It’s so interesting  to see many conservative and Natural news sites clamp up so quickly when the tables turn on rancher Cliven Bundy. Just weeks ago these same sites jumped the gun (and Cliven Bundy bandwagon)  for a rancher who we are told failed to pay fees owed to the US Govt. Also ironic it was Ronald Reagan who signed that law into effect that he must pay them.

TIME Magazine: Cliven Bundy

The conservative Time Magazine has now blown the barn doors wide open on the story. A quote from their piece.

“While some conservative media outlets rushed to canonize Cliven Bundy, the vast majority of elected Republicans steered clear of the standoff, perhaps because the facts suggested Bundy was less a patriot than a deadbeat.”

I’m not big fan of the BLM, but find it ironic that Cliven Bundy suggests  “the Negro” and “colored people”  on welfare would be better off working picking cotton the fields as slaves instead of being subsidized by the government.  TIME comes to the same conclusion considering Cliven Bundy is being subsidized himself and is a “deadbeat” (their words)  who refused pay his fees like the other ranchers.   It appears former hero Bundy  lost  his support almost as fast as he lost his cattle. But unlike the cattle- I don’t think his supporters will be coming back to him any time soon (or ever)

I posted something on Facebook about Cliven Bundy a few weeks ago when the story broke. Hundreds of people posted on  my thread (the majority in his defense) I said I was not a fan of Bundy nor a big fan of the BLM. People took huge offense to the fact I didn’t agree Cliven Bundy shouldn’t have to pay the fees nor I suggest he was anything other than a folk here.

Here is the viral video of Cliven Bundy’s racist rant (oh and all politicians including Rand Paul have quickly said they do not agree with him and most denounced their faith and support in Bundy as TIME says in their article”


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