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A forensic review of the medical records of the toddler who died at a Northwest Austin dental office, show she had no indication of  dental disease that needed treatment.

The cause of death for 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres was determined earlier this week to be the result of complications of the anesthesia administered for treatment to fill cavities, according to the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Daisy Lynn Torres died in March at the North Austin Medical Center following a procedure at Austin Children’s Dentistry, located at 12501 Hymeadow Drive.

As CBS Austin says loud and clear:

In a report released to the media, from the American Board of Forensic Odontology, a review of Torres’ medical records showed her teeth to be free of any dental disease or dental restorations
. Her teeth had been prepared to have stainless steel crowns placed on them but the report states the treatment was unnecessary.”

“One can only speculate as to why any treatment was performed considering no indication of dental disease or pathology was seen in dental radiographs…it is possible that the partially erupted teeth may have had congenital enamel defects but not necessarily requiring treatment with a child of this age… no evidence that the child was in any type of pain was ever notated in the dental record,” the report said.

KEYE TV searched records with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners and found that none of the dentists at Austin Children’s Dentistry had any disciplinary actions filed against them. This is happening here in Florida, too! These scammers have problems and then just go and set up shop somewhere else! 

A spokesperson for Austin Children Dentistry says Dr. Michael Melanson, the dentist who worked on Torres, was suspended after the release of the forensic report.

Austin Children Dentistry released the following statement:

“Our office continues to be saddened by this tragedy.

We have now received the full medical examiner’s report regarding Daisy Lynn Torres and the death has been classified as “undetermined” due to anesthesia complications administered by a Certified Medical Anesthesiologist and not because of a dental procedure.

(Editor’s Note: Please just stop already, say you’re sorry!!!)

However, the report has provided additional details we did not have previously.

(I would cut my right arm off before EVER going near your frightening excuse of a clinic!)

Austin Children’s Dentistry has been providing the highest standard of care to our patients for over 40 years, and will continue to do so going forward.

(Um NO. A child was KILLED just after leaving your clinic in the hospital)


(Gee how very big of you)

That statement was highly offensive in regards to this situation. Get a new spokesperson you insensitive sickos. A baby is D E A D from going to your poor excuse of a clinic. Other parents are coming forward to the news about your practice that they saw a “pattern” like this.

And Dr. Melanson’s attorney released the following statement:

“We reviewed the odontologist’s report and found troubling clinical oversights from the forensic dentist and his report.

Personal privacy laws and federal HIPAA regulations prevent us from revealing facts that demonstrate many significant errors in that report; those facts fully justify the dental treatment Daisy received.”

(Oh of course they do. But the facts were already laid out, that sweet baby is dead now because she went to your clinic for work she didn’t need done at all!)


Our hearts go out to the parents of Daisy Lynn Torres, 14 months old, who died on March 29, 2016, while going in to have a cavity filled, when the dentist took matters into his own hands.  Her parents, Betty Squier and Elizandro Torres, are still in shock.

Betty told KGW.com, “They told me to sit down with her so they could put her under, and they told me to leave the room. So I left the room.” Once Daisy had been anesthetized, Squier said the dentist, who has not been identified, told her that Daisy would need additional work.

Originally scheduled for work on two cavities, the dentist decided to do 6- four crowns on top and two at the bottom. Trusting the dentist to make the best decisions for her baby, Squier agreed. However, a short time later the dentist let her know that Daisy had gone into cardiac arrest. The team was able to perform CPR and assured Squier that her daughter was okay, but they later had to call an ambulance and by the time she was transported to the hospital, she was brain dead.

From the story:

“It’s certainly one of the things we always like to say as pediatric anesthesiologists is that children are not just small adults,” said Dr. Genevieve Mounce, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin who has no involvement in the case. “Children do require different amount of anesthesia, and they are typically weight based. But we also take into account co-morbidities — if they have any type of medical history or family history that could potentially change how we give their anesthesia.”

To help the family, you can visit a YouCaring page that has been set up to help pay for Daisy’s funeral expenses. You can also help by visiting their GoFundMe page.


Source: NBC, KGW.com