below. As you can see they reported me for selling drugs and guns (I sell neither and don’t sell anything!). I don’t do drugs either, though after this stressful month of dealing with these people on my page? I could use some! (joke, in case anyone reports me for that)


It’s a shame people would report to have my page taken down because they disagree with something. If I started posting pics calling MDs quacks and laughing at their ‘suicide’ I’d get that.

There are many other pages (NOT the We love GMOs page) who are downright hateful and make up complete false stories about natural health pages like mine  to rile the trolls up and hope other big pages share it thinking it’s true.. These true troll pages (not we Love GMOs)  will say anything to get a page taken down.

And it works.

Here are a few without swear words I can post where they talk about removing me. Sadly some of these people have been told completely false stories of me.

trollsDespite those other hate pages- I have never reported them. I just hope they go away, but they grow stronger with folks in a mob mentality ready with their pitchforks to strike with the rumors so out of control it’s crazy.

The great news is that some of the pages who have a conscious – yes really – even  like We love GMOS (they put up a new page and started over when they lost their page on Facebook)  and pages like Chow Babe and a few others  unpublished their pages in solidarity of my page being taken down (We love GMOs new page they started and her existing page) They have also asked their readers NOT to report my page and I’ve done the same thing many times over (we both have) to keep the peace. But the natives are now restless.

I know some might not agree with their mocking or satire or some pretty explicit, but they do have the right to do it and did come to bat for me which I appreciate today very much.

Again, I  have a backup page I ask you to join that is this page: JUST click on it and like. As it’s all we got to get the truth out there: http://facebook.com/rawfoodrevolution

I ask you all to join it and look forward to seeing you there. We might never get our page back and have to accept that fact.

Many said they just report me because they disagree. And that’s as bad as mass reporting a pro gmo page just because one disagrees with their philosophies.

I’ve little energy left tonight but hope you can read all this and follow it. Thanks. Oh and I ask that no one report their pages either.  They might send people to our page to “mock” and it is a pain in the ass to say the least, but we don’t want anyone banning them for that reason. Honestly the whole banning and reporting thing is crazy. If there’s something that bothers any of us, we can move on or write the author directly (I’ve had people do it and changed things – even in this story!)

And how boring it would be if we all thought alike. Right?

Let’s save the reporting for folks threatening to kill someone or even commit suicide or things like that. Does that sound fair? I think we ALL can agree that’s pretty serious.

Forgive all punctuation mistakes as I’ve got an injured right hand in a brace and an editor who is an early bird who went to sleep hours ago!

Thanks and if you can do the quick instructions above to help get Erin at Health Nut News back up on Facebook it would be great, as it’s the right thing to do and we shouldn’t be silenced. Ever.

Now i hope to get back to ignoring the haters, BUT again, hope perhaps there can be some dialogue and roundtable with a few pro gmo scientists I’ve talked with who would like to debate some organic non gmo scientists. It could prove to be useful. We shall see.

Ah already I see in the comments below I’ve been called the C, B, and F word despite thinking this was playing it pretty cool for all I’ve endured (and the other pro gmo pages) this last month.

Keep the peace, stay strong and never be silenced.

XO Erin