(Note from Erin: I have redacted the names which I’m not even legally required to do.)

I am reposting this story from 2017 today (it’s 2019) as today I’ve been featured on the front of FOX NEWS, The Guardian and the Atlantic, accused of having my readers (allegedly) bully a holistic ND who brought a small infant (presumably FAR too young to be vaccinated for the MMR) to the measles “outbreak” epicenter in Washington state so he could testify LIVE ON TV about how vaccines should be mandated and how scared he is. (Um, then why did he bring the baby?) That part was left out of the fake news articles that I didn’t get to submit a comment to before they were published…

The following are all comments that originate from my page. Whether these folks are pro-GMO, pro-pharma or just bored basement dwellers, they sure can be mean.

The ones on other pages are far, far worse and so gruesome they seriously might send someone into cardiac arrest, something the trolls wish upon me- to have a heart attack. Although they’ve also wished that I “burn to a crisp” in a car accident (very original). However, since that comment wasn’t on my page I won’t include that here.

No, the following are only posts that originate on my page. If I post the ones from other troll pages I wonder what would be done, as Facebook refuses to do anything, even with letters our lawyers have written to them about stalkers, harassers who spend literally morning, noon, and night dedicated to harassing and threatening us. They’ve also threatened to murder my family and readers. FB did not bother to reply, though we know they are in receipt of the attorney’s letters.

Why would they do this unless they want me dead?

The following are all strangers. I’ve seen some of them endlessly harass other people’s pages, including those of women, the elderly and even teenagers.

And the hits keep coming. Also, this is exactly the kind of thing that Facebook claimed, in the Guardian article, not to allow. That’s right, they said this type of behavior was NOT permitted. And yet, it’s been going on for years, we’ve asked them to do something and they always refuse.

Notice the likes by these post are done by other fellow trolls. I waited to do this post for some time, as they mostly came from a page that has since been deleted from Facebook with tens of thousands of followers.

Again, I only posted comments MADE ON MY PAGE. They are much more nasty on other pages threatening murder and wishing I would die soon. They do so on my page though too, on occasion. And these are some of the nicer trolls. I’m worried if I post some of the really terrible ones that one of my followers might show up at my home to protect me.

Notice the first ones don’t threaten to kill me my family or my readers (like further down in the article). They also don’t lie and say that I sell anything. After being accused of this for four years, I actually launched a small line a few weeks ago on Black Friday, because I realized bankrolling this site for free and having my life threatened, people showing up my house, and phone calls from men and women that I will soon be murdered and am a nasty C word, wasn’t worth doing for free.

Authorities and Facebook have done nothing. We write them certified letters, especially in the case of the stalker who threatened me, and harassed my friends and family (including ELDERLY RELATIVES), and never get a response.

These are more tame ones…

This guy even offered me a Christmas gift for the holidays. He’s almost downright nice, but this was last Christmas. I bet he wouldn’t work for free, nor do I think he’s an activist. He might be a paid troll or just do this for fun.

This pleasant looking troll says if I have an MI (heart attack) then I might want to use acupuncture. She sounds excited about the prospect and waiting for the results. How kind.

I am sure she’ll be excited when one of her fellow trolls shows up and murders me as they promise.

The trolls love to talk to me directly in hopes to get a response out of me. These, as will be indicated by subsequent photos, were out before I sold anything. The trolls are trained and paid to say I have one objective: that I’m here to make money (obviously, false), lie, kill people (yes they say that), and that my “followers” are lost.

In the future, we will release footage of going undercover into a troll center where they have sock puppet accounts (multiple fake accounts) where the trolls have up to 20 screens at a cubicle as they mass report and troll full time for pharma companies.

If one of these sickos ends up killing me, it will be released upon my death (seriously).

This one is funny, as I used to do Amazon affiliates but you have to generate over 600 dollars a year to get a 1099 or W-2. I DIDN’T MAKE OVER $600 to generate one for 2 of the 3 years. That’s right. Less than $600 made for the year. The last year I did it? I think I cracked 1,000 dollars. Barely.

Often times these accounts are 20 people on 100 accounts or even 500. Sometimes they even say “no disrespect” before telling me to “F-off.”

Again there are far worse and now maybe with having a few organic, vegan CBD products, it will be worth it for me to put up with the people who said I sold stuff for four years when I never did.

I actually send these trolls (whether paid or not) love and hope they get over their intense anger in life and perhaps if they hate me and my page so much, a good idea is …. to not read it! : )

Xo Erin