Tylenol bad for unborn boys

Tylenol bad for unborn boys

A new study shows that Tylenol used in pregnancy is bad for unborn boys . Another study just done months ago showed that Tylenol can also cause ADHD in both sexes

Tylenol bad for Unborn Boys

I do my best to bite my tongue when my friends (who genuinely experience pain no doubt)  dutifully pop their Tylenol during their pregnancy because their doctor told them that is the safest.   Then their doctor tells the parents they must  do their rigorous vaccinations schedule and take Tylenol to bring down the fever. Scientists believe that can cause major damage (think vaccine injury) yet it’s still done every day.

From the article of Time Magazine warning mothers to be that Tylenol can harm their unborn baby:

The study used mice that carried grafts of human tissue. After one day of exposure to the drug there was no effect on testosterone production, but after seven days the amount of testosterone was down by 45 percent.

Limited testosterone in the womb is related to increased risk of infertility, testicular cancer and undescended testicles.

I just told a mom last night about this article and she replied “I don’t believe that crazy stuff” (She’s pregnant with a boy) I showed her that it was in Time Magazine and she just called me to say she rang up her doctor today and HE told her it’s not true. I guess the study doesn’t exist.

I receive hundreds of letters a week. I  one received recently  from a mom who miscarried with a boy and they told her that she took too much Tylenol and that was “probably the cause” At least some doctors are listening – though sad she wasn’t forewarned. She was heartbroken asking me if she’d avoided the Tylenol would she have had a healthy boy. I obviously could answer that, but did feel for her.  They’re trying to get pregnant again and this time she’ll skip the Tylenol and is doing so good at using organic cleaners on her house and body, organic whole foods and everything she can for a healthy pregnancy.

The Stir Magazine for Mamas even goes as far as to give 9 alternatives to use for pain relief during pregnancies.  I have friends who use these alternatives with great success and highly recommend them for mothers to be.  Be sure to ask your doctor about any medications you might take (even OTC- over the counter) as we want you and your baby to be as healthy as can be!



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