As we reported to you back in April, after Italian researchers Stefano Montanari and his wife Antonietta Gatti found nanoparticles to be polluting nearly all our vaccines, they had their home raided by the Italian police and all digital assets including laptops, computers, and flash-drives- basically, years of work and research- taken because Mrs. Gatti, was about to testify in parliament about vaccine damage.


And if that wasn’t bad enough, it appears that the new health minister, Giulia Grillo, is going to try and renege on her election commitment to reverse mandate legislation for 10 vaccines and “the Northern League leader, Matteo Salvini – who has praised Montanari and Gatti – is coming under pressure from political forces and news media to back down.” 1 But that’s not all. Apparently, not long ago, Montanari was assaulted and no one in Italy will report on it so he is writing to us in the U.S. to share what happened.

In his own words:

“No Italian newspaper has spared a line to report what happened on the evening of 9 June in Rome. Maybe it’s all within the most perfect normality.

I have been giving public lectures on scientific topics for many years, mainly, at least in the latest two decades, concerning the results of the research I carry out with my wife, Dr. Antonietta Gatti.

16 years ago, using an electron-microscopy method based on two European research projects, we began to analyze vaccines and, to date, we have examined 35 different types of those drugs, 10 of which are now mandatory in Italy. The results are well-known: all the samples were found to be polluted by micro- and nanoparticles, none of them compatible with the human organism.

Given the huge amount of money involved in vaccines, everything was tried to stop us: from preventing the continuation of a research on acute myeloid leukemia that had produced results that can prove very useful both for diagnosis and therapy, to the seizure of our electron microscope to that of our computers. All illegal, to be sure, but who cares?

Despite the many criticisms received, I agreed to give a lecture at the headquarters of a far-right party called Casa Pound. The name is in honor of the American fascist poet [Ezra Pound]. Let me be clear: I have never cared about the political, religious, sexual or any other kind of opinion and preference expressed by the people I talk to. I speak of science and medicine, and all the rest is neither of my competence nor of my interest. So, for me there was nothing anomalous to address an audience of fascists.

After completing the conference in spite of an unusually poor organization, I came out of the hall greeted by several people who wanted to shake my hand and, some of them, show me their children injured by vaccination. Once out on the street, a dozen people were waiting for me for the same reason. In short, everything in the most absolute normality.

While I was cordially talking with these people, suddenly, for no apparent reason, a gentleman came up behind me shouting “Don’t dare raise your voice!” I turned my head and, in a fraction of a second, unexpectedly, he hit me with a violent punch between my ear and my cheekbone. For a moment I lost my senses and I was supported by those around me, while the character was moving away, crossing my wife who, meanwhile, was coming out on the sidewalk. To her, that gentleman shouted a death threat.

Neither my wife nor I let ourselves be intimidated but we can read the writing on the wall.

After years of persecution, after clumsy and continuous attempts to attack our scientific credibility without putting any scientific arguments against our own, after having deprived us of the indispensable tools for our work, after the illegal seizure of our computers containing the data of our research, here is the physical attack. Undoubtedly something rough but certainly understandable by anyone.

Now something to make you understand what is the Italian situation regarding vaccines. The two parties that obtained the highest number of votes at the latest elections, although hardly mutually compatible, have now been in government for a few weeks: Movimento Cinque Stelle (M5S) and Lega. Both were committed to repealing the law on compulsory vaccination. But the problem is that many parties are involved in the business and now the M5S (which has the health ministry) are making a quick turnaround, forgetting their promises. On Friday 22 June, Mr. Matteo Salvini, the new interior minister for Lega, took part in a broadcast of Radio Studio 54, during which he said that 10 vaccines are unjustified and perhaps even harmful. Then he thanked my wife and me for our work and for our courage. Within a few minutes the whole Italian regime, from newspapers to parties all compact, arose against him and covered him with insults: those words put the skimming in which all of them are more or less involved at risk. Now it is difficult to think that Mr. Salvini can resist the parliament and the media.

Every day everything becomes clearer and clearer.     Stefano Montanari”2


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