The city of Daytona Beach, a town I live very near, is now part of a pilot program to experiment “with turning treated wastewater into drinking water(my emphasis).1As you can imagine, I’m not thrilled at all. The city will work with the Florida EPA and the St. Johns River Water Management District on the project.


To participate in the two-year pilot project the city needed to build a treatment facility, which they did and as of right now, the water isn’t currently part of the city’s drinking supply, something the state reaffirmed.


Indeed, the aim of the project is to explore the possibility of creating “an alternative drinking supply to offset future demand”2. In the immediate future, however, reclaimed water will be primarily used for irrigation and before that even happens, the water will be disinfected and treated twice to meet certain pH control levels.


We shall see.

What do YOU think? I don’t even drink tap water now, I filter everything through my Berky. Would you trust the state government and EPA that recycled waste water was safe for consumption?

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