Most of you already know how important it is to be vigilant about tick bites because of the possibility of Lyme disease but now and there’s another reason. It seems that bites from Lone Star ticks can also cause a sensitivity to a sugar called alpha-gal which is found in red meat, like beef and pork.

And remember, it’s not only Texans that need to take care; the disgusting little fiend is widespread throughout the United States and has also been seen in Europe, Central America, Asia, and Australia. In fact, one Australian doctor reports diagnosing up to two patients every week with the allergy.

While alpha-gal isn’t normally found in humans, scientists believe the Lone Star ticks are biting deer and then picking it up to pass along to us; the sugar is transferred to the bloodstream of a bitten human and then in some instances, the body’s immune system begins to attack it. If you are allergic to meat you won’t normally see a reaction until hours later: hives, nausea, headaches, and even anaphylaxis are possible.


We don’t currently know how many people have developed this allergy in the U.S. but some believe as many as 5 percent of people living in areas where the Lone Star tick is common, may develop it.

Keep your eyes open people and make sure to do tick checks after walks in tall grass or places where you know ticks to live.

Source: News Channel 5